Is Montessori School System The Best Choice for Your Child?

Have you heard of Prince George attending the Westacre Montessori School? Yes the 2 year old son of Prince William and the Duchess of Cambridge will be attending the preschool for a few days a week. Are you in process of considering preschool or regular school for your child? There are reasons why you should follow the footsteps of the royal family. Montessori school system focuses on independent and individualized learning.

Dr. Maria Montessori was the lady behind this creation and ever since then, it has grown popular and a great choice for support and natural development of children. It’s a precise alternative to teacher-driven educational system that traditional schools follow. The Montessori Curriculum is usually available at a higher price and some parents wonder is Montessori preschool is worth the value.

According to Red Apple Montessori there are certainly some factor which determine whether the Montessori preschool you’re approaching is the right one or not. Today we’re putting together the facts you will need to know, you will hear, and what should your decision be.

What to Look Out for?

A regular school might just be using the name of Montessori to attract parents. The school will be affiliated with American Montessori Society of Association Montessori International for being a Montessori Certified Program. Also, the teachers at Montessori will also have special training program graduation. Keenly check the mission statement and curriculum of the Montessori school. It is also important that you visit the school and ask about the program.

What Montessori Supporters Will Tell You

Children learn and advance quickly. Parents who have sent their kids to Montessori rave about how quickly their kids advanced in self esteem and academic capabilities. They also inform about how their children gained independence and self motivation because of Montessori education. Another important aspect that Montessori understands about young children is that, they learn at their own pace.

Children cannot be compared to adults and nor can their tendency to learn be compared. At Montessori, each and every child is encouraged for picking his or her own pace and develops the understanding of handling the situation or puzzle alone. They are also taught to share, care, and collaborate and support one another.

Teacher’s model behavior is to let the children learn to respect and be independent. Grownups don’t interfere in the child play or work unless necessary, which teaches them to respect. Moreover the environment of Montessori is calm and inviting and you will find no chaos.

What Will You Hear Critics Say

You will hear some people tell you that teachers at Montessori are standoffish, rigid, and not warm. Teachers are less interested and stand at a distance while the kids are working. Parents complain of not feeling welcomed at the school. They are not even encouraged for spending time in the classroom and are discouraged for hanging around the corner.

The Montessori curriculum is inflexible and controlled. Despite the independent learning of children, the material and things chosen for their learning are carefully picked. Some complain of manipulative product usage in doorways instead of real life products. It’s calm and quiet.

So, Is Montessori Right For Your Child?

In relation to the points mentioned in “Critics Say”, isn’t this what Montessori uses to develop brilliants? Montessori is great for self directed children, who can work independently, and can work alone or in groups. But even if your kid does not-Montessori School develops these skills and abilities in kids. Take a visit of a Montessori school while you’re considering all such factors.

However, do remember that although the basic philosophy for all these schools is similar but they will differ. Focus and observe how children are doing in classes? Observe how their moods are and how are they dealt by teachers. Ask yourself, would you enjoy the environment and can your child thrive in this setting? Your answer will become clear.


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