How to Introduce Senior Citizens to Metal Detecting

If you’ve got seniors in your life it’s important to be sure they’re getting enough exercise, time out in their community, and experiences in the great outdoors.  One activity that can meet all of these needs and more is Metal Detecting.  

We hear from a wide variety of people how much fun senior citizens have metal detecting once they start but, often, actually introducing them to the hobby is somewhat difficult.  Here are a few tips to help you show the seniors you know what metal detecting is all about and convince them it can be an exciting new hobby for them too.

Go Metal Detecting Together the First Time

The easiest way to introduce anyone to metal detecting regardless of their age is to take them out treasure hunting with you.  An initial outing together is even more important for seniors though because they’ll often assume metal detecting isn’t for them saying it’s “too complicated”.  If you both head out together though you can show them first hand that metal detecting is actually really easy once you take a minute to learn a bit about the machine.

Don’t let the fact that you don’t have a metal detector yourself discourage you from introducing a senior to metal detecting.  You may be able to find one for rent, or, use introducing them to metal detecting as a great opportunity to enjoy a new hobby yourself; especially one you can share with your mother, father, pappy, nanna, or other loved one.  

Find Spots That Are Easy to Walk Around

Whether it’s your introductory outing or you’re helping someone find some places to go metal detecting on their own, when you’re metal detecting with seniors it’s important to select locations that will not only be good for metal detecting, but, will also be easy to get around.  Some ideas include

  • The Park
  • The Beach
  • Old Farm Fields
  • Town Fair Grounds

These are all flat areas that are open and that don’t generally have debris or other types of hazards that may cause someone to fall.  You can consider other locations too just be sure they’re easy to navigate as seniors will have much more fun metal detecting with more solid terrain underfoot.  

Help Your Friend or Family Member Purchase a New Metal Detector

After you take your grandmother, grandfather, or other senior citizen in your life out metal detecting and you see they’re interested, help them purchase their first machine.  One of the best places to find metal detectors is online, but senior citizens may not be that well versed in online shopping.  

Not only that though, you can be sure that they don’t purchase a machine that’s too complicated for them or that doesn’t have the features required to be successful wherever they’ll be going metal detecting the most.  However, if you’re there to help you can ensure they get the best metal detector for the best price possible.

Ready to introduce a friend or family member to metal detecting?  Be sure to do your research read articles to learn about the best metal detectors for seniors and retirees.  This way you can help the seniors you know stay healthy, connected, and happy – and maybe even introduce them to a new hobby in the process!

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