Top Ten Places to Visit in Nepal

Nepal is a country perfectly blessed with natural and cultural attractions. National parks, temples and monuments, historical places and some trekking routes speak volumes about Nepal.

Here, Travelogy India brings you a list of some of the best places to visit in Nepal.

Chitwan National Park

Chitwan National Park was the first National Park of Nepal established in 1973. In 1984, it was granted the status of a World Heritage Site. The National park is situated in the subtropical southern part of Nepal having rich natural flora and fauna. A total of 544 species of birds, 68 species of mammals and 126 species of fish one can see in the park.

Chitwan National Park

Pashupatinath Temple:

Pashupatinath temple is one of the holiest Hindu temples located about 6 Km from Kathmandu in Nepal. The temple is situated on the bank of the river Bagmati. Visitors can deep in a lush green natural environment of the sacred river Bagmati from the pagoda style temple having beautifully carved doors and gilded roof.

Pashupatinath Temple

Boudhanath Stupa:

Boudhanath Stupa has situated 11 Km from Kathmandu. This Buddhist Stupa is built on an octagonal base and was built by King Man Deva. The shrine is surrounded by Buddhist priests and Lamas. The stupa is a symbol of enlightenment represents one of the five elements, water, earth, air, fire, and sphere.

Boudhanath Stupa

Kathmandu city:

Kathmandu is the capital and largest city in Nepal. Durbar Square is the UNESCO World Heritage Site. Carved statues, historic temples, beautiful monuments and decaying buildings create a lively atmosphere on the streets of Kathmandu.

Kathmandu city


Situated around 250 kilometres from Kathmandu, Lumbini is the place where Siddhartha Gautama (who became the Lord Buddha) was born in 623 BC. The place is now developed as a Buddhist pilgrimage. Buddhist pilgrims across the world came at this UNESCO Heritage site to feel the spiritual-cultural significance.



Bhaktapur lies on the old trade route to Tibet which is included in the third of the “Royal Cities” apart from Kathmandu and Patan. The whole area of Bhaktapur is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.



Nagarkot has situated about 35 Km in the east of Kathmandu located between Kathmandu valley and Indravati. It provides the best view of Mt. Everest and the Himalayas. To experience the best sunrise and sunset, Nagarkot should not be missed while visiting Nepal.


Pokhara Valley:

Pokhara valley is surrounded by the highest mountains in the world such as Manaslu, Dhaulagiri and Annapurna-I. This place is the destination for trekkers, hikers, relaxation and excursions. Treks to Jomsom and the Annapurna region start from here.

Pokhara Valley

Everest Base Camp:

The most thrilling, challenging and exciting trek, ‘Everest Base Camp’ takes you to the enthralling world-class journey of the Himalayas which is the highest peak on the earth. It is the gateway for Everest climbers.

Everest Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

Annapurna Base Camp is one of the classic treks in the world which offers to explore the traditional Nepali villages and living life. Annapurna Base Camp is at the height of 4130m. The trek route passes through tranquil landscapes, charming villages, lush green Rhododendron, bamboo and alpine forests.

Annapurna Base Camp Trek:

What To Expect in SEO This 2017

With its rising popularity, numerous companies have been using search engine optimization on their sites. Competition is tight and one way to get ahead is to master the latest trends first. The following are changes and developments in SEO that will happen in 2017 that you want to take advantage of.

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

This is Google’s initiative to create a new standard for creating mobile versions of websites. This open-source protocol makes simple changes that allow websites to load 4 times faster with 8 times less data. Google favours pages that use this protocol and give them higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and even marks them with a small lighting to indicate that it is an AMP.

Dense Content

The internet has been littered with multiple articles about the same topic with the same information but worded differently. People have grown sick of needing to dig through multiple pages just to get the information they look for. This is especially true for technical topics. However, there has been a rise of lengthy articles that talk about a topic comprehensively. This is becoming more and more attractive for readers because it is like a one-stop shop; all the information they need will be present in one page.

Voice Branding

When you do a query search on Google, there will be box on the very top of the SERP. This is called a feature snippet (also called rich answer or direct answer) and its purpose is to immediately show you the answers you are looking without clicking any link. This is usually taken from any site on the first page on an SERP.

But did you know that these snippets are also available for voice searches? This happens when make a query with voice command. Google understands that you are using voice command for a reason and it will answer back with a voice prompt.  This will say “According to [brand/website name] the answer to your question is…” The reference to the brand names in the voice prompt gives the companies a name-recall branding opportunities. When users recall the name of the brand that gave them useful answers, they will keep visiting. This especially useful when recent studies have shown that more user use google with voice command. Gaining a featured snippet on voice command should definitely be part of your 2017 SEO goals.

Machine Learning

During late 2015, Google RankBrain was revealed; a machine learning algorithm. This is an extension of Google Hummingbird. In layman’s terms, this is how their relationship works:

Hummingbird is what finds out and gives what users want when entering long keywords in Google. RankBrain is what studies the long keywords that are too complicated for even Hummingbird to understand. This was made with the intention for RankBrain to update Hummingbird when it further understands how humans word their keywords when looking for a specific answer. Basically, RankBrain is a mind reader.

Although, it’s been a while since there has been an update. Companies practicing SEO can expect that Google will begin releasing multiple updates beginning this year which will open much more possibilities of ranking.

Personal Branding

Personal branding, for a company, means establishing identity standards which include a personality and an image which dictate how the company is marketed. Psychologically, this will engage clients and customers to interact with a company and its website because of how personal it feels. When this happens there will be more website traffic and securement of guest posting opportunities.

How true is it that people will interact more with a company that has personal branding? You can look at social media. Facebook has already adapted to this reality by revising their algorithms to show more posts from personal accounts over company pages.

SEO is a marketing method that evolves as people and technology evolve. Because of this, it is always important to observe and adapt to the evolution. This year, these are the changes but next year there will be more. Be vigilant and always willing to learn new trends to be successful in SEO no matter how much it evolves.

Top 5 Automotive Features We Really Wish To See

Remember the purpose why the first car was built? The biggest necessity that a car fulfils is to reach point B from point A without having to put in much human effort.

But with the years going by, bringing about major discoveries and inventions on the technical field, our expectation from cars have evolved to a great extent. Earlier, we primarily needed a car to reach our destination. Then came in various factors from the technical science and we started to expect reaching our destination in less time with more luxury. More comfort, more functionalities and features along with more entertainment and more of everything that was served on our plates have brought us to a time when a car could quite well be called our substitute for home, our second home.

If we think from the perspective of a geek, a hardcore automobile and science enthusiast, we will be able to create our own wish list of the features that we want our future cars to have. Here are five groundbreaking features that I am sure we all would love to see in the cars in future.

Reality head up display

Head up displays are not a very new concept, but they are not very old either. Having a display towards the top center of the windscreen does look awesome and extremely handy. But we would all love to see a display right on the windscreen.

This technology does sound cool but has some drawbacks as well. For example, the display starts to appear faded when the surrounding gets too bright. The detailing on the windscreen starts to get invisible under such circumstances.

But then, there are some positives as well. Unlike the conventional display screens, Reality Head Up helps driver to keep on the screen and not fetch for the display every time.

Thinner batteries

The batteries on the present generation of cars are very big, heavy and bulky. Besides adding to the weight, this has also brings a major concern for the automobile makers i.e. finding a suitable place to install the battery without having to compromise on the overall balance of the car.

However, we would love to see car batteries that are far smaller in size, or at least do not require a separate place to be installed. Imagine a battery that looks like a part car and does not occupy such a huge space. Preferably, a battery that is thin and bendable like top sheet covering of the car is what we geeks expect cars to have.

Better smartphone connectivity

We do have smartphone connectivity in cars these days. But these integrations are not as deep as we would expect.

Now let me tell you one thing. Smartphone connectivity does not necessarily mean controlling the music system from you smartphone. It is much deeper. It means being able to navigate your smartphone in a way without having to fetch your phone every time. Browsing apps, making calls or managing other features of your smartphone through voice command, steering mounted controls or at least through the entertainment system would get the driver to focus more on the drive, thereby making the roads safer.

In fact, Honda is already pioneering what is called the Apple’s Siri Eyes Free in its new generation cars. This feature will allow the drivers to use their iOS device for making calls, sending messages, etc. through the dashboard itself.

LTE (Long Term Evolution)

Yes, this exists in our world of smartphones. The basic internet based connectivity that a smartphone works on is very common these days. But speaking about cars, built-in GPS devices do not require any kind of internet connection. Meaning – there are no real time updates on the car navigation system.

But imagine, how good it would be if you could get live traffic updates and other related information right on your car’s infotainment system? Excellent, is the answer.

Though many cars still lack internet connectivity, there is a good news from Audi. The company will be implementing LTE in their future models. Once this is done, loading live maps, searching the GPS system with images and a better internet radio quality would all be possible. In fact, you can also turn your car into a hotspot, making internet access for the passengers easier.

Inter-vehicle communication

Though the term sounds that way, this, by no means sounds like a simple technology. It does not mean that you will be able to call the car ahead of you to move away or move faster. This means that there will be an active connection among cars that would help the traffic to function smoother.

This function will also be able to reduce accidents and get road safety right for everyone. If two cars are connected, they can signal about their advent from a bisecting crossing and prevent an accident if the other car falls on the blind spot of the driver.

Summing up

You have to admit that these features form a perfect wish list for all the enthusiasts and geeks who prefer aiming for and demanding for realistic automobile updates rather than wishing to achieve unrealistic goals. Being a fervent geek and expecting technologies that is too good to be launched within the next two decades does not really make sense. Instead, having a wish list that can be fulfilled within a span of few years is always the better option.

The list here is just the same and does not have anything that is too fancy and too unrealistic to be reality. That said, the five features that we read here may soon be a regular feature in the cars that are around five years away from now.

Source: Autoportal

A Handy Guide For Choosing The Best Oven For Yourself

Buying Best Oven

Choosing an oven that perfectly fits in your kitchen is not an easy task. Special attention needs to be given while buying an oven as it is a long term investment. The oven you select must be such that all your cooking needs are fulfilled by it. So, if you are one of those who is looking to choose the best oven for yourself you have come to the right place. This post will act as a handy guide that will enable you in buying the best oven.

Choose That Oven Type Which Best Suits Your Kitchen

Single Oven

Single ovens are best suited for those who are short on space. These ovens can be either built-under or built-in. These have only one oven space and will offer you multiple functionalities.

Double Oven

Before buying this type of oven you should decide the exact location where you would want your oven to be installed as they can be transferred to a different place.


The built-in ovens are installed in the column cabinets at your eye-level. This will make it easier for you to take the food out the oven without bending.


This type of ovens will go beneath your counter and will easily fit along with the kitchen cabinet. Your oven will be perfectly installed in the kitchen and will give an overall good look to it.

Features You Will Need in Your Oven


If you are a person who wants to add variety to your cooking style and give it a nice flavor, then you must choose an oven that has Grills integrated into it. There is a wide range of tasty dishes that can be prepared using it.

Compact Ovens

These ovens are for those where the cooking requirement is limited to only one people. They have both the grilling as well as the oven functions.


The Steam type ovens will cook the food by making use of the steam that has been produced by the boiling water. This will allow you to maintain a level of moisture while cooking your meals.


There are certain ovens that have fans integrated into them that will increase the total time of the whole cooking process. You will get your food cooked very quickly that too at the same temperature and quality.

Fuel Type of Your Oven

Electric Ovens

Electric ovens are very popular these days. These will provide a balanced distribution of heat in the entire oven. By maintaining the temperature while enable your food to be cooked at the right temperature.

Gas Ovens

These types of ovens provide dedicated heat and act as a cheap solution. Gas ovens are generally suitable for all kinds of foods. Hot air will be circulated from the burner or the flame that is located on the backside of the base.

The Oven Must Fit Your Existing Style

The oven you choose must coordinate with your current design. This is an important factor for maintaining the overall look of your decor. Your oven must match with all the other appliances that you are using in your kitchen.

In The End

Next time you look to buy an oven for your kitchen or any other space, just keep in mind the above tips while buying. These tips will enable you in choosing the best oven.

6 Tips To Increase User Experience (UX) And Conversions on your Website

User experiences are a very important aspect for any kind of shopping experience. Imagine you are at a store and looking for the products that you wish to buy or any customer experience and service you are looking for. These situations are quite realistic, but the most crucial part is the user experience of the customer service staff or the person who’s on call or who is assisting the buyer all through the shop.

What do these indicate to you? Certainly, the first impression is the last impression – this adage implies the best here.

Thus the better the user’s experience better is the sales conversion. This implies to the online world as well, in this article we will focus on the UX on your website and how it affects the sales of your business. Also, we will try to understand how to improve the user experience on your website to get maximum customers retention that helps in your business growth.

Great user experiences are the backbone of any good working website. The user experience eventually determines whether you will see a hike in the bounce rate or exit rate or an increase in your traffic and conversion rates. Owing to this there are many organizations that have now started using UX as an effective tool for good conversion rates.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Technically, the definition of the user experience varies from industry to industry and website to website. Due to this reason, there are many developers and experts who quote different types of definition for user experience UX and they work in their respective realms, industries, and studies to learn more about UX and UX design. Basically, website user experience UX is the comprehensive experience of the user when he or she is browsing or using the website. To take an example – in case you want your visitors to come again and again on your website, stay on your website, like the posts, share, comment, join your email list, and even buy your product and services, then you shall focus on enhancing the website’s UX.

The Impact of UX on the website development!

Creating a website is a foreseeable part of establishing your business online. In fact, websites are quite usual today as they reach out the larger audience and indeed are effective for businesses development. But remember creating a website only doesn’t solve the purpose, giving your customers a good user experience and hassle-free navigation is more important. In turn, these visitors should be given unique User Experience (UX) to make their browsing experience superb.

Hence, one shall never compromise on creating the best UX design trend for your website as this will make your website more web responsive and increase traffic as well. There are many tips by which you can increase your user experience – UX on your website so that it becomes highly responsive.

Let’s not waste time and learn the 6 best tips that will elevate your user experience UX in your website.

How about getting a good home page

The homepage is the face of your website. It is the first thing that your visitor witness, thus it shall be very friendly and easy to access for the users. Use attractive colors, templates, banners, videos and try to include the most important information about your business on the homepage. This will entice your users to experience good navigation and convenience while browsing your website. Please do not forget to include the logo and a good connect to the other web pages.

1. Don’t mess up with your page load time

If your website takes a lot of time to load the pages then there are chances that your visitor might leave your website without making any action. This will hamper your traffic and increase your bounce rate. Here, you should keep the pace on the page load time – ideally, it should be three or four seconds for your web pages, else the users will get bored.

2. Use clear, crisp and perfect images to lure your customers/visitors

A brilliant website design is like a decor to the website, Thus the developers make sure that they create the most user-friendly and responsive website that lure the visitors to hop on it and stay there for a while, eventually making an action. Here it hardly matter that what are you selling, even if it is not a very appealing product like – pencils, notepads, or any other household stuff but if their products are used beautifully with a lots of images, collage, panoramic shots, a lot of stock of the products and like then it becomes easy and captivating for the visitors to view the close-up of the product and can make a buy with an easy check out.

3. Security is the key that shouldn’t be promised

Deliberately we have mentioned this tip in the last, as this is the most crucial and the most vulnerable. Of course, it has its own significance that shouldn’t be ignored. Your users will able to trust you and your website if they know their data is secure and all their personal information that they put on your website is safe with no hacking threats. To ensure these features SSL certificates are vital to use. These digital certificates offer enhanced layers of security and are issued by certificate authority CA. You can buy them from trusted SSL certificates come in different types as per the demand of the online business for example – RapidSSL Certificate, RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, GeoTrust Extended Validation certificate and much more.

For a robust and stringent web security, don’t miss out on SSL certificate as they give you encrypted information by offering a green padlock sign and a trust seal in the address bar of the URL of your domain. This, in turn, guarantees an excellent browsing experience to the users/visitors. Moreover, this security seal will bring more customers eventually, bringing more business and good rate of conversions.

4. The more responsive the website is better is the user experience UX

There are a variety of devices being used to access your website, and Therefore it is important that your site must accommodate them. You should test the site on different devices to see how easy it is to navigate. There is also a way to vary the user experience based on their perceived age thanks to metadata. This helps you speak to different age groups about your products or services and makes it relevant to their needs.

5. Leave your visitors with a catchy call to action

Interesting call to action at your website is a vital element for your customers to have recall value of your products and services. Try incorporating remarkable user interface and excellent design elements that leave an everlasting impression on your website and they shall come back to your website. A simple call to action that entices your visitors can be clear action or message that what your visitor has to do once he or she is done browsing your website for their needs. The call to action can be made interesting by using various color combinations, background images, punch lines like – buy now, shop here. You can also make it catchy and attractive by using GIF and simple animations.

6. Catch Hold of Your all 404 errors

Imagine your visitor is looking for a product or a service on your website and he or she finds that the page is not showing and giving 404 errors. Isn’t it embarrassing and bad for your site’s reputation? None of the clients would love this to happen. Thus, fix it as soon as possible once you find this error is arising. Fixing will definitely increase your user experience UX. Also, this will help to regain the trust of your returning users/visitors. Therefore, make sure you have brilliant website UX design trend.

What To Do Before, During, and After a Typhoon Attack

A Typhoon, like every other natural disaster, is very devastating, and takes a lot of lives every single year, and destroys homes and important infrastructures. Typhoons leave a lot of people without homes, and even lose some of their loved ones. With this in mind, being prepared when a typhoon hits is of utmost importance. Having the proper equipment and supplies ensures that the chances of surviving a devastating typhoon is much higher.

Here is a survival guide infographic, which lists down the most important things you need before, during, and after a devastating Typhoon.

What to do Before, During, and After a Typhoon AttackWhat to do Before, During, and After a Typhoon Attack (1)

5 Remodeling Tips for Your Home Inside Out

house siding exterior

Making improvements to your home can increase its value, not to mention making it more pleasant for you to live there. There are many remodeling projects that you can undertake, but you want to choose ones that will pay back the best dividends. The following are five of the most worthwhile remodeling ideas that you should consider for your home.

house siding exterior
house siding exterior

Finish Your Basement or Attic

Creating a new room or apartment within your home is a project that is both practical and economically sensible. Many families are finding that grown children or aging parents are moving back in. A finished basement or attic could be rented out as a small apartment. This will also increase the resale value of your home. The main features needed for this are insulation, finishing the ceiling and walls, adding a bathroom and ensuring that the wiring is adequate and safe.

Replace Your Front Door

This is an affordable investment that immediately gives your home more curb appeal. An attractive new door will cost you approximately $1,000 on average, which makes this a relatively inexpensive upgrade. When replacing the door, you should think not only in terms of appearance but also insulation and security. While wood doors are the most popular, you may also want to consider steel, which is highly durable and secure.

Add or Replace Siding

Siding is an excellent investment in your home, as it’s both visually appealing and is very low maintenance. Unlike a wood exterior, vinyl siding doesn’t have to be painted. If you want to add even more value, use insulated vinyl siding. This is very efficient at protecting your home from the cold and heat. You will be able to save on energy bills will increasing your home’ value.

Install New Window Coverings

Window coverings such as curtains, blinds and shutters can make a big difference when it comes to the appearance of any room. They are also useful for letting in or blocking light, depending on the temperature and time of day. You can get ideas for window coverings from many sources, such as home decorating websites, magazines and catalogs from companies who sell these products.

Build or Refinish a Deck

A wooden deck is a comfortable way to relax or socialize when the weather is pleasant. Whether you are building one from scratch or improving an existing deck, this is an extremely worthwhile remodeling project. A deck adds space to your home, giving you and your family an extra place to congregate.

The above remodeling projects can make any home more comfortable while increasing its value. There are countless home improvement projects that are possible, but you only have so much time, energy and money to invest in your home. That’s why it’s important to choose your remodeling projects with care.

7 Reasons Why You Should Live in Singapore

Despite being the smallest nation in Southeast Asia, Singapore has one of the most prosperous economies in the region. The tiny nation has had a continuous and stable development over the past few decades, and the potential of it growing even more is a strong possibility in the next decade or so. With that in mind, Singapore has been a top destination for businessmen and expats looking to establish a business. For those who are thinking of living in the country, there are numerous house rentals in Singapore. But before picking a place to stay in the country, here are 10 reasons why you should live in Singapore.

1. Diverse Culture

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

With Singapore being one of the most important business hubs in Asia, the population of the country consists of people from various places across Asia. With a diverse population, one can consider Singapore as a melting pot of culture within Southeast Asia. With various cultures present in the area, there is a diverse offering of food, music, and festivities, which one can visit at a moment’s notice.

2. Low Crime Rate

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Singapore boasts of having one of the lowest crime rates in Asia. With strict laws and a strong police force, criminal activity is kept to a minimum in the country. One can expect to walk the streets of Singapore at night without too much trouble.

3. Efficient Public Transportation

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Singapore has one of the best public transportation systems in the region. One can choose from the three main public transport systems, which is the MRT, bus, and taxi, and expect to go from point A to point B in no time. With the convenience of having good public transportation, one does no longer really need to buy a car, which drastically reduces the cost of living in the country.

4. Healthcare

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

With a good number of public and private hospitals, healthcare is accessible in the country. And with a good insurance plan, one can access quality healthcare services that are readily available.

5. Quality Education

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

With schools such as the National University of Singapore (NUS), Singapore Management University (SMU), and the Nanyang Technological University (NTU), Singapore is home to some of the best schools in Asia. There are also a good number of international schools that provide quality education for those who are bringing in their children to the country.

6. Convenient Travel

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Being in close proximity to the countries of Southeast Asia, living in the country gives you access to a variety of destinations to visit. Going to vacation spots, once you’re settled in Singapore, is very convenient can cost-efficient.

7. Great Housing Accomodations

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Singapore has a good variety of living conditions, from high-rise condominiums, apartments, and government-owned HDB houses. These housing accommodations have various amenities, especially for those living in condominiums. These amenities include pools, function rooms, playgrounds, and even gyms. One can expect quality living when moving to Singapore for business and living purposes.

Living in the small nation of Singapore can provide you with quality life and services that are some of the best in Asia. With a colorful and diverse people, and a strong economic sector, life in Singapore is a good one indeed.

Identifying The Signs Of Unhappy Employees

It’s simple: unhappy employees don’t work well. Their projects will fail, which will make disappointed clients no longer want to invest in your company. This can be avoided if you set a good work attitude example, which can help shape the work culture of your office. Failure to cultivate this culture could lead to endless cycle of employees coming and going; similar to the practice of endo. Because of this, your company will always be comprised of entry level workers and trainees and no associates. Your company cannot evolve to the heights you want to reach if you the people in it don’t perform well.

Now, as an employer, your employees are, naturally, more socially reserved towards you. Because of this, it may be hard to tell if someone has a grievance since they feel like they can’t tell you directly. You’re going to have to look for signs. Here are some examples:

Reaching for only the minimum

As a business, you’re going to want to exceed the expectations of your clients. This attitude is what makes companies evolve. You want employees that believe in this mantra because it encourages them to not just go for bare minimum; they aim to do more to invest in their careers and get the coveted promotion. Employees that don’t aim for the promotion are merely there just for the pay check and not success.  This disinterest to grow in their field means that they aren’t happy with the job or with what they are doing.

Disappearing Acts

If employee absence has been a problem for you, then that could also mean they are unhappy. It’s possible that they relate the workplace to excessive stress. This leads them to find all opportunities to not be at the work space. Signs of this are the following:

  • Tardiness
  • Over-breaks
  • Work and Life Imbalance
  • Clock-watching

Lack of Transparency

People in a company may only have professional relationships but they are relationships none the less – whether it is boss-employee or between the employees. For any relationship to flourish, transparency is a requirement. The lack of this in the office is dangerous because it doesn’t allow trust to form. A sign of an office without trust is eerie silence. While silence is needed for concentration, too much of it means they are not communicating well with each other. This is because they don’t trust each other with their thoughts and opinions. This kind of environment is toxic and it could lead to people leaving or work inefficiency.


People choose to apply for certain jobs over others because they feel like they can use their special skills there. Because of this, being accepted at their desired job will make them feel like their value is recognized. Companies that value their employees inspire them to work hard and invest in their careers in your company.

There are two things that can make an employee feel unvalued; first is if you assign him to do something that you both agreed (via contract) that he/she shouldn’t be doing. This will make him feel like just a person being bossed around. Second is failure to give them credit to a job well done. It is a horrible feeling when you don’t believe like your efforts have any meaning. If you do any of these things, then expect your employees to lose enthusiasm and no longer invest their efforts. Try to re-evaluate the way you see and treat your employees if you see this sign.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and their happiness is the key for success in your business. For the sake of your company’s future and overall positivity, make sure that you make working in your company an inspirational experience.


Macarons, the mere mention of them, get’s a smile on our faces! A bite of these French delicacies, immediately transports us to taste heaven. But don’t let their simple elegance fool you, theses treats are rather tricky to make. Difficult as they might be, one can still make them. All you need are the right ingredients and lots of love.

Without further a due; let’s get started on our favorite flavored macaron recipes that you can whip up in your kitchen itself!


pumpkin spice macaronsWhat is the first thing you think of when you think of Halloween? Let us guess- pumpkins and candy! And what if we told you that you can combine the two to make the utterly decadent and delicious pumpkin spice macarons? Yum, right? So here’s what you’ll need to make 40 of these beauties:

• 115 grams’ almond flour

• 230 grams’ powdered sugar

• 1-tablespoon pumpkin pie spice

• 144grams’ (or 5ounces) egg whites

• 72 grams’ sugar

• 1-teaspoon vanilla extract

• ½ teaspoon kosher salt

For the Pumpkin Buttercream filling

• ¼ cup butter

• 3- tablespoons pumpkin puree

• 1-teaspoon vanilla extract

• ½ teaspoon pumpkin pie spice

• 3 cups powdered sugar

• 1-tablespoon whipping cream

• A pinch of salt


1. Preheat the oven to 300 degrees and prepare two baking tray with butter paper.

2. Sift together the powdered sugar, almond flour and pumpkin pie spice and set aside.

3. Using a stand mixer, combine the egg whites, sugar and salt at medium speed for 3 minutes and then increase the speed to high and beat for another 6 minutes.

4. Once the egg white mixture is slightly foamy, turn off the mixer, add the vanilla extract and whip again for a minute. The resultant batter should be a very stiff and have a meringue like consistency (beat until it does).

5. Fold in the almond flour mixture to the egg white batter. It should be semi liquid in consistency (enough to hold itself).

6. Prepare a large pastry bag, fitted with a plain tip. Scoop about half of the mixture into the prepared bag. Pipe the batter into circles on the prepared tray. Refill and continue.

7. Once the cookies have been piped out, beat the tray against the counter to help settle the cookie. Put in the oven to bake for 18 minutes.

8. Once done, allow them to cool before you peel them off the parchment.

For the Pumpkin Buttercream filling:

9. In a stand mixer, beat the butter and pumpkin puree at high speed for half a minute.

10. Add the vanilla extract, the pumpkin spice and salt to the mixer and combine for another 20 seconds.

11. Add the powdered sugar and beat at medium speed for a few minutes till the mixture is light and fluffy.

12. Assembly- Scoop the buttercream filling into the piping bag and pipe them onto the flattened side of half of the cookie. Sandwich these cookies with the flattened ends of the other cookies.

Eat and enjoy!
P.S. These cookies can be stored for a week!


APPLE CINNAMON MACARONSLet’s put a little sweet spin of our traditional thanks giving celebrations and instead of baking the same old grandma’s apple pie, bake scrumptious apple cinnamon macarons that are sure to win everyone’s hearts and earn you many “thanks”. Here’s what you’ll require:


• 1 ¼ cup powdered sugar

• 1 cup almond flour

• 3 egg whites (aged for 48hours)

• ¼ cup sugar

• 1-tablespoon finely ground freeze dried apples

• a pinch of salt

• red gel food color

For the Cinnamon Apple Filling:

• 3-tablespoons salted butter

• 1 ½ cup powdered sugar

• ¼ teaspoon cinnamon

• 2-tablespoon apple juice


1. Preheat the oven to 325 degrees Fahrenheit. Line 2 baking trays with baking parchment.

2. In a medium sized bowl, mix the powdered sugar, almond flour and the ground freeze dried apples together. Set aside.

3. In the bowl of an electric mixer add your egg whites with a pinch of salt and beat on low speed, till the batter is frothy.

4. Gradually increase the speed of the mixer whilst slowly adding the granulated sugar, beat till the batter forms stiff peaks. Add in the red gel food color and fold into the batter.

5. Mix in the two mixtures together.

6. Prepare a piping bag, fitted with a plain nozzle. Spoon the cookie batter into the piping bag. Pipe circles onto the baking trays. Bake the cookies for 8 to 10 minutes.

7. Allow the cookies to cool off on a cooling rack.

For the cinnamon filling:

8. Mix the powdered sugar in with the butter. Add in the cinnamon.

9. Alternating between the remaining sugar (a cup at a time) and the apple juice; add the two to the butter mixture. The mixture filling formed a semi liquid.

10. Assembly- Scoop the apple cinnamon filling into the piping bag and pipe them onto the flattened side of half of the cookie. Sandwich these cookies with the flattened ends of the other cookies.

Relish the taste and the accolades!


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