Landmarks in Marshall Islands

Marshall Islands is a paradise destination for romantic people. The attractions in Marshall Islands should not miss if you are on vacation in this part of the world. Thousands of miles away islands in Oceania are thousands in number. Flat coral islands make up the Republic of the Marshall Islands. Life in the

Coral reefs in Marshall Islands
Beautiful corals in shallow reef Marshall Islands Majuro Atoll

se narrow strips of land between the position ocean and the lagoon is calm and undisturbed.

Residents reflect the history of the islands. After 2000 years insulation, in 1700 the islands finally being discovered. They were colonized by the British, Russians, Germans, Japanese, and of course Americans. Apparently paradise island back then were very prevlekatelna destination.

Today more developed atolls felt the influence of different cultures – the shops are well equipped, the restaurants are nice, there are great places to stay and relax. Nature here is scattered thousands of twinkling small island in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. They carry water like a string of pearls, forming a chain of 29 atolls perfect, 5 low-lying islands and 879 coral reef.

The people of the Marshall Islands live an ordinary life in many ways unchanged for centuries. One of atolls, Bikini suffered a disaster. It is an American hydrogen bomb detonated on March 1, 1954. It causes the death of thousands of Polynesia and Micronesia. Fifteen megaton bomb exploded at Bikini, evaporate part of the atoll with many of its inhabitants. Much of the inhabitants of the atoll were forced to leave their homes.

As it is mysterious, nuclear glory of Bikini it does not interfere with the adventurous spirit of foreign guests prefer to vacation Marshall Islands. However, just the pants along with other neighboring atoll – Jaluit – offers quite specific attraction of one of the world’s largest underwater graveyard of aircraft, submarines and ships left over from US-Japanese battles during World War II.

Marshall Islands Bikini Atolls
Most interesting places to visit in the Marshall Islands,

Specially organized tours lovers rejoice akvaekzotikata and near Kwajalein, ur Ailinglaplap. The largest atoll in the Marshall Islands Majuro, where is the eponymous capital. The atoll consists of 57 small islands, the largest of which are related to the unity of all Marshall Islands 55-mile road paved.

Even once I stopped here Robert Louis Stivensan Majuro called “the pearl of the Pacific.” At the end of the western part of the atoll is Laura Village, where is the best local beach. The main livelihood of the population outside the atolls Majuro and Kwajalein is agriculture and fishing. Grown coconut palms, breadfruit and taro.Koprata and dried fruit husk of coconuts are osnovniteeskportni products but require the country to import many goods.