The 8 most awesome places for perfect ‘selfie’ in Europe

The 7 most awesome places for perfect ‘selfie’in Europe

Taking selfies have simply become an increasing trend nowadays. Traveling to any destination and not make an unusual selfie is simply unthinkable.
If you love traveling and taking selfies, we´ll help you with these 7 attractive places in Europe. All you need is  high mega pixel front camera and selfie stick.

Impress your friends or make them envious by  creating completely original photos for some of social networks that will bring you thousands of likes.

Check out what a selfie would look like in these extraordinary Europe places.

1.    Trolltunga, Norway

This rock formation in Odda andits breathtaking view are  dream of every thrill- seeker.. Trolltunga is called The Troll`s Tongue by the locals and it is a perfect location to take the photo of a lifetime. One of the most spectacular scenic cliffs in Norway was formed during the Ice Age, after glacial water froze a piece of the mountain and then broke off.

2.    Plitvice Lakes National Park, Croatia

Can you imagine more perfect backdrop for a photo than  this: 16 crystalline lakes arranged in cascades and waterfalls tumble into each other and constantly changing colors depending on the minerals, the sunlight and forest? And that`s not all… Clouds of butterflies are drifting above the wooden footbridges and paths twisting  around the edges and across the rippling water. Enchanted by the natural beauty of the Croatia largest national park you`ll not be able to stop taking photographs.

3.    Cinque Terre, Italy

These five ingenuously constructed fishing villages are one of Italian treasures and hot spot destination for tourists around the world. Cinque Terre`s villages date from the early medieval period. Colorful terraces and steep landscapes make this unreal coastal scenery perfect place to visit and snap a few photos.

4.    The Giant’s Causeway, Ireland

Impressive World Heritage site lies at the foot of the basalt cliffs along the sea coast in Northern Ireland. The Giant`s Causeway is made up of 40000 interlocking black basalt columns created after an ancient volcanic eruption lapped at by the wild sea. This fairy tale sight has inspired myths of giants striding over the sea to Scotland. Does something get more picturesque than this?

5.    The Eiffel Tower, Paris

If you`re looking for the original „City of lights“ selfie, the famous Eiffel Tower wins every time. The tallest monument in Paris with its transparent floor and glass balustrades offers you a magical moment to see the whole city from the top. The higher you climb, the more city reveals itself. After sunset the sparkling golden lights make the view even more impressive and breathtaking. All you have to do is to have the front camera of your phone ready.moment ou clib the stairso the first floor, you feel as if you’ve

6.    Keukenhof, The Netherlands

One of the world`s largest flower garden, set in Lisse offers you an unique and unforgettable experience. Keukenhof is a home for more than 7 million flower bulbs with a 800 sorts of tulips and a world-famous attraction. If you are a tulip lover you should plan  visiting the blooms in mid-April. And if you`re selfie addict, this is a perfect place. Inspired by the many self portraits of Vincent van Gogh, the Garden has opened a „selfie garden“.   Different mirrors and frames and free WiFi will help you  to make and post your selfie live from a gardens.

7.    Jungfrau, Switzerland

You will be wowed by nature`s breathtaking beauty and every picture you take here will look like it is from a postcard. The only way to get to Jungfraujoch is by the train. This train station is the highest in Europe and the views from there are absolutely amazing, so is the trip. Take the outstanding #nofilterneeded photos with the Europe`s largest glacier in the background.

8.    Madame Tussaud`s, London

Post a selfie which documents that you hang out with a film stars, Brad and Angelina, Samuel L. Jackson, James Bond or even the Royal Family. Madame Tussaud`s Wax Museum is one of London`s favorite attractions and now has several locations worldwide. There is also a real treat for selfie lovers – the museum in London has unveiled the first selfie-taking wax figure, the queen of selfies Kim Kardashian.


So, decide your favorite destination, pack your bags, charge your phones and cameras and don`t forget a selfie stick. Satisfy that wanderlust, your perfect selfie is waiting for you.

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