Top 5 Car Accessories For a New Car

Gone are the days when cars were restricted to a higher class of people. Thanks to the increasing number of affordable cars, more number of people can now own one. Owning a car makes our travelling so much more comfortable.

However, most of the cars do not offer all the necessary accessories as the sale package. In fact, the base model of many affordable cars does not even offer an audio system. Hence, under such circumstances, it is always wise to choose some accessories that would make the car more of a complete vehicle. While some expensive cars demand high-level accessories like car alarms and security systems, budget cars need smaller things like a body kit or an audio system.

So, here are the top five accessories for cars and motors that you should get for your new car without a miss.

Car Headrest Hook

Car Headrest Hook

The car headrest hook helps to create an extra storage option. The hook can use to hang the handbags of groceries, toys, water bottles, baby supplies, etc., on the back side of headrests. Some people use the back seat for storing the shopping bags and other groceries after shopping. But turning the back seat in a storage place will not look good and extremely unorganized. Hence, once you invest in these headrest hooks, it can easily hold a maximum weight of six kilograms.

Car Boot Organiser

Car Boot Organiser

You can now utilize every inch of space on the boot of your car by using the car boot organiser. You can store weekly or monthly groceries and also other stuff in it. A boot organizer consists huge compartments. Moreover, you can also put some car repair tools or general essentials in the side pockets of the organiser. Some of the boot organisers are built with no-slip pads, which help to prevent the damages on the items that are stored in it. You can fold it after using as well. Some of them are also equipped with a removable insulated-cooler so that it can keep the drinks and foods items at the perfect temperature.

Car Ioniser

Car Ioniser

It is one of the most widespread accessories which helps to reduce the odour that comes from floor rugs or smoke. A car Ioniser quickly eliminates the peculiar smell and reduces the chances of sneezing, coughing, asthma, etc.

Car-Air Foot Pump

Car-Air Foot Pump

Sometimes the drivers did not take care of the air pressure of the tyre. However, the tyre with insufficient air pressure not only hampers the performance of your car but is not safe also. Hence, it is always recommended to carry an Air Foot Pump while going for long drives. By using this, you will be able to fill the tyres that have inadequate pressure after checking it thoroughly.

Car Seat Lumbar Support

Car Seat Lumbar Support

Due to poor postures of the driver or the co-driver, a heavy back pain may arise, especially as a result of long drives. The car seat lumbar support helps to correct your posture by providing support to the lumbar region. It is one of the topmost convenient accessories which helps to correct your driving posture.


The above accessories make the car more convenient. Be it any from the list, the convenience that they bring is immense. Plus, they help keep the car tidy and decluttered, besides helping you have a comfortable long drive.

TOP of the Best Travel Apps that You Actually Use

The apps make your travel safer, easier and cheaper. If you have a smartphone, it is much easier to plan a trip. You have all necessary tools near at hand! One of the best things to do for your internet safety is to subscribe to a good VPN service, and also to make sure you can get to all your favorite websites and bypass any blocks in the country you are visiting. Here is the list of the best travel apps from the App Store and Google Play to keep stress to a bare minimum in a new country.

REBTEL: for phone calls

Do you still use Skype and What Sapp for communication? That’s great! But you definitely need a Wi-Fi connection to use them. To make cheap calls around the world without the internet you may use absolutely great app – Rebtel. It gets the best available calling rates. Recently launched, it is currently offering so-called Rebel calling deal, which means that your friends or family can be called for free if they are also in this app.

Social apps in smartphone


WAZE: for traffic

This app is especially loved by taxi drivers. Waze is a GPS navigation app that draws from its active community of drivers to create the most up-to-date and accurate road data. It looks like Google Maps, but users can easily share information about hazards, traffic or accidents. If you are in the unfamiliar city, you want to know where the traffic hotspots are. So, this app is the best you can get.

RENTAL24H: for rent a car

Car rental app from is designed to help you to compare car rental deals from more than 1,600 car hire vendors all over the world. You can have an easy access from everywhere. You can pick the location you are, select dates you needed, compare cars from different vendors and price offers. If you have specific requirements, it’s not a problem to book a car for you among the variety of available offers.

Using rent a car app you get a fast, easy, and reliable car hire comparison and online reservation service worldwide. Car rental app always offers many additional discounts. What car do you prefer: mini, economy, compact, standard, convertible, SUV, luxury, exotic, etc. You are able to rent a car from the world popular car rental suppliers: Ace, Alamo, AVIS, Budget, Dollar, Enterprise, Europcar, Firefly, Goldcar, Hertz, National, Payless, Sicily By Car, SIXT, Thrifty, Zoomcar whenever you go.

The app is easy to use to get flexible car rental options. You can also find a car according to available age restrictions! You will find the most important and essential information about your car rental requirements, additional charges, insurance options, age preferences, nearest parking, etc. You can easily manage your car rental booking online easily. So, planning a trip abroad, you have a chance to find the most attractive car offer right now.


GOOGLE TRIPS: for itineraries

Are you the kind of person who prepares to get lots of useful tips before travelling and gathers them while you are travelling to use in future or share with friends? Google Trips is like that folder, but without the annoyance of maintaining a tatty pile of paper printouts; the app gathers all your travel information from Gmail and Inbox and organizes it automatically. It also maps out half-day or day itineraries, with suggestions of things to see or do. You don’t need to worry about arriving in a new country and having to find a Wi-Fi. The app easily works off line.

TUNNEL BEAR: for security

If you want to stream things as well as keep your internet connection secure while abroad, then you’ll need to use a VPN (virtual private network). This program hides your IP address and location and can tunnel you to another country. There are lots of apps to choose from but TunnelBear is a particularly easy to use, and has a free version for those who don’t use much data, or just want to test it out before going premium.

Wheelmap App iPhone


HOPPER: for flight booking

You may use popular Skyscanner or Cheapflights for booking frights. Why do you need Hopper? It is not only lets you book flights on your phone, it also tells you when to do it and how to get the best price and the biggest savings. Once you’ve searched for a flight, the app will let you know whether to wait or buy. If it’s best to wait, it will send you a notification the moment the price drops. The app can do this thanks to an archive of trillions of flight prices.

PACKPOINT: for packing

Can you pack? Packpoint automatically generates a bespoke packing list for your trip: you just enter the destination, date of travelling, length of stay and some details about the activities you are planning. The app has misjudged your desire to have a different outfit for every evening. It’s easiest to tweak the list once it has been generated.

ROME2RIO: for transit connections

Route planning can be very useful when you are travelling between the countries or cities. It is more complicated that getting a bus or booking flight tickets. If you need to figure out how to get from the point A to point B (when A and B are on different continents), Rome2Rio is the thing you need. You can find more than 4,800 transport operators in over 158 countries. The app will instantly display flight, train, bus, ferry and driving options with estimated travel times and fares. You can pick the right transport at the right time and destination.

Texting in the Rain


ACCUWEATHER: for weather forecast

Once you’ve left the jurisdiction of the good old Met Office, you’ll need to find a wider-reaching weather report source. Accuweather is the top app for the international forecasting. The website and app, which provides services in over 100 languages, is used by around 1.5 billion people and offers everything from general long term forecasts to minute-by-minute precipitation forecasts. You can get the full information about the place you are, your exact address. The detail is prodigious – you’ll never be caught without an umbrella again.

A Beginner’s Guide Selecting a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic injection molding is a large industry that generates a high amount of revenue each year. With the constant demand for plastic products from different companies, it is the goal of the industry to be able to produce and deliver them on time. Plastic injection molding machines allow you to create so many products that are high quality in a short period of time.

When it comes to the plastic injection molding machine itself, it is an efficient machine that would be able to handle the stress and rigors of manufacturing. It is best to make sure that you have the best machine for the job, as not only you would need to produce, but also make sure that products are of quality, and is safe to handle. Here is a short beginner’s guide on how to pick the right plastic injection molding machine.

Look for a quality brand

When it comes to choosing any machine, it is best to go straight to the best brands available. You will be in an industry that produces thousands of products every single month, so you have to get a machine that can do the job very well. You can look at what machines are being used by different companies, and see if it would be ideal for your company.

Picking the right brand would help you make sure that you are getting a machine from a trusted manufacturer, and take a look at their credentials. These credentials are important marks of quality that would be a major deciding factor.

Decide what kind of plastic you would use

In the plastic injection molding industry, different kinds of plastic are being used to craft certain products. If you are planning to use a wide variety of plastics for your products, get a machine that would be able to handle it with ease. Not all machines are created equal, which means there might be some machines that would have a difficult time producing certain kinds of plastic. Versatility is the key in the plastic industry, which is why you should take it in as another deciding factor.

Pick the machine type

Plastic injection molding machines have three distinct designs, namely fully electric, fully hydraulic, and Hybrid. These machines run on pumps, and choosing between hydraulic and electric plays a factor on how you should do maintenance on it, along with how well it would perform. This would also help you look for the right kinds of parts to use in case that you would have to repair it.

Pick the right size

Plastic injection molding machines come in different sizes, which means the bigger machines would be able to create larger products. Size is also a factor when it comes to machine maintenance, as larger machines would need more care and regular checks to keep them running well. Size is also a factor in production cost, as smaller machines might be able to consume less electricity, while using a bigger machine would significantly need more power.

Key Takeaway

Injection molding machines are some of the most versatile machines around, and being able to choose the right one for your company would mean getting a good amount of profit. By looking into these factors, you will be able to find the right machine that would work for you.

Study in New Zealand : Courses to Study after 12th in New Zealand Universities

study in New Zealand

Of late, study in New Zealand has gained lots of popularity among the international students coming from far and wide. It is a unique country with incredible outdoor playground having numerous exciting study opportunities. It is safe and has welcoming community apart from having world-class reputation for quality education. It gives scope for post-study work visas along with ample of opportunities of getting permanent residency, which remain the key attractions for students to study in this country. If you are looking for some popular courses after 12th grade, you have landed at the right place. Let’s check some of the top courses to study after 12th in New Zealand Universities as under:

Popular Courses

The 12th-grade students can pursue undergraduate programs in different specialization. This can range from Engineering to Business, Live Sciences, and other specializations. However, we will be covering some of the popular courses, which are enlisted as under to study in New Zealand:

  • Agricultural Science: For the 12th students who are keen on making their career in Agricultural Science often choose Bachelor of Science (Agriculture Science). It educates the students in improving the productivity and sustainability of agricultural systems. You can find these programs in universities like Massey University, Wintec, The University of Canterbury and Lincoln University to name a few.
  • Engineering: This is one of the popular courses after 12th. The international students choose Bachelor of Engineering Technology in specializations like Civil and Mechanical Engineering at universities like University of Waikato and AUT.
  • Environmental Management: More and more companies are investing in this domain. The environment is a broad field to explore, which has a broader application in today’s world. Hence more and more companies and business groups need competent professionals in this domain working in environmental management. Some of the universities that offer undergraduate programs in Environmental Management include Southern Institute Of Technology, The University of Waikato, Massey University, University of Auckland and the University of Otago to name a few.
  • Food Science: Studying Food Science can help the students to cover a wide range of roles in the food industry, which include the composition of foods, nutritional, food chemistry, food safety and preservation, and evaluation to name a few. You can pursue Bachelor of Science (Food Science) along with other programs at universities like The University of Auckland, Massey University, University of Otago and Lincoln University.


  • Landscape studies and Land and Property Management: Real estate is often hot domain in the market, which involves the substantial transaction of money. It offers a wide range of career for the students aspiring to enter into this field. Right from studying undergraduate programs in Landscape studies to Property Management, the students can find several specializations in it. Some of the best places to pursue these courses include Lincoln University and The University of Waikato to name a few.

There is no dearth of courses for the 12th standard students for study in New Zealand. If you are keen on studying these courses you can consult top overseas education consultants in India and explore the studies abroad options.

study in New Zealand
study in New Zealand

Corporate Event Challenges and How to Overcome Them

event management companies in Bangalore

If you ask any corporate event management company in Bangalore this question, the first reaction will probably be that each event is a unique challenge! However, they do agree that there are certain common challenges that you may face for every corporate event. If you fail to overcome any of them, it could set off a chain reaction where everything goes for a toss. Here are 5 typical challenges and how you can get around them:


Challenge 1: Lack of Funds

Often we don’t plan properly for the appropriate funds required for an event. Midway through the planning stage, suddenly you start panicking when you realize that what you have in hand right now is not going to suffice. You were going with the flow and suddenly there is no flow at all!


Corporate event planners in Bangalore say that the first and most crucial step in planning any event is budgeting. Create a budget for your event, right at the beginning. Find out what you’ll need to buy, hire and pay for (including A/V equipment, entertainers, catering, speakers, guests etc.), estimate costs and get a budget approved by those in charge of finances.


Challenge 2: Lack of Time

Time is always going to be a huge challenge – there never seems to be enough of it. There may be a delay in getting quotes from vendors; there could be mistakes in printed matter – invites, flyer, signage etc. After all, you’re depending on a lot of different people to put together an event.


You need to start your planning way in advance. Make and maintain a calendar – and stick to it. The best thing to do is start at the event date and plan backward. Estimate how much time you will need for completing the requisite tasks, and add a buffer to be safe – and you should do just fine.


Challenge 3: Deciding on the Venue

After you’re done with the budgeting, this is the nest most difficult task, according to event management firms in Bangalore. It has to be within your budget, but needs to have everything required for the event; the location, space, and so on, not to mention availability of the venue for that particular date.


First make a list of everything you want your venue to have, plus any value addition: multiple halls, parking, spacious hall, wi-fi, projection systems and so on; shortlist venues that have all these things, and approach them. Make sure of the availability, negotiate the price, and see who offers you the best deal.

Challenge 4: Ignoring the little things.

Often there are little things that we leave for the last minute – details and tasks; and we usually notice that they’ve been ignored when it’s too late. Often, ignoring these small details can lead to big problems on the big day. It could be stuff like forgetting collar mikes, or seating arrangements and so on.


Make sure you have a team and delegate tasks to members. When there is a person in charge of different things, you will not have to remember every small detail. This way, everything will be taken care of.

Challenge 5: Memorable Experience

When you plan an event, of course, you want it to be memorable for the attendees. Whether it’s a seminar, trade show, product launch or awards function, you want your guests to go back and talk about the wonderful experience they had. Ensuring this can take a lot of time and effort.


Get creative and think out of the box; don’t have the same entertainment you provided for the same event the previous year. Break up long speakers’ sessions into shorter ones with breaks in between – you can even add an activity, like a yoga session, aerobics, games, and so on, to make it fun and interactive.


Worried about your next event? Don’t be! Get expert event management companies in Bangalore like White Massif to handle everything from start to finish, and relax.


How to grow your business by social media in small investment


Social media has evolved from a fringe marketing strategy to an essential component of marketing for the businesses of all types and sizes.This boom of social media marketing started a decade ago and now it is the most important part of growing your business on social media. Social media helps small business to grow more in less time that is why 94% of small businesses use social media as an essential business marketing tool.

Marketing is really important for any business. It helps in providing more audience to your business thus giving you more customers and popularity. As there is no doubt of the importance of social media marketing for business but social media marketing demand investment. There is no good in investing more on social media marketing that your profit. You can grow your business whether it is small or big by small investments if you invest it correctly.

In this article, we will provide you all the researched and essential information that you need to grow your business by social media by just investing a small amount. We will provide you with all the tips tactics and strategies that you would need to invest a small amount smartly to grow your business on social media.

Social media is an amazing marketing tool that can provide your business a promising growth in minimal time and cost.


No matter what business you do you need an office you need an office building and like your business, your office is also as good as its foundation. If the foundation is weak you cannot excel same goes for the building. Whether it office or home it should be safe and for this purpose Publicity is the most important factor in running a successful business. You can Create a Business Page on Facebook to let people know about you.  So after having a safe building here are some of the important tactics and tips that you should focus on if you want to grow your business in a small investment through social media.


The most common and the biggest mistake many businesses commit is tackling every social media channel at once.

This is not a good way to grow your business on social media rather you lose a lot of money in this task. But it is a fact that you have to take your time and invest in those social media channel that holds your targeted audience.


You have to invest in the essential once first which help you to grow your business the most.The first social network business uses the most is Facebook, Instagram, and twitter because of billions of daily active users. This provides small businesses an opportunity to express themselves and grow on a global scale. These media handles provide you a worldwide platform for your business and the amazing part is that they are cheaper than you possibly think.


The most important thing in social media advertising is understanding the value of that social media handle. It means that you have to calculate and understand how much the selected social media will help you to grow your business.

You also have to keep the investing cost of the advertisements on social media in your mind because you could not spend a large part of your profit on advertising if it is not providing you the response you need. you also have to calculate what benefit a retweet, like, share, or reference provide to your business. This is a point you should ponder upon if you want to grow your business by social media by investing small.


The social media industry is unique so as you should make your business.There are a lot of brands that are selling the same thing as you do or providing the same services and your business could be left unseen comparing to their speculating merchandise.

You should select the social media as the industry is so you can compete and grow your business investing a small amount.


So these are some of the most important points and tactics that you should hinder upon to grow your business by social media in a small investment.Social media marketing might take some time but the results will be fascinating and you won’t regret on giving time to it. I am sure you will love this article. We provide you all the latest and researched information in our articles.I hope this article will nullify all your doubts but if you still have any questions, it will be our privilege to answer them in our upcoming articles.

So be ready because more updated and informative articles are on the way. We will try to make every upcoming article more beneficial for you.


Must Have Accessories For Every New Car

Planning to buy a new car? Here are some of the must have accessories you should buy for your new car!

Buying a new car is always a lifetime memorable experience. Starting from the booking process to the final delivery, every day is a fun-filled and thrilling experience. You try your best to grab the best discounts and deals, while buying your new car. And when it comes to the final delivery process, you ensure that every paper is in its perfect status and there is no defect with your car or its features. But when it comes to buying car accessories, many of us really don’t care.

Even if the showroom manager or sales staff insists us to invest in the essential car accessories, most of us overlook the needs thinking that it is useless. However, it should be noted that not all car accessories are waste.

Here, we enlist some of the must have accessories you should buy for your new car.

Precautionary Measures

Precautionary Measures

  • Fire Extinguisher
    No one wants his/her car to catch fire. But what if it catches fire one bad day? And what if your personal belonging is on the inside, what will be your backup plan? This is why; you should invest in a small and handy fire extinguisher.
  • Tyre / Puncture Repair Kit
    This car accessory is a savior for highway travelers.
  • Additional Fog Lights
    A must-have if your city gets dense fog during winter seasons.
  • Extra Tyre
    Again a savior for highway travelers.
  • Car Cover
    To ensure that your car gets no dirt when it is not in use.

Interior Enhancement

  • Seat Covers
  • Floor Mats and a Dicky Mat
  • Audio/Speaker System Upgrade – if required
  • Bass Tube/ Amplifier
  • Air Freshener – scroll-type that sits on AC Vents

Safety & Security


  • Remote-locking security system
    An advanced remote-locking security system will enhance your car’s safety, when parked at pubic placed. This also offers a lot of convenience of locking/unlocking car with an ease. Some of the advanced security systems can also be controlled with dedicated mobile apps.
  • Steering Grip lock / Gear lock
    It is an effective and affordable way of theft prevention.
  • GPS Navigation Tracker
    One such advanced navigation tracker will allow you to track your car’s current location, wherever it goes. It also allows you to track your car’s speed, and switch off ignition directly from a mobile application.
  • Headlight bulb upgrade
    If stock bulbs are inadequate, go for projector headlamps.

There are many more small and big car accessories which can be a perfect buy for your new car. Some of them include:

  • Car Vacuum Cleaner
  • Child seat
  • Parking sensors
  • Branded wax polish
  • Dashboard polish
  • High quality cleaning cloth
  • Alloy wheels
  • Extra Fuses
  • Comprehensive Tool Kit
  • Mirror lock
  • High-quality Sun film
  • Mobile holder
  • Windshield protection polish/film
  • Multi Pin Car Charger
  • Electric car tyre air pump compressor
  • Hydraulic Car jack
  • Taser Baton
  • Battery Booster Starter Jumper Cable
  • Towing Tow Rope and Cable

Do you think we missed an important car accessory? Do share it in the comment section below.

Source: Autoportal

Phone Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Owning a phone can entail a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining its condition. Every phone, such as Alcatel A30 Fierce, needs proper maintenance. After all, though the inside of a phone may be an important thing to monitor, the outside of your phone counts just as much, especially in cleanliness.

To put it short, cleaning your phone is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. If ever you want to keep your phone as new as the day you first bought them, then do whatever it takes to keep them clean. In fact, there are numerous ways to do just that, with many of them consisting of unorthodox, yet effective methods. With that said, here are some phone cleaning hacks you can try for yourself:

Using Toothpaste to Clean your Phone Screen

You may have heard of this particular hack in numerous other areas. If you think that toothpaste is only good for giving your teeth that radiant shine you’ve always wanted, then you’re missing out on a lot of its other benefits, especially for your phone screen. Just rub some on it, let it dry, and you’ll have a screen that’s devoid of those pesky fingerprints.

Using Microfiber Cloths

These things usually come packed with the phone when you buy it; and these things are also usually discarded upon first glance. When it comes to keeping your phone clean and safe from any outside elements, these microfiber cloths may just save your phone’s life. Think of all the dirt and germs that stick to the cloths when you use them to wipe your phone off.

Using Rice or Silica Bags to Dry Your Phone

Everyone knows that when a phone gets wet, it can mean the end for the phone. Luckily, besides airing your phone out, there are other ways to get the moisture out of your gadget, namely some rice and silica bags.

For both of these, all you’ll need to do is cover your phone in a bunch of either of them and set them aside for at least 2-3 days, all while remembering to keep your device open and take out the battery for maximum effect. Once time has passed, put your charger back in and voila! Your phone is back to normal before you know it.

Another thing that’s noteworthy about this hack is the amount of cleanliness it can give to your phone, especially when using silica bags for the job. Silica bags have the ability to take out any odors or dirt out of your phone by absorbing them, which in turn leaves your phone looking as fresh as ever.

Key Takeaway

The world of hacks can definitely bring you a lot of perks and advantages. It’s the ingenuity these hacks have that enable one to think out of the box. In the case of keeping your phone clean, the aforementioned hacks can definitely guarantee a fresh and clean mobile device for your convenience and enjoyment.

Mobile Games You Should Play

Since the inception of the cell phone, there have been countless upgrades made to this handy, little device in general. Nowadays, there are millions of services catered to each and every smartphone such as MetroPCS Device Unlock, which caters to the unlocking of various mobile phones for foreign use; and if ever your phone needs repairing, there won’t be any need to look around at your local repair shop can definitely get the job done for a reasonable price. True enough, the various characteristics of these kinds of phones seem to fit seamlessly in any aspect of daily life, all brought on by pure evolution.

People use their smartphones for a variety of reasons, whether it be surfing the net, rearranging their contacts, or using any app there is. Smartphones are also seen as an instrument of modern business as emails have been distributed in a speedy fashion. Literally, with a smartphone, everything can be created and accessed with a tap of a button; but, if there are any other reasons why people use their smartphones, it’s the numerous games that are available for download and eventual play.

There are thousands of games for your smartphone, with each and every one of them offering a unique playing experience with every time spent playing. If you’re looking for the best game there is, here are some of the best ones you should definitely play:

Super Mario run

Super Mario Run

That’s right! Everyone’s favorite plumber has made it on to the small screen! A combination of the side-scrolling and platforming genres, playing this game is simple as all you’ll need to do is tap on the screen to make Mario jump and vault over ever obstacle in the game. Mario is always running in this game, so timing is the key to winning this game.

Also, while you’re at it, don’t forget to pick up the coins for exciting bonus items for your next run. Originally only available for IOS users, the game has also been made available for Android users worldwide.


Minecraft: Pocket Edition

This pixelated sandbox game has taken over the gaming world by storm since its inception in 2011. Its open-world gameplay has introduced a harmony between creativity and survival, enabling you to create numerous objects out of materials obtained from your surroundings, as well as fighting off monsters once the night hits. In a fun way, it’s survival of the fittest.

The goal of the game is simple: gather every useful item there is and create something out of it, may it be shelter and weapons. Then, once the night hits, do your best to survive the onslaught of numerous creatures ranging from zombies, creepers, and skeletons. Available in both IOS and Android systems.

Mobile Legends

Mobile Legends

Ever since the rise of popularity in MMORPG games, there have been numerous variants of the genre, especially in mobile terms. With this game, you’ll be able to step out of your computer for a change and enjoy MMORPG goodness in the comfort of your own bed. Various features are in the game such as character customization, skills upgrading, and much more. This game is also available on both Android and IOS systems.

Candy crush saga

Candy Crush Saga

This game is definitely for those of all ages, especially those who definitely love candy. Playing this puzzle game is definitely fun as all you’ll need to do is match each candy with the right kind and color and clear the stage with a limited number of moves. With this game, you’ll definitely get a sugar rush. Available in both Android and IOS systems.

Temple Run

Temple Run

This game is one of the first ones to make its way to the mobile market. A 3D endless-running game, the goal is to jump, vault, sidestep, and slide under each obstacle in your way, all while avoiding the creatures that chase you around the game. Available in both Android and IOS systems.

Key Takeaway

There is an endless array of mobile games for your choosing. Either one you play, enjoyment and satisfaction is sure to follow with every button tap.

Common Misconceptions About Working in a Call Center Agency

Call Centers in the Philippines have truly helped numerous Filipinos land a job to support their families. All it takes for them is a strong command of the English Language, a strong personality, and a sheer amount of determination. But, why do call center agents get a certain amount of misunderstanding because of what they do?

A lot of people, especially Filipinos, are very determined in what they want in their lives. They are determined enough to do whatever it takes to achieve their goals all for the sake of good will. This characteristic among Filipinos is very common, especially when it comes to the BPO industry. Not only do they choose to work in call centers to gain further experience for their future careers should they choose to pursue them, but they choose to do so for the sake of supporting their families in any way they can.

However, despite those moments of endearment, there’s also a fair share of backlash experienced by the BPO community. With a variety of reasons as to why they think such things of the industry, here are some of the other misconceptions when working in a call center agency.


People Work in Call Center Agencies Just for the Money

While working in a call center agency can bring you more than sufficient financial aid with your salaries, this misconception is very much common. Though there are some that pursue this field for that reason alone, there are many who choose to do so for the sake of their families’ futures, as well as their own.


Working in a Call Center Agency is Easy

Like anything else in life, working in the BPO industry isn’t easy. While the job may entail you to talk on the phone for hours, there’s more to it than just that.

For instance, talking on the phone for that long amount of time can be extremely exhausting for your tongue and your voice. For the former, it’s extremely difficult to maintain proficiency and your voice may give out in the case of the latter. In fact, call center agents take numerous refreshment courses to re-educate themselves on the linguistic matter of the job and they also do their best to make sure that their voice is in top working condition.

Also, it’s extremely difficult to handle multiple tasks at the same time. That practice can take an amount of time to perfect and to be handle professionally.


People Working in Call Center Agencies Are Pretentious

When working in a call center agency, the job would entail that you keep a strong command of the English language, both in written and oral aspects. The job especially puts emphasis on the latter as you would have to spend a certain amount of time providing over-the-phone assistance with your clients around the globe, hence the importance of proper communication and diction.

While communication is key to a good performance in the industry, their reputation isn’t as light as their agents are labeled by many as “pretentious” due to their supposed ‘accents’ when they speak English and their affinity towards items of luxury such as coffee from Starbucks and other things. This is a bit unfortunate to think of as many people who choose to work in the industry are those who really had to learn to speak English from scratch, hence their massive emphasis on diction and tone.


Call Center Agents Are Engaged in Numerous Vices

While numerous call center agents are engaged in vices like drinking and smoking, who else isn’t nowadays?

The main point of this is to give emphasis on the notion of ‘stress relief’. With smoking and drinking being known as modes of relieving stress, this issue can be easily understood for its repercussions and their benefits to the agents.

Also, vices such as drugs are extremely looked down upon and agents caught engaging in such acts are to be disciplined accordingly.


Call Center Agents Have No Ambition in Life

Out of everything that’s been discussed in this article, this is the most pivotal misconception of all. Here’s why.

When one graduates from College, he/she would aim for the career of their choice. They undergo numerous application processes and interviews and it still isn’t a sure guarantee that what they have accomplished will land them the job. So, to gain relative experience, they seek employment in this industry.

Since the BPO industry opens its doors to anybody who wishes to step through, many people would automatically assume that people who choose this venture have no initiative to pursue their passions in life. This kind of thinking is an unfortunate thought to project as any of the industry’s agents pursue this venture in preparation for what they really want to do in their future. Some of them pursue sideline jobs while working in BPO while others save up their salaries to pursue other ventures.

In short, what people are thinking about this is actually the opposite of what their thoughts say: Call Center Agents are very much Full of Ambition.

The BPO industry can offer a lot to you if you choose to take the chance. No matter what you may perceive the industry as, working in the industry is still a noble way to support your loved ones and your dreams for the long run.