6 Tips to Build Self-Confidence During Job Interviews

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking at times. It’s the one segment we all have to go through before landing a job of our choosing. There are times where you feel the nerves kicking in, which in turn can affect the overall vibe during the interview. Nonetheless, applying in offices like call center services in the Philippines and landing an interview doesn’t have to be as nervous as it seems; in fact, with a couple of tips bestowed to you, you can nail any interview that comes your way, and in turn, seal the deal on any job you want! With that said, read on for some of the best tips to help you build up your self-confidence during any job interview.

Before the Interview

The best time to prepare for the process would be anytime before the scheduled interview, specifically a day before. That way, you’ll be able to project a great vibe that the interviewer will surely like. Here are some of the best tips for you to try before the interview:

  • Prepare and Rehearse the Interview

Say, you’ve landed a job interview with one of the best call center services in the Philippines and the interview is tomorrow. If you wish to do your best for the next day, prepare some mock interview questions, stand in front of a mirror, and start speaking as if you’re both the interviewer and interviewee. In fact, you can even have someone read some lines with you and you can have your own practice interview session then and there.

  • Research the Company

Even before the interview happens, one thing to consider is that offices like Philippine call center services absolutely LOVE it when you’ve done your fair share of research on the company. With that said, research on the company you’re applying for, understand its schematics, as well as what they can offer you in terms of service and experience.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Of course, a key component in great self-confidence would be none other than a good night’s sleep. No matter what time your interview may be scheduled tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep and you’re sure to wake up excited and ready to conquer.

During the Interview

Finally! The day you’ve been preparing for is finally here! Of course, the nerves can still kick in; but luckily, these tips can help you seal the deal and land the job! Here are the best tips for you to try for your interview:

  • Greet Your Interviewer with Enthusiasm

This is a really great way to build your self-confidence during a job interview. When your name is called and you walk in the room, put on a smile, reach out for a handshake, and greet your interviewer as bright as the day! Interviewers love to see the right amount of eagerness in their applicants; and with you, they are sure to smile back!

  • Maintain Eye Contact and Answer Politely, Honestly, and Precisely

This is the part that determines your interviewer’s overall impression of you. After all, first impressions DO count.

When it comes to this, simply maintain eye contact with your interviewer, smile, and answer with honesty and earnest. If ever there are trivial questions being asked, no need to worry about getting a wrong answer. Simply make an intelligent guess on the topic at hand and make our answer believable with your tone.

  • Stand/Sit Straight

Never EVER slouch during your job interview! Interviewers love to see their prospects with great posture as it exudes such a confidence that can’t be broken. In fact, even before the interview itself, you can practice your posture to better prepare.

Key Takeaway

There are numerous other tips you can try for your upcoming job interviews; either way, these 6 tips are your stepping stones towards any job of any industry you wish to venture to! Just make sure to come on time, be patient, and above all, relax. You’re sure to land the job in no-time!


Phone Cleaning Hacks You Should Know

Owning a phone can entail a lot of responsibility, especially when it comes to maintaining its condition. Every phone, such as Alcatel A30 Fierce, needs proper maintenance. After all, though the inside of a phone may be an important thing to monitor, the outside of your phone counts just as much, especially in cleanliness.

To put it short, cleaning your phone is something that needs to be done on a regular basis. If ever you want to keep your phone as new as the day you first bought them, then do whatever it takes to keep them clean. In fact, there are numerous ways to do just that, with many of them consisting of unorthodox, yet effective methods. With that said, here are some phone cleaning hacks you can try for yourself:

Using Toothpaste to Clean your Phone Screen

You may have heard of this particular hack in numerous other areas. If you think that toothpaste is only good for giving your teeth that radiant shine you’ve always wanted, then you’re missing out on a lot of its other benefits, especially for your phone screen. Just rub some on it, let it dry, and you’ll have a screen that’s devoid of those pesky fingerprints.

Using Microfiber Cloths

These things usually come packed with the phone when you buy it; and these things are also usually discarded upon first glance. When it comes to keeping your phone clean and safe from any outside elements, these microfiber cloths may just save your phone’s life. Think of all the dirt and germs that stick to the cloths when you use them to wipe your phone off.

Using Rice or Silica Bags to Dry Your Phone

Everyone knows that when a phone gets wet, it can mean the end for the phone. Luckily, besides airing your phone out, there are other ways to get the moisture out of your gadget, namely some rice and silica bags.

For both of these, all you’ll need to do is cover your phone in a bunch of either of them and set them aside for at least 2-3 days, all while remembering to keep your device open and take out the battery for maximum effect. Once time has passed, put your charger back in and voila! Your phone is back to normal before you know it.

Another thing that’s noteworthy about this hack is the amount of cleanliness it can give to your phone, especially when using silica bags for the job. Silica bags have the ability to take out any odors or dirt out of your phone by absorbing them, which in turn leaves your phone looking as fresh as ever.

Key Takeaway

The world of hacks can definitely bring you a lot of perks and advantages. It’s the ingenuity these hacks have that enable one to think out of the box. In the case of keeping your phone clean, the aforementioned hacks can definitely guarantee a fresh and clean mobile device for your convenience and enjoyment.

6 Tips To Increase User Experience (UX) And Conversions on your Website

User experiences are a very important aspect for any kind of shopping experience. Imagine you are at a store and looking for the products that you wish to buy or any customer experience and service you are looking for. These situations are quite realistic, but the most crucial part is the user experience of the customer service staff or the person who’s on call or who is assisting the buyer all through the shop.

What do these indicate to you? Certainly, the first impression is the last impression – this adage implies the best here.

Thus the better the user’s experience better is the sales conversion. This implies to the online world as well, in this article we will focus on the UX on your website and how it affects the sales of your business. Also, we will try to understand how to improve the user experience on your website to get maximum customers retention that helps in your business growth.

Great user experiences are the backbone of any good working website. The user experience eventually determines whether you will see a hike in the bounce rate or exit rate or an increase in your traffic and conversion rates. Owing to this there are many organizations that have now started using UX as an effective tool for good conversion rates.

What is User Experience (UX)?

Technically, the definition of the user experience varies from industry to industry and website to website. Due to this reason, there are many developers and experts who quote different types of definition for user experience UX and they work in their respective realms, industries, and studies to learn more about UX and UX design. Basically, website user experience UX is the comprehensive experience of the user when he or she is browsing or using the website. To take an example – in case you want your visitors to come again and again on your website, stay on your website, like the posts, share, comment, join your email list, and even buy your product and services, then you shall focus on enhancing the website’s UX.

The Impact of UX on the website development!

Creating a website is a foreseeable part of establishing your business online. In fact, websites are quite usual today as they reach out the larger audience and indeed are effective for businesses development. But remember creating a website only doesn’t solve the purpose, giving your customers a good user experience and hassle-free navigation is more important. In turn, these visitors should be given unique User Experience (UX) to make their browsing experience superb.

Hence, one shall never compromise on creating the best UX design trend for your website as this will make your website more web responsive and increase traffic as well. There are many tips by which you can increase your user experience – UX on your website so that it becomes highly responsive.

Let’s not waste time and learn the 6 best tips that will elevate your user experience UX in your website.

How about getting a good home page

The homepage is the face of your website. It is the first thing that your visitor witness, thus it shall be very friendly and easy to access for the users. Use attractive colors, templates, banners, videos and try to include the most important information about your business on the homepage. This will entice your users to experience good navigation and convenience while browsing your website. Please do not forget to include the logo and a good connect to the other web pages.

1. Don’t mess up with your page load time

If your website takes a lot of time to load the pages then there are chances that your visitor might leave your website without making any action. This will hamper your traffic and increase your bounce rate. Here, you should keep the pace on the page load time – ideally, it should be three or four seconds for your web pages, else the users will get bored.

2. Use clear, crisp and perfect images to lure your customers/visitors

A brilliant website design is like a decor to the website, Thus the developers make sure that they create the most user-friendly and responsive website that lure the visitors to hop on it and stay there for a while, eventually making an action. Here it hardly matter that what are you selling, even if it is not a very appealing product like – pencils, notepads, or any other household stuff but if their products are used beautifully with a lots of images, collage, panoramic shots, a lot of stock of the products and like then it becomes easy and captivating for the visitors to view the close-up of the product and can make a buy with an easy check out.

3. Security is the key that shouldn’t be promised

Deliberately we have mentioned this tip in the last, as this is the most crucial and the most vulnerable. Of course, it has its own significance that shouldn’t be ignored. Your users will able to trust you and your website if they know their data is secure and all their personal information that they put on your website is safe with no hacking threats. To ensure these features SSL certificates are vital to use. These digital certificates offer enhanced layers of security and are issued by certificate authority CA. You can buy them from trusted SSL certificates come in different types as per the demand of the online business for example – RapidSSL Certificate, RapidSSL Wildcard certificate, GeoTrust Extended Validation certificate and much more.

For a robust and stringent web security, don’t miss out on SSL certificate as they give you encrypted information by offering a green padlock sign and a trust seal in the address bar of the URL of your domain. This, in turn, guarantees an excellent browsing experience to the users/visitors. Moreover, this security seal will bring more customers eventually, bringing more business and good rate of conversions.

4. The more responsive the website is better is the user experience UX

There are a variety of devices being used to access your website, and Therefore it is important that your site must accommodate them. You should test the site on different devices to see how easy it is to navigate. There is also a way to vary the user experience based on their perceived age thanks to metadata. This helps you speak to different age groups about your products or services and makes it relevant to their needs.

5. Leave your visitors with a catchy call to action

Interesting call to action at your website is a vital element for your customers to have recall value of your products and services. Try incorporating remarkable user interface and excellent design elements that leave an everlasting impression on your website and they shall come back to your website. A simple call to action that entices your visitors can be clear action or message that what your visitor has to do once he or she is done browsing your website for their needs. The call to action can be made interesting by using various color combinations, background images, punch lines like – buy now, shop here. You can also make it catchy and attractive by using GIF and simple animations.

6. Catch Hold of Your all 404 errors

Imagine your visitor is looking for a product or a service on your website and he or she finds that the page is not showing and giving 404 errors. Isn’t it embarrassing and bad for your site’s reputation? None of the clients would love this to happen. Thus, fix it as soon as possible once you find this error is arising. Fixing will definitely increase your user experience UX. Also, this will help to regain the trust of your returning users/visitors. Therefore, make sure you have brilliant website UX design trend.

Five Tips For First Time Travelers To Croatia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Croatia is located between Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. This relatively small country is rather rich with natural wonders and long cultural heritage. So it’s no wonder that Croatia has seen significant influx of travelers in the past ten years. It is after all a peaceful and beautiful place with pleasant climate and plethora of attractions, so people from all around the globe are coming here in search for something new and exciting. If you are visiting Croatia for the first time this summer, we have prepared few useful tips that will help you during your stay.

Have The Cash Ready

City Of Split In Croatia

Let’s face the facts, Croatians just love to use cash. It’s not that card payments are not accepted, at the majority of places they are, but cash is always preferred method of payment. This sentiment is not something that’s unique only to Croatia. In fact, all neighboring countries in Balkan area of Europe share the same sentiment. It’s not entirely known why that is, but fair guess is that card payments were introduced to everyday use just some 10 years ago. Younger people and business owners haven’t had much of trouble embracing credit cards and that type of payment, but older generations – not so much. Also, people here don’t have much trust in banks and banking systems, and with everything considered, that’s not so unjustified.

Don’t Hesitate To Use English

You might be surprised how well people in Croatia actually speak English language. It’s a language that’s taught in more than 90% of Croatian schools from the very first grade. So asking younger generations for instructions and directions is pretty much a safe bet. And in case that they don’t know the answer to your questions, they will try and find someone else who does. This might seems strange, but people in Croatia are actually really approachable and have high level of hospitality. After all, you are a guest in their country and they want you to feel pleasant and welcomed. Especially if you are showing interest in learning more about local traditions and history.

Don’t Call It Yugoslavia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Speaking of (recent) history, Croatia has gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It was a long, thorny and painful process, and needless to say – Croatia is proud of it. So taking everything in consideration, Croats don’t have much love for their former country and don’t like to be remained of it either. But still, if you travel around the country you’ll be able to spot some of the old symbols of Yugoslavia, mostly in form of monuments and memorial boards on town squares, around museums and similar places.

Using Car Is Preferred Way Of Traveling

If there’s one thing that’s most inconvenient for tourists is Croatian infrastructure. Although Croatia is fairly small country, traveling around it is quite slow. Trains and buses can be sporadic, you most likely will have to improvise and combine both of those traveling methods to reach your destination. And for travelers, that’s kind of a deal breaker. Croatian government is aware of this problem, so is European Union, and in the next few years situation should be improved drastically. But for now, tourist (and locals) often rely on car rental services. Roads in Croatia are actually quite well maintained, so touring the country in a car is by far the best and fastest option, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. And who knows, maybe you’ll come across some lovely place you would have had missed otherwise.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Traveling By Boat

City Of Primosten In Croatia

As you may be aware, Croatia has a long coast on the Adriatic Sea and is a home to almost 2000 islands. And that’s an impressive number. Some of these islands are small and uninhabited, others are quite large and well populated, while few are used only as secluded beaches. So it would be shame to miss out on all that beauty. You can rent a boat in pretty much any place along the coast. Croatia is known as one of the most famous boat and ship building countries in the region, so you are pretty much guaranteed to get a well built vessel. And if you aren’t too confident to manage it by yourself, there’s always an option to get a good guide.

And there you have it, these are the basics that should cover you during your stay in this small European country. Be sure to explore and enjoy in everything it has to offer, and you will surely take some wonderful memories back home. Have fun!

Tips for saving money on trips


To save money on travel, first you have to break the collective belief that the journey is always expensive. This myth was skillfully created by the tourism industry, in order to make you to spend more.

Most famous world’s travel lovers will tell you that more money does not necessarily mean more enjoyment in a specific destination. There are a few good tricks to enjoy more and spend less.

These are some of them.

–  Make a good plan for your trip

Determine where, when and with whom you are traveling. Be flexible in determining the period of time for travel and always have a plan B – very often you can find a variety of discounts and a significant difference in price depending on whether you travel on weekends or weekdays.

– Save money on your airplane ticket

If you plan to travel by plane, it is useful to know that you can get the best ticket price if you buy it 6 weeks earlier. In this way you can save up to 30% because the ticket price is formed on the basis of the number of available seats on the plane at the moment when you make a reservation. Also, you will save money if you immediately buy a return ticket.

–  Take tickets for connecting flights

If you are traveling to distant destination, you can save if you buy a ticket for a flight with a number of transfers. There are numerous sites for air ticket booking, and besides saving time, you can compare prices also – ScyScanner, Quest Organizer, Wizzair, Momondo.

–  Use the tourist organization services of your destination

Tourist organizations can be an excellent information source on what to visit, how to get there, on the working hours of the site… In addition, they can also give you brochures and flyers with discounts for the certain services. The recommendation is to visit attractions on weekdays, because then visits are cheaper.

–  Save on accommodations

Try to avoid accommodation in a downtown area. Inquire about decent hostels or some alternative ways of logging. If you still staying in the hotel, ask about so-called hidden costs and services that are not included in the price.

–  Use local public transport

Buy several days ticket or a weekly pass for public transport. You will avoid taxi drivers who  sometimes tend to charge a higher price to tourists and you will also check your knowledge of the local language and gain immediate impression of the locals and their customs.

Spend less on food

Many choose to prepare their own meals on their trip. This is a great way to walk thru green markets and local shops and try some new groceries. If you chose not to waste time on cooking, be sure to find a restaurant outside the tourist areas, because the prices of meals are 20 – 50% cheaper.

Travel out of season

Swimming in the warm sea on an exotic beach, while winter is in your home town, has a special charm. Then you will not only pass cheaper than during season, but you can also avoid  crowds.

– Find free events in your traveling destination

On forums or any official presentations you can inform yourself about destination you plan to visit. Instead of buying tickets every time, you will surely find free events and entertainment programs.

– Be sure to include travel insurance

For the personal safety it is almost mandatory to buy travel insurance, whether you are traveling in your own organization or with an agency. There is also almost free travel insurance for 1 euro per day. In this way you can be sure that you will be compensated in case of damage you may have on travel.

No matter how far you want to go, there are always ways to make some savings. The important thing is to be open for the idea that you can have a perfect adventure with a smaller budget.