What is the Cost to Cure of Blood Cancer?

The doctors and medical staff in Sudan work in the town and cities where the pay is expensive. There are vert few doctors only three for every 10,000 patients and hence the hospitals in Sudan can be overcrowded. The lack of trained staff and facilities in the rural regions speaks volume about the inadequate healthcare services in Sudan. These are the reasons why patients from Sudan prefer their blood cancer treatment in India.

The rate of blood cancer or leukemia has not changed much but thanks to the advancements in the treatments, many people have better survival rates. About 90 percent of children who have been diagnosed with the disease attained remission and more than half of them have cured completely. The five year survival rate has improved from a mere four percent in the 1960’s to over 50 percent in the 1990’s. Adult patients who undergo treatment have an 80 to 90 percent chance to attain remission and 40 percent have a survival rate of at least another five years. The patients getting treatment for AML have a 60 to 70 percent chance of remission, about 20 percent survival for at least three years with a possibility of complete cure.

The treatment of blood cancer depends on the type, extent of the disease, certain features of the leukemic cells and whether leukemia has been treated before. The biological therapy includes treatment with substances which affect the immunity system’s response to cancer. It uses the immune system of the body to fight cancer, using the the antibodies to target and destroy leukemia cells. Chemotherapy is given in cycles as the treatment period is followed by a recovery period and then another treatment period and so on. It will destroy the cancer cells by stopping them from growth and multiplication. During this treatment, some healthy cells are destroyed as well but the normal cells are able to repair themselves after treatment. Sometimes, radiation therapy is used for leukemia in the central nervous system or testicles and the pain caused by bone destruction. This is not the primary treatment for blood cancer since in higher doses it kills the cells and prevent them from dividing and growth. This therapy is useful in treating cancer since the cancer cells reproduce faster than the normal cells.

The bone marrow transplants are considered best cure in many cases of leukemia. Doctors will perform this procedure when the cancer is in remission or when the patient relapses during or after treatment. Patients will be given this treatment, so that their body can be given higher doses of chemotherapy drugs which are not tolerated otherwise. This treatment is required in order to makeup for the destruction of normal cells. Surgery is the least considered treatment for blood cancer patients because the cancer cells spread throughout the body thereby make it difficult to target one specific area. In some cases, surgery is performed to remove the spleen because the blood cells have accumulated causing it to swell and displace other organs in the abdomen.

India has the best hospitals for blood cancer treatments with the latest technologies, best doctors and medical staff. The hospitals are JCI accredited and provide high quality treatments with utmost care. The ensure to boost the mental strength of the patients such that they are on the way to quicker recovery. The blood cancer treatment hospitals in India are located at Delhi, Chennai, Mumbai, Bangalore, Nagpur, Gurgaon, Noida and Kerala. The cost of blood cancer treatment in India is quite affordable when compared to the developed nations such as UK, US, etc. The cost comparison for the complicated procedures such as blood cancer treatment in India includes everything from the flight, hospital and hotel accommodation, operating room fees, medications, doctor and nursing care fees. The cost to cure blood cancer in India is $8000 while it will cost $25,000 in USA, $30,000 in UK and $15,000 in Singapore. Cost for blood cancer treatment in India is quite affordable compared to the other countries and hence many international patients get their blood cancer treatment in India.

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