13 Best Article Writing Sites for Earning Money Online

Did you know that the demand on content writers increases all the time? Most of the companies have their own websites and they need them to be filled with unique texts. Moreover, today’s online business requires not only owning a website but running a blog and accounts on social media. What does it mean for you? It means that writing jobs are various today and even a young and inexperienced writer can find orders.


However, there is one more question left. Where to find all those orders and people who are willing to pay for your writing? We have made a small research to find the best article writing sites with thousands of posted jobs. Here, you will definitely find a couple of orders and give a shot to your writing career.


  1. Wow Women on Writing


This is one of the best portals for women who write well. Wow Women on Writing do not hire writers but provide the opportunity to become a freelance writer and regularly contribute posts and articles to the portal. The payments here are rather attractive. You can earn up to $150 for one article.


  1. Strong Whispers


If you are interested in various subjects including the environment and lifestyle, if you have some lifehacks about travels, for example, and are ready to share them with other readers, contribute your writing to Strong Whispers. Here, the payment for one article raises up to $150 and you can increase your income contributing articles 2-3 times per week.


  1. College Humor


It does not matter whether you are a young writer or you have already gained some experience in writing, College Humor is one of the best options for you. You will get $25 for every accepted article, and you will be rewarded additionally if your article appears on the main page. If it hits more than 100,000 views, you get $50 more. Not bad, huh?


  1. Cracked.com


If you feel that your sense of humor is outstanding and your writing makes people not just smile but laugh at loud, submit your writing to Cracked.com. However, be attentive to mistakes. Even though this is an entertaining website, the articles should be written perfectly. Remember that proofreading is an integral part of the good article and always check your writing for mistakes!


  1. Hubpage


To work with this website, you need to use your own Google AdSense account, and this is perhaps the only drawback of Hubpage. Everything else is great, including an easy process of article submission and high payments.


  1. Teckler


Here, your income will always depend on your article. The more popular it is, the more you get. In this way, you always stay motivated enough to produce high-quality articles that will catch the attention of the readers, but not just something that will bring you $10 or so.


  1. BubbleWS


This is another writer portal where your income depends on the reaction of readers. The more views and comments your article gets, the bigger your income is.


Please note. However, we have found a huge number of positive reviews of BubbleWS services, we’ve also found out that some of the writers don’t get paid. We strongly recommend you to check this services in advance, so you don’t miss the chance to earn money and don’t waste your precious time.


  1. iWriter


If you are not ready to risk with the websites that pay for the reaction of the readers, you may return to the portals with fixed rates. We have already mentioned several of them at the very beginning of our list. iWriter has the same model, you submit your article and get paid if it is approved. However, here the payments are lower, up to $25 for the article. If you write posts regularly and they get good reviews, you may increase your payments up to three times from the basic rate.


  1. Worldstart


This is one of the best writing platforms for everyone who is interested in the technologies and their development. Here’s nothing about the relationship and yoga, only computers and the hi-tech world. To become a contributing writer, apply for the website, and get up to $50 for your posts.


  1.  Upwork


This is not a pure writing website, this is rather a portal where freelancers from all over the world find jobs.  The best thing about it is the secure deals that protect both freelancers and customers from fraud.


  1. TopTenz


The writers who love to share their insights and tell stories about what’s happening in their lives never miss a chance to submit their writing to TopTenz. This is one of the biggest portals for writers, it covers a huge number of topics and industries. Additionally, the payments are rather high, $50 per article.


  1. ListVerse


Do you want to earn $100 for each post? Submit your writing to ListVerse! The variety of topics for writing is rather broad, so you will definitely find something that you love most. ListVerse has some requirements for application but they are not too complicated to fulfill.


  1. Fund for Writers


This is one of writing websites that give all the possibilities to contributors to earn money with their talent. The thing we loved more about this website is that here writers may share their own experience on writing with the subscribers. If you have something to tell, you should definitely try to cooperate with Fund for Writers. Pay attention though that if you want to write for the newsletter, you need to wait some time, as the places here are regularly booked for 3-4 months in advance.


Earning money as a writer is not difficult today if you know websites that would gladly cooperate with you. Do remember to check the requirements of each single portal to be sure that your article will be accepted and you will get the payment for your work.


What did you hear about the websites that we’ve listed here? Have you cooperated with any of them? We are looking for your feedbacks and your real experience in working with writing sites!

Steps on Recovering From Google Updates

Search engine optimization (SEO) has proven its significance to effective branding and business growth through time. Fortunately, Google has been continuously developing tools and techniques to make everything possible for these businesses’ success and the consumers’ convenience. It releases search algorithm updates that consequently helps increase a website’s traffic, and of course, to provide better, relevant results to users.

However, while the constant evolution in Google’s search algorithm has provided an improved user experience to most, it also has negatively affected a few. With this said, it’s important to note what causes your website’s penalty and how you can recover rankings from Google updates.

What Causes Penalties?

If you’ve noticed that your traffic has suddenly decreased, then it’s best to see what caused it. Most likely, there are two causes that can get your website penalized: an algorithmic penalty and manual action from Google’s spam team.

  1. Algorithmic penalty. This is the easiest one to identify, as you only need to see if the date on when your traffic has suddenly dropped and the date on the current algorithm update has occurred, matches. To do this, you can refer to Google’s algorithm change history as posted in Moz.

Definitely, this has become a disadvantage to some especially if they do not keep in touch with Google or other search engine’s algorithm updates, though the truth is, Google’s tight-lipped with regards to its updates to avoid manipulation on rankings. Now, there’s a few resources you could use to avoid getting this kind of penalty and so as to be updated with the constant updates:

  • Follow Matt Cuts on Twitter for current changes on SEO.
  • Subscribe to Google Webmaster’s channel on Youtube to keep updated with the best practices on SEO.
  • Basically, there are some updates that are not officially recognized by Google, however, are still significant to SEO which you can find at MozCast or Algoroo.
  1. Manual action from the spam team. If it wasn’t an algorithmic penalty, then the second most possible cause is a notification on your Google Webmaster Tools account. This may be a warning message due to unnatural links that should be abruptly addressed to recover your website’s ranking on SERP. Otherwise, you can dig deeper to see the cause of the penalty.

Steps to Recover Your Rankings

Way back in March, Google has released a major algorithmic update called Fred. Fred was believed to target websites with low quality content and bad backlinks, thus, if you’re affected with this update then it’s best to do these steps to recover your ranking.

  • Check your Analytics and see if you’ve lost traffic or in particular keywords you’re ranking for between dates March 25th and 20th.
  • If yes, see if you can categorize your content into low quality and old and high quality and updated
  • Correlate your lost keywords with those in low quality and old content based on its previous rankings and traffic volume.
  • Once determined, it’s best to immediately add length and revise those affected content with the most traffic before the Google Fred update to improve its quality.se
  • To check bad backlinks, use a backlink spam checker or tool. Instances that Google may take into account in determining your backlinks value are anchor text similarities and dofollow backlinks that contains no value to users (which mostly comes from blog comments). Should you find any, make sure to remove each of them.

Additionally, make sure that your good backlinks appear in reasonable ratios and are natural so Google will not take these as unnatural backlinks.

Key Takeaway

With all the given points above, it’s recommended to keep in touch with the current search algorithm updates. Also, it’s safe to say that the best way to avoid getting penalized by Google is to create remarkable content and natural backlinks.

Will Chatbots Be a Threat to the Call Center Industry?

The booming industry of call center service in the Philippines and India has recently taken its toll towards the rising innovation of customer service. Definitely the deployment of chatbots in customer service makes the service much more efficient, seamless, and convenient for customers, thus huge companies have now implemented this in their brand to attract new customers and of course, take care of their loyal customers – globally.

With this in mind, will chatbots threaten the services of the call center industry? Here’s a few things to ponder to weigh the possibility.

What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is simply a conversation robot powered by artificial intelligence, and is used to address concerns from users which may vary from functional to fun type of conversations. Most likely, they would appear as voice mails or chats which may include Apple’s Siri, for an instance.


How do chatbots work?

There are two particular types of chatbots based on its functions: (a) a chatbot based on a set of rules, and; (b) a chatbot that uses machine learning.

A chatbot based on a set of rules only works for a set of rules, this means that if you ask something beyond the program – definitely, it wouldn’t be able to decipher what you mean. Basically, there are only specific commands that it can respond to.

A chatbot that uses machine learning, on the other hand, is powered by artificial intelligence. Thing is, it understands human language, and can respond to you without being too specific with your concern. Furthermore, the more it interacts with people, the more it gets smarter as it learns from those conversations that it has with the users.

Where did chatbots came from?

If you are familiar with Alan Turing, the Father of Computer Science, you would definitely have an idea with the origination of chatbots. For starters, computer scientists Alan Turing and Joseph Weizenbaum have both envisioned computers communicating like humans, thus artificial intelligence, during 1950’s and 60’s. During that time, experimentation on the Turing Test and invention of the first chatterbot Eliza were both made.

Alan Turing developed the Turing Test in 1950, of which it was basically an attempt to test a computer’s ability to distinguish human from a machine to be defined as “intelligent.” The most standard interpretation of the test was that there are three key players; player C which is the interrogator, which will have to determine which of players A and B is the human and the computer. However, player C is limited to using questions to make its guesses. This test, though it did thrill the users, however still lack on some points due to the basic coding. A reversed form of this test fortunately, is being used all over the internet nowadays, which intends to determine whether the user is a machine or a human – which you would know as the CAPTCHA.

However, the desire for artificial intelligence did not stop there. In 1966, the first ever chatterbot was born of which was called Eliza. Eliza was programmed as a therapist, ran with only 200 lines of code, and interacts with humans to converse with them. Due to its genuine, emotional responses, the users almost mistook her for a human, though most are particularly aware that it is a machine. However, similar to the Turing Test, while the program has proven that artificial intelligence is possible, it was still lacking for anything than a short conversation.

In the present time, sometime in 2016, chatbots were finally introduced to the real world. In consideration of the users’ convenience, companies like Facebook allowed developers to create chatbots. Basically, these chatbots address the users concerns from within the messaging platform to avoid further navigation as moving to a browser application just to reserve a table for an evening’s dinner.


Why would businesses need a chatbot?

Now, the question falls into this: why would a business need a chatbot? Evidently, humans are much more genuine and has already proven quality service specifically in customer service where chatbots are now being implemented.

According to statistics, 85% of customer service in 2020 can be managed without human intervention. Plus, chatbots are expected to be the top consumer applications of Artificial Intelligence over the next 5 years. Thing is, even today, huge companies are making way for chatbots to manage particular customer interactions. An impressive example of this is Nordstrom’s chatbot, which provides gift guides and shopping lists around the holidays to help users manage their shopping and ultimately, give them ideas for the best presents available in their store.

Moreover, it is a fact that chatbots makes it convenient for users to communicate with brands and definitely chatbots are helpful for most businesses in specific matters as attracting new customers and in treating their loyal customers right. So why wouldn’t they?

Key Takeaway

Given these points, it’s evident that the era of chatbots is a threat to the call center industry: it is cost-saving and efficient in particular factors that most agents would work into. While it may be unfortunate for most call center service businesses, the leeway that veterans found to make their way around this is to migrate to high end jobs – which chatbots may not be able to do, at the moment.


How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name As A Photographer

website for a photographer

Even if you don’t think so, you absolutely need a website as a photographer. Social networks make it seem pretty easy to promote your business and find customers. But if you want people to take you seriously, you have to create a place where they can see a full range of services you provide and discover you as a professional.

Choosing the right domain name is vital for any new business. Your first impulse would be to use your imagination and creativity and make sure you stand out from millions of other young artists. But you also have to think everything through.

Just like a lot of people at the start of a new chapter in their life you may feel lost. The following tips will help you build a website that can become your digital portfolio.

When Choosing a Name

Don’t Stick with .com

Even if it is considered to be the leading domain nowadays, there are plenty of domain extensions such as .net, .store, .blog, .photography and even .pizza that will help you create a memorable name.

Use Keywords

These are the words that are supposed to tell what your website does. A list of the appropriate keywords will provide a high rank for your website and make it easier to find it. Since most of the keywords are already taken, this is the time to get creative.

Keep It Short

Your domain name should be 15 characters at most. It’s better to have a domain name that is short and memorable. A short domain name will make sure that users don’t enter typos.

Think about the Spelling

Be sure to use your name because you are the one people would want to cooperate with. Sometimes a misspelled character like number or hyphen will make the clients lose interest in your website. So, you might want to avoid using numbers, hyphens or doubled letters.

Be Unique and Brandable

Although millions of creative names are already taken, it is also your advantage because you can visit these websites and get inspired. You can even run a domain name through your friends and relatives to check how it sounds and whether it seems catchy.

Follow-up Work on Your Website

The Registration

Be sure to choose the right registrar because it will define the work of your website in the future. Think about the price of registration that can vary from 9$ to 24$. Google, however, provides a private registration service for free. You can look through this hosting services review that will help you find the company that provides the features you need.

Developing of the Website

Your website keeps will keep growing, so you want to leave the room to expand and develop it. Think carefully about the domain name that will allow you to open a full range of service you might provide in future.

Website Hosting

While some users are sticking to the WordPress, you can discover a variety of other platforms. Some of them can partially free you from the hard work of keeping a website. Others will allow you use their apps and professional tools.

You Have Options

Do some research and pay attention to opinions and suggestions of other photographers. However, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Good luck designing your website!

What To Expect in SEO This 2017

With its rising popularity, numerous companies have been using search engine optimization on their sites. Competition is tight and one way to get ahead is to master the latest trends first. The following are changes and developments in SEO that will happen in 2017 that you want to take advantage of.

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

This is Google’s initiative to create a new standard for creating mobile versions of websites. This open-source protocol makes simple changes that allow websites to load 4 times faster with 8 times less data. Google favours pages that use this protocol and give them higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and even marks them with a small lighting to indicate that it is an AMP.

Dense Content

The internet has been littered with multiple articles about the same topic with the same information but worded differently. People have grown sick of needing to dig through multiple pages just to get the information they look for. This is especially true for technical topics. However, there has been a rise of lengthy articles that talk about a topic comprehensively. This is becoming more and more attractive for readers because it is like a one-stop shop; all the information they need will be present in one page.

Voice Branding

When you do a query search on Google, there will be box on the very top of the SERP. This is called a feature snippet (also called rich answer or direct answer) and its purpose is to immediately show you the answers you are looking without clicking any link. This is usually taken from any site on the first page on an SERP.

But did you know that these snippets are also available for voice searches? This happens when make a query with voice command. Google understands that you are using voice command for a reason and it will answer back with a voice prompt.  This will say “According to [brand/website name] the answer to your question is…” The reference to the brand names in the voice prompt gives the companies a name-recall branding opportunities. When users recall the name of the brand that gave them useful answers, they will keep visiting. This especially useful when recent studies have shown that more user use google with voice command. Gaining a featured snippet on voice command should definitely be part of your 2017 SEO goals.

Machine Learning

During late 2015, Google RankBrain was revealed; a machine learning algorithm. This is an extension of Google Hummingbird. In layman’s terms, this is how their relationship works:

Hummingbird is what finds out and gives what users want when entering long keywords in Google. RankBrain is what studies the long keywords that are too complicated for even Hummingbird to understand. This was made with the intention for RankBrain to update Hummingbird when it further understands how humans word their keywords when looking for a specific answer. Basically, RankBrain is a mind reader.

Although, it’s been a while since there has been an update. Companies practicing SEO can expect that Google will begin releasing multiple updates beginning this year which will open much more possibilities of ranking.

Personal Branding

Personal branding, for a company, means establishing identity standards which include a personality and an image which dictate how the company is marketed. Psychologically, this will engage clients and customers to interact with a company and its website because of how personal it feels. When this happens there will be more website traffic and securement of guest posting opportunities.

How true is it that people will interact more with a company that has personal branding? You can look at social media. Facebook has already adapted to this reality by revising their algorithms to show more posts from personal accounts over company pages.

SEO is a marketing method that evolves as people and technology evolve. Because of this, it is always important to observe and adapt to the evolution. This year, these are the changes but next year there will be more. Be vigilant and always willing to learn new trends to be successful in SEO no matter how much it evolves.

Top 5 Automotive Features We Really Wish To See

Remember the purpose why the first car was built? The biggest necessity that a car fulfils is to reach point B from point A without having to put in much human effort.

But with the years going by, bringing about major discoveries and inventions on the technical field, our expectation from cars have evolved to a great extent. Earlier, we primarily needed a car to reach our destination. Then came in various factors from the technical science and we started to expect reaching our destination in less time with more luxury. More comfort, more functionalities and features along with more entertainment and more of everything that was served on our plates have brought us to a time when a car could quite well be called our substitute for home, our second home.

If we think from the perspective of a geek, a hardcore automobile and science enthusiast, we will be able to create our own wish list of the features that we want our future cars to have. Here are five groundbreaking features that I am sure we all would love to see in the cars in future.

Reality head up display

Head up displays are not a very new concept, but they are not very old either. Having a display towards the top center of the windscreen does look awesome and extremely handy. But we would all love to see a display right on the windscreen.

This technology does sound cool but has some drawbacks as well. For example, the display starts to appear faded when the surrounding gets too bright. The detailing on the windscreen starts to get invisible under such circumstances.

But then, there are some positives as well. Unlike the conventional display screens, Reality Head Up helps driver to keep on the screen and not fetch for the display every time.

Thinner batteries

The batteries on the present generation of cars are very big, heavy and bulky. Besides adding to the weight, this has also brings a major concern for the automobile makers i.e. finding a suitable place to install the battery without having to compromise on the overall balance of the car.

However, we would love to see car batteries that are far smaller in size, or at least do not require a separate place to be installed. Imagine a battery that looks like a part car and does not occupy such a huge space. Preferably, a battery that is thin and bendable like top sheet covering of the car is what we geeks expect cars to have.

Better smartphone connectivity

We do have smartphone connectivity in cars these days. But these integrations are not as deep as we would expect.

Now let me tell you one thing. Smartphone connectivity does not necessarily mean controlling the music system from you smartphone. It is much deeper. It means being able to navigate your smartphone in a way without having to fetch your phone every time. Browsing apps, making calls or managing other features of your smartphone through voice command, steering mounted controls or at least through the entertainment system would get the driver to focus more on the drive, thereby making the roads safer.

In fact, Honda is already pioneering what is called the Apple’s Siri Eyes Free in its new generation cars. This feature will allow the drivers to use their iOS device for making calls, sending messages, etc. through the dashboard itself.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Yes, this exists in our world of smartphones. The basic internet based connectivity that a smartphone works on is very common these days. But speaking about cars, built-in GPS devices do not require any kind of internet connection. Meaning – there are no real time updates on the car navigation system.

But imagine, how good it would be if you could get live traffic updates and other related information right on your car’s infotainment system? Excellent, is the answer.

Though many cars still lack internet connectivity, there is a good news from Audi. The company will be implementing LTE in their future models. Once this is done, loading live maps, searching the GPS system with images and a better internet radio quality would all be possible. In fact, you can also turn your car into a hotspot, making internet access for the passengers easier.

Inter-vehicle communication

Though the term sounds that way, this, by no means sounds like a simple technology. It does not mean that you will be able to call the car ahead of you to move away or move faster. This means that there will be an active connection among cars that would help the traffic to function smoother.

This function will also be able to reduce accidents and get road safety right for everyone. If two cars are connected, they can signal about their advent from a bisecting crossing and prevent an accident if the other car falls on the blind spot of the driver.

Summing up

You have to admit that these features form a perfect wish list for all the enthusiasts and geeks who prefer aiming for and demanding for realistic automobile updates rather than wishing to achieve unrealistic goals. Being a fervent geek and expecting technologies that is too good to be launched within the next two decades does not really make sense. Instead, having a wish list that can be fulfilled within a span of few years is always the better option.

The list here is just the same and does not have anything that is too fancy and too unrealistic to be reality. That said, the five features that we read here may soon be a regular feature in the cars that are around five years away from now.

Source: Autoportal

6 Tips To Increase User Experience (UX) And Conversions on your Website

User experiences are a very important aspect for any kind of shopping experience. Imagine you are at a store and looking for the products that you wish to buy or any customer experience and service you are looking for. These situations are quite realistic, but the most crucial part is the user experience of the customer service staff or the person who’s on call or who is assisting the buyer all through the shop.

What do these indicate to you? Certainly, the first impression is the last impression – this adage implies the best here.

Thus the better the user’s experience better is the sales conversion. This implies to the online world as well, in this article we will focus on the UX on your website and how it affects the sales of your business. Also, we will try to understand how to improve the user experience on your website to get maximum customers retention that helps in your business growth.

Great user experiences are the backbone of any good working website. The user experience eventually determines whether you will see a hike in the bounce rate or exit rate or an increase in your traffic and conversion rates. Owing to this there are many organizations that have now started using UX as an effective tool for good conversion rates.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Technically, the definition of the user experience varies from industry to industry and website to website. Due to this reason, there are many developers and experts who quote different types of definition for user experience UX and they work in their respective realms, industries, and studies to learn more about UX and UX design. Basically, website user experience UX is the comprehensive experience of the user when he or she is browsing or using the website. To take an example – in case you want your visitors to come again and again on your website, stay on your website, like the posts, share, comment, join your email list, and even buy your product and services, then you shall focus on enhancing the website’s UX.

The Impact of UX on the website development!

Creating a website is a foreseeable part of establishing your business online. In fact, websites are quite usual today as they reach out the larger audience and indeed are effective for businesses development. But remember creating a website only doesn’t solve the purpose, giving your customers a good user experience and hassle-free navigation is more important. In turn, these visitors should be given unique User Experience (UX) to make their browsing experience superb.

Hence, one shall never compromise on creating the best UX design trend for your website as this will make your website more web responsive and increase traffic as well. There are many tips by which you can increase your user experience – UX on your website so that it becomes highly responsive.

Let’s not waste time and learn the 6 best tips that will elevate your user experience UX in your website.

How about getting a good home page

The homepage is the face of your website. It is the first thing that your visitor witness, thus it shall be very friendly and easy to access for the users. Use attractive colors, templates, banners, videos and try to include the most important information about your business on the homepage. This will entice your users to experience good navigation and convenience while browsing your website. Please do not forget to include the logo and a good connect to the other web pages.

1. Don’t mess up with your page load time

If your website takes a lot of time to load the pages then there are chances that your visitor might leave your website without making any action. This will hamper your traffic and increase your bounce rate. Here, you should keep the pace on the page load time – ideally, it should be three or four seconds for your web pages, else the users will get bored.

2. Use clear, crisp and perfect images to lure your customers/visitors

A brilliant website design is like a decor to the website, Thus the developers make sure that they create the most user-friendly and responsive website that lure the visitors to hop on it and stay there for a while, eventually making an action. Here it hardly matter that what are you selling, even if it is not a very appealing product like – pencils, notepads, or any other household stuff but if their products are used beautifully with a lots of images, collage, panoramic shots, a lot of stock of the products and like then it becomes easy and captivating for the visitors to view the close-up of the product and can make a buy with an easy check out.

3. Security is the key that shouldn’t be promised

Deliberately we have mentioned this tip in the last, as this is the most crucial and the most vulnerable. Of course, it has its own significance that shouldn’t be ignored. Your users will able to trust you and your website if they know their data is secure and all their personal information that they put on your website is safe with no hacking threats. To ensure these features SSL certificates are vital to use. These digital certificates offer enhanced layers of security and are issued by certificate authority CA. You can buy them from trusted SSL certificates come in different types as per the demand of the online business for example – RapidSSL Certificate, RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, GeoTrust Extended Validation certificate and much more.

For a robust and stringent web security, don’t miss out on SSL certificate as they give you encrypted information by offering a green padlock sign and a trust seal in the address bar of the URL of your domain. This, in turn, guarantees an excellent browsing experience to the users/visitors. Moreover, this security seal will bring more customers eventually, bringing more business and good rate of conversions.

4. The more responsive the website is better is the user experience UX

There are a variety of devices being used to access your website, and Therefore it is important that your site must accommodate them. You should test the site on different devices to see how easy it is to navigate. There is also a way to vary the user experience based on their perceived age thanks to metadata. This helps you speak to different age groups about your products or services and makes it relevant to their needs.

5. Leave your visitors with a catchy call to action

Interesting call to action at your website is a vital element for your customers to have recall value of your products and services. Try incorporating remarkable user interface and excellent design elements that leave an everlasting impression on your website and they shall come back to your website. A simple call to action that entices your visitors can be clear action or message that what your visitor has to do once he or she is done browsing your website for their needs. The call to action can be made interesting by using various color combinations, background images, punch lines like – buy now, shop here. You can also make it catchy and attractive by using GIF and simple animations.

6. Catch Hold of Your all 404 errors

Imagine your visitor is looking for a product or a service on your website and he or she finds that the page is not showing and giving 404 errors. Isn’t it embarrassing and bad for your site’s reputation? None of the clients would love this to happen. Thus, fix it as soon as possible once you find this error is arising. Fixing will definitely increase your user experience UX. Also, this will help to regain the trust of your returning users/visitors. Therefore, make sure you have brilliant website UX design trend.

Link Building 101: The Beginners Guide in Link Building

The Internet is a huge marketplace and has been the new platform in promoting a brand and reaching target audience. Since most people today already have an access to the Internet, optimizing your website for conversions, search, and traffic is definitely an effective way to increase your visibility in the online scene.

In the Philippines, SEO is making a wave among startups and big businesses. Many entrepreneurs and marketers are using search engine optimization to build brand awareness and acquire stable consumer base. One of the efficient tactics in SEO is link building. Just like in any other SEO techniques, link building requires creativity, strategy, and time to be able to pull it off.

Are you still a newbie in SEO? Have a glimpse on the basic information about link building provided below and start acquiring links straight to your website.


What is Link Building?

Link building refers to the obtaining external links from other websites that will crawl into your website. Hyperlink is the backbone of link building since it is the way that website visitors use to navigate between web pages on the Internet.


The Anatomy of a Hyperlink

Creating an effective link building technique is never easy. For you to easily create an efficient link building techniques and understand the importance of link building in SEO, you must first know the structure of a hyperlink. Knowing this will help you craft

  • Start of a link tag – The start of a link tag is also called an anchor tag, which refers to the <a part of the hyperlink. Anchor tag indicates the start of a link tag and states the link is authorized.
  • Link referral location – The link referral location refers to the address of the link. In a hyperlink, it is the “href” that combines with the URL of a certain page.
  • Visible/anchor text of a link – Anchor text refers to the clickable text found in a hyperlink. This text is often constructed in a way that it will stand out from the rest of the text found in the hyperlink.
  • Closure of link tag – The closure part of a link tag is viewed by search engines as the end of the hyperlink.


What is the Importance of Link Building?

Whether you are establishing an identity in the online scene or enhancing brand awareness, link building is definitely an essential part of your marketing strategy.

Links are the gauge of most search engines to determine if the certain web page should be place on top rank of their search results page. In addition, search engines use hyperlinks to find new web pages.

Link building simply works by obtaining links from other websites. So, the more you acquire external links, the more high-quality links you have coming into your website, the more chances of getting the top rank in search results.

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List Of All-Rounder And Best Smartwatches For Women!

Women always love watches with some fancy or stylish touch in it. Simple styles and designs do not always seem to be the best choice for women because women love watch and accessory that are capable of portraying style, fashion and elegance so that women can wear the watch whenever or wherever they want. When we talk about smart watches, then the choice regarding the appearance doesn’t change much because women mostly prefer the best appearance and then the best feature. In the year 2017, there are so many new smart watch releases in the market and we have prepared best list of smart watches that suits perfectly for women’s choice.

                                                   Best Smart watches For Women

Best Smartwatches For Women

Apple Watch Series 2: If you have an iPhone and love all gadgets by Apple, then the Apple Watch is your most solid option. There’s dependably the OG display which is less expensive, and since Apple now bundles the old model with the refreshed processor, you won’t miss a great opportunity if you stay with their first smart watch. There are two sizes – 38mm and 42mm – with the main distinction being the smaller model is smaller thus it has a marginally littler battery. Purchase price of Apple Watch Series 2 begin at $369.

Rebel Phase: Misfit is for the most part known for their health trackers, not smart watches. That is alright, because of the fact that they picked a decent time to hop into the smart watch market. Their first release is the Phase, a shocking yet minimal-style look especially for ladies. It has a simple face, and support of notification. At the point when a notification arrives in – for calls, social, message etc. – the watch will vibrate and a little window will change its color shade. The color change shows what notification or alarm is coming in. Purchase price of Rebel Phase is $175.

Asus ZenWatch 3: The Asus ZenWatch line has dependably been alluring; it is decent to see that the company is finally considering the adoption of more adjusted and rounded style in smart watches. The ZenWatch 3 smart watch is powered by Android Wear. Purchase cost of Asus ZenWatch begins at $229, which is impressively less expensive than most smart watches which appear to reach to the $300 budget.

LG Watch Style: The LG Watch Style is the organization’s most recent smart watch release. It is round in shape and powered by Android Wear. This smart watch is lightweight and generally thin too at 10.8mm thick. Very little to describe in regards to this one, other than specifying the styles you can look over which incorporate titanium, rose gold, and silver. This smart watch can be purchased in $249.

Samsung Gear S3: The Samsung Gear S2 was a more alluring, round update to their Gear line. It has a magnificent appearance. It was generally thin and fit extraordinary on littler wrists. They’ve improved the most recent model, the Samsung Gear S3. It comes in two styles: Classic and Frontier. There’s a third model with the support of LTE in it. Every one of them has their changeable bands, so that you can tweak and customize them according to your preference.

Olio Devices’ Model One: When the Model One smart watches from Olio Devices first showed up. they were distinctly manly. This is on the grounds that only exclusive two models appeared: one in stainless steel and the other in black. The new colors are unquestionably all the more pleasing to ladylike tastes. You get the opportunity to browse a few genuine, Italian- leather band when you order the smart watch if you do not prefer to buy stainless steel one. Costs of this smart watch begin at about $595 for the less expensive models.

Withings Steel HR: The Withings Steel HR is a monochrome – highly contrasting – black and white hybrid smart watch. This is analog based watch, while a little round display shows you information and notifications and activity dial shows you the tracked details.

Moto 360 2: The OG Moto 360 was great, the Moto 360 2 is far superior. In addition, Motorola really set up together some female-accommodating versions this time around. The OG wasn’t awful; however, it was just quite bulky, particularly on smaller wrists.

Michael Kors Access: Most likely, you know Michael Kors by name – it’s a famous fashion brand. Their Access or Access Bradshaw smart watches for ladies are very attractive. The Access Bradshaw comes in a few styles and eight unique colors: pave gold color (purchase price $395), tort gold color, gold color and turquoise color (purchase price $375), silver color, metallic blue color, and metallic brown color (purchase price $350).

Home Security systems – How To Identify What You Need

Crime proliferates everywhere. No place is safe anymore not even in your own home. Parents’ thoughts while working are constantly wandering to how their kids are doing at school, at home or wherever they may be at any given time. They are not comfortable leaving them alone but can’t do anything about it as they need to work. In the US alone, there are over 2 million burglaries in homes happening every year, according to Alarm Systems Report. However, despite these alarming great numbers or fears of break-ins, very few homeowners have actually installed security alarm systems. Deciding to invest in home security systems is critical. The time to install one at your home should not be delayed lest something regretful occurs.

Here are the types of security systems that you can have installed in your homes –

  1. Security cameras – One of the best inventions of modern technology and most popular form of security that homeowners and business owners install at their premises. Crime can be prevented when you have security cameras because the mere sight of these lenses staring back at them bad guys will make them stop in their tracks for fear of being identified and get captured. These cameras also enable you to keep track of your guests’ activities at home or at the office thereby making it easy for you to see if there has been suspicious moves in those comings and goings each day.
  1. Alarm systems – Are designed to detect intrusions like unauthorized entries, burglars and thieves. Most known type is the house alarm. These alarms have sensors which connect to a control unit by high-voltage or radio-frequency signal that interacts with a response device. Most sensors for indoor use are infrared.  Sensors for outdoors are more costly because they cover a wider space and not false alarm-proof. The best alarm systems have both audible and silent alarms set off by sensors that are installed all over the home.
  1. Home automation – This allows you a home away from home control of your home features via your smartphone or  any web-powered device. By home automation, you are able to  turn on and off your small appliances, lighting and thermostat wherever you are. This also enables you to view pre-recorded and live video monitoring.                                                                                              

Although the very reason why most homeowners delay in installing one at home is because of the cost. Security systems need not cost that much. Identifying what you really need will help you decide which one to go with. There are what we call traditional security systems that are really inexpensive. These are the DIY or do-it-yourself type home security that do not have monthly fees. There are two things to consider though when it comes to DIY Home Security systems:

  1. Monitoring is done by you and you can have it installed on your own. While this is less expensive, it presents a lot of risks as cellular service is not reliable being not available most of the time, especially when you are away. There may not be enough time to alert authorities of an intrusion.
  2. Install it on your own and have it monitored professionally. This DIY option is much better, although it is just a bit less expensive because you were able to save only on installing by yourself and have to pay for professional monitoring monthly. However, you are assured of 100% cellular monitoring, protection on crash and smash, access remotely on thermostat, light & video control and phone, email and text alerts.


Author Bio: Susan Orlain is the founder of  www.myeverythinghome.net site, currently a mother, homemaker, virtual office manager and blogger.