Adding or Updating a road or place on Google Maps (Google Map Maker)

Enrich Google Maps with your local knowledge. How many times you came across the situation where a business next to you is not listed on the map, or a new road not available on the map. Before you needed to wait for Google maps to update this, and believe me it used to take quite sometime. Now you can do it yourself Google have created Google Map Maker for millions of users to help make the roads more accurate.

Google Map Maker allows you to add and update geographic information for millions of users to see in Google Maps and Google Earth. By sharing information about the places you know, like businesses in your town or places in your school campus, you can ensure that the map accurately reflects the world around you. Your updates will be reviewed and once approved, will appear online for people from all over the world to see.

Adding New

  1. Zoom in to the location you want to add the place, building, road or natural features / or search for the location
  2. Click on the red button “ADD NEW”, select the correct option ( image )
  3. follow the instructions
  4. save
Everything on Google maps is subject to edits, anything you think is wrong or misplaced or named incorrectly you can Edit it
  1. Click on Edit
  2. from the list (image) select what do you want to update. Place, Line, road segments or directions
  3. follow the instructions
  4. save
All the changes made on Google maps are subject to Reviewing. Also in this step everyone can take part
  1. On the left bar in the Changes in drop down menu ( image )
  2. select “My neighborhoods” ( you can set this up) or “Current Map View”
  3. Click on “To Review” and you can see on the map all the changes that need reviewing (yellow mark)
  4. Click on the yellow mark and follow the instructions
  5. Save
Happy mapping 🙂 and as always you like it’s logical to share it

source: google

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