Make Lattes at Home – Espresso Drink Recipes [infographic]

Making a nice espresso drink is not too hard; you just need to have some knowledge about the recipes. With a fully automatic espresso machine you don’t even need to know the recipe, the machine does it all for you. All you have to do is press a button. The editorial team at Coffee Brewing Methods created this infographic to help their readers choose between a cappuccino and a latte. They also wrote an article on how to choose the best latte machine for home use. And don’t think that owning an espresso machine is too expensive, because that’s just not true. If you make just one cappuccino everyday for a year, you can cover the cost for the machine.

We made lattes without an espresso machine, and it is possible. If your budget is very tight you can do that, because you have no choice. If your budget allows it though, a real latte is an experience, and it doesn’t compare to your milk and coffee beverage. The folks at Coffee Brewing Methods point cappuccino as their favorite milk and coffee drink. My favorite is latte, what is your favorite?

Infographic courtesy of Coffee Brewing Methods.

Espresso vs Drip Coffee vs Turkish Coffee [infographic]

Various types of coffee brewing techniques compared. Learn the differences between the various coffee preparation techniques. The infographic created by the Coffee Brewing Methods editorial team compares three of the most popular brewing methods: Drip coffee, Turkish coffee, and espresso. According to the team, Turkish coffee, espresso, or manual brewing methods, become more and more popular. They have various “How To’s” on coffee preparation, including how to make espresso, Turkish coffee brewing, and cold brew coffee. You can take a look at their tutorials if you feel adventurous. asdas

Drip coffee is still by far, the most popular brewing method, because it makes a clear cup. The light taste profile also makes it more appealing to people with sensitive palate. Espresso and Turkish appeals to coffee aficionados, and it fulfills their need of intense flavor, and full body. According to the infographic, however, preparing an espresso is not simple. This is probably another reason to stick to your automatic drip coffee routine. My favorite is espresso, but I buy it at the coffee shop every day. Turkish is “not my cup of tea”. What is your favorite coffee type?


The Listeria Scare

Chances are you have heard about the recent listeria outbreak. Since April, there have been major nationwide recalls on frozen foods originating from CFR Frozen Foods in Pasco, WA. The plant is home to at least 40 different brands, which have been affected by the recall. Listeria is the most common of foodborne illness and can be quite fatal. However, this is not meant to scare anyone as there is very little chance of an infection occurring.

All told, eight people have been diagnosed with listeria in two and a half years, though there was a more serious listeria outbreak involving cantaloupe in 2011. Odds are not good that you will contract the disease.

People most at risk are those with weakened immune systems, older people and pregnant women. Beyond that, it comes down to personal responsibility. There is no reason that anyone with safe eating behaviors should contract listeria even with foods from this recall.

The first prudent thing to do is to check the complete recall list. Frozen fruits and vegetables processed at the CFR plant since May of 2014 with expiration dates as far as April 2018 are the susceptible, tainted products. If you know what you’re eating may be dangerous, don’t eat it!

Still, people often eat tainted food without knowing it. This is where safe eating habits come into play.

Bring vegetables to a boil. One misconception people have is that there is no bacteria in frozen food. Freezing only stops bacteria from growing, it does not kill it. Freezing actually works to help preserve bacteria. The only way to kill bacteria is by boiling it.

Do not eat frozen vegetables. It may sound weird, but vegetables are rather common to eat frozen or raw, particularly in smoothies or in salads. Non-cooked room temperature food gives the most fertile place for bacteria to grow.  

Do not thaw vegetables in the refrigerator. The slow warming process allows bacteria to spread rapidly.

Do not microwave frozen vegetables. There is no guarantee how thoroughly they are being cooked as compared to letting them boil on the stove.

Keep the refrigerator clean, particularly in areas where liquid from fruits and vegetables may have drained.

If you may have eaten some contaminated foods, don’t worry too much. See a doctor, particularly if you start to develop symptoms within a few days. However, trace amounts of listeria exist in most anything and people ingest it daily. In normal, healthy individuals, small amounts of various bacteria are good for the immune system. It is only in large concentrations that listeria becomes harmful.

Safe eating and cleaning practices are the best defense against a particular disease. Eating healthy and practicing good hygiene leaves almost nothing to worry about.

5 Personalized Mug Gift Ideas for Coffee Lover Dad

If you really want to make the father’s day cherished, you are at the right place. Win-win personalized Mug Gift idea is the first choice gift to show how much deeply you love and care to him. Surprise your dad with supreme collections of personalized gifts for dad from here. We have shortlisted soulful gift, touch directly to hearts. So go for it.

1-Claddagh Stein

representing affection is now become very easy from the online gift shop. Now you can easily represent your emotion on the gifts and show your intense love towards your loved one. Claddagh Stein ceramic mug is really simple but very traditional mug you can carry for your dad. If he believe in simple living believe me this gift is appreciable. Your father can have the coffee or beverages at office as well as homes too. Green color personalizing name with love message purely express your love towards your father.

2-Father’s Day Headln Coffee Mug






Here you go for Headln Coffee Mug for your coffee lover father. Reward to his selfless duties by gifting him “Dad Of the Year” Coffee Mug. Intensely he will feel so glad and cherished that this gift is given by the person whom he loves most. 19th June date with your father’s name printed on the Mug to make his day. Beautiful white ceramic mug represents thoughtfulness, delightedness and kindness towards your dad. So order it for your loveliest father.

3-Super Dad Coffee Mug

Without a doubt you are going to steal your father’s heart with this super dad coffee mug. Deserving people deserves a great treat. Give your super hero and super dad award and full his life with happiness and joyfulness. We assure you it will instantly spread beaming smile on your father’s face, you never seen before. No talks, no discussion, no excuses, without speaking single word, you can share all the good thoughts with your beloved father. A classy heavy duty mug is personalized with the name and year.  Above all this is the coolest gift to spread eternal intimacy towards the father and the son or daughter relationship.

4-Monogram Coffee Mug


Prove your love towards your Dad with Monogram Coffee Mug. It’s very simple but looks great while serving tea or coffee inside. Alphabetical word is simply personalized with red color. The heavy ceramic mug is on the way to show off your irresistible and unending love towards your Dad. Celebrate his day like he never expected before. Amaze your father with loveliest gift; he is going to keep nearby him always. Certainly it’s a perfect gift to get the award winning smile on your father’s face.

If you still not get the right point of personalized gifts delivery, contact us.
5-Irish Coffee Mugs


Have you thought about creating sweet stories? You can with this Irish Coffee Mug. Tell your Dad how much you care for him, love for him, think of him. Yes, it’s the day to showcase all your warmest and heartfelt feelings towards him. There are loads of gifts, but this would be the nicest gift ever he imagined before. Personalizing his name on the Irish inspired design looks great. It’s a phenomenal gift you can buy to give the special recognition and acknowledgement to the great personality of this world. If you really want that your gift is to be acknowledged in the mass of gifts, pick this one. This will be the great memorable and cherished gift; he will always keep with him as a memento.

There are so many choices of gifts you buy but not stays for longer duration. Personalizing gifts is the perfect deal, just not shows your personal attention but stays for living sweet memories for longer duration. We value relations, and that’s why we bring the gifts only touches hearts. It’s a perfect gifting option to bring closeness in the father and the son or father and daughter’s relation. Than Hurry UP! Time is moving fast, and just few days are remained. This is a limited edition gift; you can buy for your father. So make it fast and order it now. Contact to us and place your orders now.

30 sets of fat burning

Nowadays there is a tendency that all people have to look good. You have to be smart, well-groomed, with hairstyles, manicures and beautiful fit bodies. Besides, in recent years, it has become very fashionable to lead a healthy and active lifestyle. But as we all know it is often very hard to start something. Here I offer you 30 sets of fat burning that will help you get in shape and get rid of extra fat in the body.

Lets’ start!


1.     Caffeine


As soon as you wake up, drink 1-2 cups of coffee. Caffeine – is a proven “fat burner”. It helps not only to burn more fat during exercise, but also prevents its accumulation. Drink a cup or two of strong coffee before morning cardio. Even do not dare to put sugar and cream! This will spoil everything! Sugar and cream do not let burn fat! Instead of coffee, you can take caffeine in tablets (200-300mg). And be assured – the effect of caffeine is scientifically proven!

2.     Carnitine


Take some BCAAs and carnitine before cardio. Cardio destructs not only fat, but also muscles (catabolism-muscle destruction). In order to avoid this, take 5g of BCAA. BCAAs is guaranteed to neutralize muscle catabolism! Don’t forget about carnitine.  It burns fat and increases levels of the hormone testosterone that also burns fat.


3.     Cardio before breakfast


Do cardio before breakfast. While you are sleeping the  body, usually depletes sugar. So, subcutaneous fat is the main source of energy for cardio. That is why, morning cardio efficiency is very high! Of course, you have to get up a little earlier than usual to get in time to work. But the effect of cardio is worth it!


4.     DO intervals.


Some time ago, cardio was understood as rhythmic running. But later, we came up with a new cardio – interval. For example, run fast for a minute and then walk fast for a minute. This alternation of load pace has a powerful fat burning effect. Scientists undertook to compare the results of a six-month aerobics course in two groups: first group simply practiced intense jogging and the second – the intervals. As a result, athletes in the second group disposed of fat 9 times more. Spend your morning cardio for 25 minutes, breaking it up into minute intervals: minute – running, minute – brisk walking.


5.     Eggs.


You need a good meal after a morning cardio.  The best option is eggs. The yolk contains healthy fats and lecithin, which helps the muscles grow, improve brain function and accelerate fat metabolism. Cholesterol that is also in the yolk is used to produce testosterone in your body. Fats in eggs are immediately spent on energy consumption and almost never stored. Scientists note that the consumption of eggs for breakfast reduces subsequent calorie intake by almost 25%. Nutritionists recommend eating 2-3 whole eggs + 2-3 egg whites in the morning. Do not be afraid of cholesterol in eggs, taking them does not lead to an increase in bad cholesterol. But you should be afraid of infection, so boil eggs!


6.     Slow carbohydrates.

It is good to eat slow carbohydrates, for example, 2 whole-meal toasts or a plate of porridge for breakfast. Slow carbohydrates do not raise insulin levels, which is responsible for fat storage “on reserve”. When insulin is low, carbohydrate metabolism slows down, and fat metabolism increases. This saves glycogen during training, and speeds up recovery. In addition, grains contain fiber that helps get rid of fat and suppresses appetite.


7.     A half of grapefruit.

Eat half a grapefruit for breakfast. Grapefruit juice helps get rid of fat, lowering insulin levels due to the action of vitamin C. The research showed that those who ate half a grapefruit for breakfast, could burn 1.5 kg of fat more than 3 months as compared to the other groups.



8.     Oatmeal rocks!

A couple of hours after the first breakfast is time to get to the second. Remember that you need to eat every 2-3 hours. What for? Frequent meal mode speeds up the processes occurring in the body, including fat burning. That is why, you need to eat 6-8 times a day to lose weight. And then, it’s time to eat porridge again. We need simple oatmeal, boiled in water, without  sweeteners or flavorings .


9.     Cottage cheese.

Food intake cannot be considered complete if there is no protein, so add some cottage cheese to oatmeal. This wonderful product contains about 28 grams of protein per cup, that is, casein protein that accelerates the growth of muscles and reduces appetite. It is better to choose cheese with low fat (not more than 1 %).



Drink 2 cups of cold water between meals. Studies show that this method speeds up metabolism by 25-30 % within an hour. On the contrary, dehydration inhibits fat burning. Water intake (plain, no additives) is essential! Do not forget about it, if you want to get rid of fat!

Noon / Training


11.Green tea.

Before a workout, take green tea extract containing strong natural fat burners: caffeine, catechins.          Take it two times a day, to get rid of fat. A single dose is 500 mg, taken before meals.


12.Warm up!

Of course, we do a warm-up before training, stretching and warm-up exercises. That can be replaced by a short cardio session on the ergometer bicycle (10-15 minutes), during the fat burning workout. It will also help warm up and burn at least 150 calories.

13. Train differently!

Strength training should be changed a little, because our goal is to get rid of fat. Focus on large muscle groups. Such training consumes more energy. Give up the isolated lung exercises on blocks and simulators. General exercises with a barbell or dumbbells should be the basis of the training program. Thus, squats consume 50% more energy than the leg press. Then, it is necessary to change the methods and training, too. If you train 1-2 muscles a day, then you need to go to the simultaneous training of all muscles of the body. If you do not have time, break all the muscle groups into 2 days (Day 1-chest, back, delta, legs; Day 2-arms, calves, press). Train each muscle 1-2 exercises for 3-5 sets. It’s perfect to train in a day.

14. Hard training!

Gym veterans advise that you should do a lot of repetitions in each set, so they say you will burn more calories. Not likely! Science has shown that severe hard 4-6 repetitions cause the largest energy consumption, besides, body is in a state of rapid metabolism for a few hours after such training.

15. Less rest between sets.

How can I do the hard 4-6 repetitions and rest between 3 minutes? You can and should! To get rid of fat, you have to rest for 30 seconds, at least a minute. And in order to have time to recover, use this trick: mix sets of exercises on different muscle groups. For example, today you do chest and back. Make a set for the chest and after 30 seconds go to the set of exercise for the back … So, while one muscle is working, the other rests.

16. Extend the Sets

To burn fat even more, use the principles of Weider “rest-pause” and stage sets. Do 6 reps, decrease the weight for 10% and continue set to the bursting point (step). Or you can relax for 15-20 seconds and do a few more reps with the same weight to the bursting point (rest- break).


Noon / After Workout

17. Fast carbohydrates

These carbohydrates are considered to be harmful, because it stimulates the sharp release of insulin, but it is very good after a workout. Insulin helps when exhausted muscles are in great need of sugar. The rapid recovery of energy in the muscles, stimulates further growth. Well, the more muscles, the more energy they need. It will also help get rid of fat.

18. Protein.

Muscles need protein after a workout. Natural protein is slowly digested, so it is better to drink a protein shake of whey protein. The cocktail should contain 20-40 grams of protein. Scientists have proven that taking whey protein in large quantities helps get rid of fat.

19. Creatine.

Creatine increases muscle strength, as well as speeds up the metabolism, increasing the daily energy expenditure of at least 100 calories.

20. Nuts.

Eat some nuts between the post-workout meal and the next meal. They contain healthy fats that help the absorption of other fat.


21 Law of the salad.

You cannot eat a lot for dinner – it is an important rule of weight loss. Vegetable salads will help. They are low in calories, but they have the volume necessary to create the illusion of fullness. If you eat a salad before the main course, the amount of food eaten will be reduced by 12%. It is useful to add beans and nuts to the salad. But store salads with mayonnaise, sauce, etc. are prohibited. Seriously, if you want to get rid of fat, add lemon juice or vinegar to the salad.

22. Fish.

Fish contains omega-3 fats, accelerating metabolism. Its important influence on our body has been proved away back. It is important to remember that fish can be fried only on the grill and never on the frying pan.


It seems like this vegetable is specially created for those who want to get rid of fat. It contains a lot of calcium, vitamin C, chromium, fiber. That’s why,  broccoli is an ideal product for supper.

24. Milk.

Surprisingly, milk helps get rid of fat. Obviously, of low fats. The scientists attributed this property of milk with a high content of calcium that split fats. Milk contains a lot of protein that is useful during the night. Choose milk with a fat content not more than 1%.

25. Fruits.

If you want sweets, forget the cakes and candies. You can only eat fruits for dessert. The most valuable is grapefruit, but you can replace it with an apple (has Sea vitamins and minerals, low in calories).

26. Take a walk

Walk before going to bed. You need to take a walk after dinner, even if there is no dog. Select a distance to walk for 30 minutes. This will be useful and digestion will be faster. It is especially necessary, if you ate too much. But in this case, it is better to walk FOR45 minutes.
Late night

27. No carbohydrates!

You can NOT eat carbohydrates after dinner, even if you are tortured with night hunger. They will turn into body fat. The only exception – late workout. Here you have to do it according to the already known rule about quick carbohydrates.

28. YES protein!

Drink a protein shake before going to bed. The best choice is casein, as whey protein is not suitable. Its uptake will last for the whole night. In addition, casein helps get rid of fat, but you are unlikely to succeed in losing weight in a week.

29. ZMA.

This supplement includes zinc – an important and missing trace element in our body. It plays an important role in the synthesis of testosterone. A low level of zinc means weaker muscle growth. Take ZMA on an empty stomach one hour, half an hour before bedtime.  Read more about the benefits of ZMA.

30. Sleep!

Lack of sleep reduces the level of hormones, including testosterone, slows down metabolism and the burning of fat. Scientists believe that sports people should sleep at least 7-8 hours a day. Though sleeping too much is harmful. This way sleeping over 10 hours leads to the same changes in the hormonal background.

I hope these tips will be useful for you! Good Luck!

Olympia Powell is a blogger, writer and artist.  Works as a writer and blogger at Started working as a writer cause of love for the  art of writing and literature. Having some free time paints paintings and just tries to make some art. You can contact her on Twitter  Facebook




12 Fascinating Facts about Caffeine

Today, we’re going to step away from the job world a little bit to take a look at something that most of us engage with every day. Now, drugs are bad, mmkay, but this one is vital to American and global productivity and happiness.

No, it’s not alcohol. Come on guys…

It’s caffeine. A little white crystal that makes the world go round.

While you drink your coffee, tea, or double triple mocha frappa macchiato, take a look at this list of 12 caffeine facts.

Fact #1: Caffeine looks really pretty. Whether you’re a chemist or a casual consumer, you can’t deny the attractive shape of the molecule. 

Fact #2: Not only is the chemical structure pretty, the image of it under an electron microscope is breathtaking.

Fact #3: Caffeine is very fast acting, moving into the brain as quickly as ten minutes. Although, it probably would be faster if you just mainlined it into your veins.

IV Drip - Intravenous Drug

Fact #4: Caffeine stays in the body for up to 7 hours. This can increase in pregnant women, up to 10.5 hours.

Fact #5: Caffeine can kill you. Before you drink that tenth cup o’ joe, maybe just read this. About 5 grams of caffeine (about 30 to 50 cups of coffee) can cause seizures and heart fibrillation (that’s bad, mmkay?).

Fact #6: Caffeine withdrawal is a recognized mental health condition. You probably won’t be able to get Xanax with it, but your doctor might give you acetaminophen (that’s Tylenol by the way) for the headaches.


Fact #7: Caffeine acts on your brain. I won’t bore you with the neurochemical details, but basically it blocks a chemical thought to promote sleep and suppress arousal called adenosine.

Fact #8: There are better times to drink coffee than others. It basically has a lot to do with the levels of cortisol, a stress hormone, in your body and how they cycle. Peak times to drink coffee? 9:30-11:30 am and then again from 1:30-5:00 pm.

Fact #9: Caffeine is good for maximum gains, bro. Due to caffeine’s focusing effect and the quick energy boost, Dr. Michael Duncan, an exercise expert, says that your workout can be more efficient after about two cups.


Fact #10: According to Dr. Peter Martin, caffeine addiction isn’t a real thing. Dr. Martin is an expert on addiction at Vanderbilt (evidently, they have a literal Institute of Coffee Studies) and says that caffeine addiction is “minor-league stuff” when compared to hardcore drugs.

Fact #11: Caffeine in the form of coffee can actually extend your life. This is due more to the other chemicals in coffee, such as antioxidants, but hey! Enjoy that caffeine too! 

Fact #12: Caffeine can help improve the efficiency of painkillers. Remember how I mentioned acetaminophen? Caffeine can help that chemical out, meaning you have to take fewer pills. There is also some evidence that caffeine itself has painkilling qualities.

Pretty cool stuff. A few of these may even come to mind the next time you take a drink of coffee.

What’s that? You’re mid-sip?

Huh, so am I.


A bit about some Indian Spices [Infographic]



Whether chopped,sliced, grated or ground, turmeric provide bright color and imparts a robust, peppery flavor ad aroma with a hint of aged wood.

It provides the characteristic golden color of curies and dhal, a type of stew made from hulled, split lentils or peas Turmeric is also featured in Indian chutney, piccalilli and kedgeree (pickles), as well as in rice, vegetable and seafood dishes.


Cardamom is a member of the ginger family known for its unique flavor and aroma, which can be described as smoky, floral, citrus and sweet all at the same time.

Many traditional Indian dishes feature different varieties of cardamom. Elettaria, or green cardamom, is combined with condensed milk and sugar to make sweets collectively referred to as mithai. Green cardamom is also used to flavor coffee and teas, most notably Masala chai.


Though coriander is the dried, brown seeds of the cilantro plant it doesn’t taste anything like the herb. in fact, the seeds taste like burnt orange when toasted but are mildly sweet when ground as a spice.

Coriander is a staple in Indian cuisine. It is added whole or ground to chutneys, pickling spice mixtures and is frequently used to season chicken and pork. Often, coriander seeds are combine with cumin seeds and fried “dry” before being powdered.

Star anise

To add some pungent, warm flavor to your cuisine, try adding on or two whole star anise pods to slow cooking soups and stews. Adding star anise to braising liquids when simmering a chicken or a beef roast is a particularly easy way to get meat that simply falls off the bone and retains its natural juices.


once traded as currency in china and elsewhere this spice has a rich history to accompany its agreeable flavor and smell. its delicate but persistent aroma is warm sweet and woody and its fragant flavor has notes of clove and citrus.

In Indian cooking cinnamon is used in many different masalas (spice mixes) as wells condiments such as chutneys and pilafs.


A pungent sweet spice with a similar aroma to mace the spice with which it shares a botanical name. Nutmeg is more pine-like than mace and is used in very different ways in cooking. the flavor is arm and has hints of clove as well as a discreet bittersweet woody flavor. it is sweeter than mace but it is also a component of many savory dishes.

It combines well with cardamom cinnamon cloves and coriander and flavors Moghul (Northern Indian) dishes like pilafs and birani: kebabs and koftas.


Saffron’s violet lily-like flowers contain three yellow-orange stigmas. used as a dye, spice, and perfume, saffron stigma have been in great demand since ancient times. It takes about 75000 flowers to yield 1 pound of saffron hence its position as the world’s most expensive spice.

Fortunately only a small amount is required in cooking, as larger amounts will yield a bitter taste instead of the pleasant subtly sweet earthly taste it imparts in smaller quantities. It has a unique rich pungent smell and combines well with anise cardamom cinnamon, nutmeg and others. it flavors savory dishes such a Moghul biriani (meat and rice dishes) as well as sweet kulfis ( a kind of Indian ice cream).


The Clove tree is an evergreen tree that grows up to 50 feet. the clove tree is pyramid shaped and strongly aromatic. Twice each year unopened flower buds can be picked and dried. The dried flower buds are called cloves.

In cooking they should be used sparingly as they will assert their pungent sharpness over other flavors. Cloves are essential to garam masala the spice blend that is featured in many Indian dishes.

Mustard seed

The Pungent earthy aroma of mustard seed begins to be notice on grinding, though mustard seed is rarely used in its powdered form in Indian cooking. Brown mustard seeds are prominent in southern Indian cooking where they are commonly fried in oil so as to infuse a nutty taste without heat.

In a process called tempering mustard seed, curry leaves, cumin and asafetida are fried in very hot oil (carefully watching that the mustard seeds don’t escape) and added to dishes before serving.


Cumin seed refers to the seed of Cuminum cyminum, an annual herd related to parsley, dill and caraway. Like other members of the Umbelliferae family, the plan bears a fruit that contains a single, oblong-shaped, highly aromatic seed.

Cumin seeds are most often used dry roasted which reduces some of its natural bitterness and draws out its nuttiness. Alternatively they are often fried in oil when used whole.

It is used in curry powder and masala, and its pairing with coriander it what gives much Indian foots its characteristic aroma.


Edible and Spicy Flowers that Can Used In Decoration of Food

Edible and Spicy Flowers that Can Used In Decoration of Food

Vibrant color decoration on the top gives the platter an extra special look. Here we are going to add more spice and decoration into your food. Yes, Now you can use edible flowers for decoration and get the amazing taste never tested before. They are not so nice in flavor, but have some extra kick that touches to your tongue. It has something unusual taste, you will never forget. Here we are going to invite you to look at the flowers you can use for preparing a nice decoration on food.

Thyme flowers

Thyme flowers

The Thyme flower has an extra kick of spice and dense flavor used to décor the savory dishes. You can use white, pink or purple color flower for decor. You can also make tiny pieces of flower and adorn this on rice or millet dishes. It has a spicy flavor can be used in soup for fighting cold and cough. Send flowers , it is the most affordable and unique gift you can send from our online gift shop.



It’s a hot after-tasting flower. It’s bright and golden petals are used to décor the soups and salads. People can eat it just like that for getting the same taste of spicy pickle. Like lettuce or tomatoes you can use this flower in the sandwich to add more flavors.

Garlic chives

Garlic chives

Garlic chive is coming from the garlic society. It is available in different white, pink and purple shades. It can be easily mixed in making sandwiches. It tastes good while mixing with yellow mustard flowers. You can add it into spring roll or kale salads for getting amazing after-taste.

Wild mustard

Wild mustard

Mustard flowers are yellowish in color. It has a little spicy flavor. It is a simple but very useful in remedy in treating sinus and lungs problems. Its petal can be scattered in all types of savory dishes. You can use it as a decorating in salad and soups. It has a nice season and taste to top on the bread, garlic toast, corn bread or any kind of potato dish.

Wild radish

Wild radish

Such a nice and useful wild radish can be eaten or decorated on the savory dishes. Once you taste it, it will become your best edible spicy flower. The advice is just to pick the flower and garnish it on your favorite egg dish. It doesn’t last longer more than one day. It has a good property of improving digestive system and blood flow. It is a power flower which just not enhances the taste of dish but also gives good and healthy benefits after eating it.



I think everybody know Oregano taste. Oregano has a unique taste. Clumps of flowers make the soups, salads, garlic bread and pizza tastier than any. Oregano first comes in mind for decorating pita bread sandwiches and hamburgers. For the simple recipe you can mix oregano in butter and use it for a spicy layer on bread. I think in most of the junk foods oregano flavor is used to enhance the taste. Oregano has a nice kick to uplift the mood of the spicy food lovers.


Here is the information about the Flowers that you can eat and at the same time get the healthy benefits too. Our guide is that you never wash the flowers when you pick it, otherwise it will lose its moisture. You can pick the flowers from the farm where cats and dogs are not running. Or you can grow this kind of flower on your garden too. It will be a healthier and tastier dish for serving the best dish for guests and family members too.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate [Infographic]

Chocolate is favorite of many of us but very few of us are aware of the amazing health benefits that are associated with eating chocolate. There are a plenty of benefits of eating chocolate in a small amount. Daily consumption of chocolate in small amount can lower the risks of diabetes and reduction in heart diseases. Not only this but apart from this eating chocolate make one physically more active. There is much more to explore in the infographic below created by the team at I Got Crazy a place for cool stuff online. So, have a look at the infographic below and share your views with us.


10 Delicious Chocolate Pairing Ideas

A chocolate has always been the best because Bitter is better and express love to dear ones. May it be any occasion, they truly make a better choice. Chocolate is a versatile ingredient you can combine with many others, these are the best chocolate pairing ideas.



Cheese and chocolate are the bold idea to pair up with. Dark chocolate and Brie wheel is a good way to start the day. This one is surely the adventurous ride. Mahon and valdeon are the strongest cheese choice to pair with Delicious chocolate covered salted caramel. The mild creaminess of the chocolate and the salted flavor of cheese make a perfect combination.

Not all chocolate and cheese pair go well, but tasting them is half the fun to shop right gift. Take some time to indulge into this fun and adventurous ride. You need to practice and then falling in love will automatically take place. Till the time you host next cheese and chocolate event, you will get expert to guide your friends and guests.


Coffee and chocolate make a pair of royalty. Sweet chocolate and coffee gives a perfect kick of better and sweet combination. But coffee chocolate to get the right mixture of the two flavors in one. Coffee products come in a variety; right combo of chocolate that compliments each other’s taste would be the best one to send wishes.


Chocolate with wine

White chocolate is not a real chocolate as it does not contain cocoa, but has cocoa fats in it. However, dark chocolate is the best pick to go with wine. Milk chocolate also have less cocoa contain, so always go for one that has more amount of cocoa in it. A basic wine or smart pick can be the beautiful and most royal combination.

To send this, a gourmet wine gift basket with chocolates can be the perfect way to express your heart.

Passion fruits

Chocolate can be combined with many fruits, almost every one. However, this combination is less known and is one of the exotic combinations to try out.

Passion fruit is an exotic tropical fruit that matches the aroma of fruit and chocolate. This pair shares the flavor of floral and citrus notes. The acidity of fruit matches and balances the fattiness of the chocolate. One of the easy step recipes to treat your guests.


chocolate with peanut

Peanuts are little crunchy and salted in taste that has a mysterious taste. Pairing it with chocolate gives a tasteful mysterious taste to have fun with when hosting a party. It is an uneven and lovely combination to experiment with when want to try out something other than the usual one.


This one is a bit odd pair, but is really enjoyable one to try out. The roasted molecules during the baking process present in chocolate are developed in onions as well. Add crunchiness and sweetness to the chocolate mousse by baking onions. Onions add umami taste to the chocolate mousse.

Dark unsweetened chocolate is the right one to make chocolate mousse with onions.


Avocado creates a banana smell, when making puree of the avocado you might experience the smell of it. It matches the same smell as banana and you will only recollect about it. This fruit  adds a green note on chocolates that makes it link with avocado. Its creamy texture of avocado and chocolate blends beautifully that creates a long lasting flavor to remember.

Very easy to make this special recipe at home. With few ingredients like avocado syrup, lime juice and salt you can have the best combination to taste with chocolate ice cream.


This one is definitely a tasty combination with salty ingredients. The ingredients used are enjoyable and just to experience if you haven’t yet! Fatty, green and creamy notes of the caviar go well with the creamy, caramellic notes of the white chocolate. The reason why here white chocolate is beeing picked is because black caviar and dark chocolate are not in contras color.

However, dark chocolate is the right option to go with because there are interactive flavors to experience with. Caviar tastes a bit salty, thus this combination works best with the sweetness of chocolate.


Chocolate with Raspberries

Raspberries are rich in notorious taste. The textures of raspberries play perfectly with the indulging chocolate. The smoothness and sweetness of chocolate, goes with the citrus flavor of berries. Simply pick the best chocolate for your treat and melt it. Dip in berries in it and this will make a perfect juicy chocolate treat to indulge yourself in.


Milk chocolate and sea salt caramel are  an instant flavor. The combination of salt is required for our body to function normally and sweetness simply signals energy to us. This combination triggers a biological response to each other.