Things For Your Dad to do in San Diego

So your family’s going to San Diego, eh? Maybe your dad is excited but doesn’t really have much in common with the rest of you. (I imagine he looks something like this for the record.) I promise, no matter how out of this world he might seem, he’s not all that bad! He may not be into tanning, local shops, or local beer, but there’s plenty of things for your dad to do down in San Diego.

On the Beach

Two words: Metal Detector. Every dad loves a gizmo, and every dad loves finding new things. Plus, it’s a way for him to make money when he’s not at work. Beaches are notorious for dropped coins, and I bet, your dad being a dad and all, he already has a metal detector he can pack in the car on the way (if you are, in fact, driving and not flying). Will he get rich? No, but I bet you can keep him occupied while you’re tanning or swimming! This idea is gold, you’re welcome.

Sports & BBQ

I bet that if your dad wears hawaiian shirts, he likes barbecues. And I bet if he wears cargo shorts, he likes sports. So that’s double the chance he’ll like a sports & bbq restaurant! There’s several local ones around San Diego that I would recommend taking your pops to, and a simple google search will lead you there. The first is Phil’s BBQ Restaurant, on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. They have super high ratings, two dining areas, and a bar. There are over 10500 reviews for this place and the average is 4.5 stars. That may be a good place to start, and you can a tour of the place here.

USS Midway Museum

My father had a father who fought in WWII, and he himself was in the army. I’ve found a lot of people in similar situations, with family who was in the military and such. That’s why I recommend the USS Midway Museum, the longest serving Aircraft Carrier of the 20th Century. Admission is about $16 per person, which may seem like a lot but it’s pretty good for attractions down there. You can take flight simulations, watch active duty military ceremonies, simulate air combat, and see how things were operated on this ship when it was actually operating.

SeaWorld… The Water Park there!

All dads enjoy taking their kids swimming or to water parks. Turns out, the SeaWorld in San Diego has one. So while SeaWorld may only be entertaining for a small amount of time, you could probably get him to enjoy a longer day of rides with the family at SeaWorld’s water park. If he’s like my dad, he’ll sun screen up and encourage you to do the same, and then take you on the tallest, scariest rides he can find. This is total dad material. And water parks usually have hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream. Essentially, your dad is set at this place!

What else would your dad like? Let me know on Twitter @Robolitious.

Jobs You Didn’t Know Exist

Thanks to multi-talented people, there are now more dynamic jobs that require more than one skill for people to do. There are different industries that are in constant need of an injection of talent and there are different practices such as endo that companies are experimenting with. The job market has become so diverse because of different businesses that are trying to satisfy the mass’ needs thus giving birth to jobs that you’ve probably never heard of.


Netflix Tagger

If you find yourself watching TV series all day, why not get paid doing that. Netflix hires people to watch hours and hours of their TV series and movies and create tags for them. These tags are meant for the easier identification of what genres or categories these films fall under. This will assist the users in finding shows and films that they may find intriguing. So, as you can see not just anyone who wants to watch movies can apply for this job, you have to have in depth knowledge in films.


Waterslide Tester

Yes, it is exactly what it sounds, you will go to different water parks trying out their different waterslides and giving a rating on your experience. You still have to give a detailed report on the experience and other things such as splash factor and potential safety concerns. As fun as the job sounds this is a serious job because it will determine the adjustments the waterpark has to make. It gives you chance to travel and free access to parks not to mention the pay that can reach up to $34,000.


Tea Taster

There are people who love tea religiously, these are the people perfect for this position. All you have to do all day is sip cups of tea, more or less about 200 cups, that should be enough tea to keep your cravings at bay. A requirement for this type of job is a palate that is sensitive to different flavors of tea. Not only do you get to dive into the different flavors of tea you also have the opportunity to travel to different countries and meet suppliers trying their new products.


Mattress Jumper

Whenever you check in a hotel and see your room for the first time you have that urge, that inner kid in you telling you to jump on the mattress. What you don’t know is that this is an actual profession and an integral part in the manufacturing of mattresses. This is done to compress the cotton batting within the mattress, this is important especially for those thousand-dollar mattress. As much as you’re tempted to do tricks and back flips on the mattress, it’s not that easy. There is a methodical way to professionally jump on mattress, you have to be able to evenly impact the mattress. Who knew there was a wrong way to jump on a mattress.

As consumer needs evolve. More and more jobs start popping up, you never know when your hobby can become something you get paid to do. It also doesn’t mean that it’s an odd or fun job there is no way to mess it up, there are different methodologies and practical reasons to get these jobs done.

How to Connect a Headset to a Laptop, Tablet, or Smartphone

Holding your mobile phone or smart device with your hand while talking or choosing options is not always simple, and in cases, not even possible. If you do that while driving, you might get fined. When your 2 hands are deep into sticky dough or taken in other places, you desire to be able to respond to calls or to alter tune tracks even. Cabled earphones can be troublesome. A Bluetooth headset is a terrific service.

It sticks quietly to your ear and conserves you from touching the screen and from having tracking wires hanging from your head and running all over you. Here is a walkthrough of the best ways to do that with your Android smart device.

We will be utilizing a Samsung Android gadget and a Bluetooth headset for this. Do not stress if you have different makes and models of the headset or of the phone, or if you have earlier or less expensive models, the performance is basically the same, and some small improvisations and reasonings will do the job. Ensure that your mobile phone has Bluetooth support.

  1. Make certain that both your Bluetooth adapter and your mobile phone are well charged for the pairing procedure. You do not need complete charge, however a gadget with a passing away battery is not what we desire here.
  2. If this is not done yet, enable Bluetooth on your mobile phone. You usually have to get in Settings > Wireless and Networks > Bluetooth Settings > Switch on Bluetooth. The most convenient way is to toggle Bluetooth on or off by pulling the Android menu down. Here, simply toggling it is not adequate. Make a long discuss the icon to open the settings, and set your gadget to being visible to other Bluetooth gadgets.
  • Switch your Bluetooth adapter on. Once, the light on it must blink.
  • Hold the headset’s button down for 5 to 10 seconds,Toconnect the Bluetooth headset to your phone. Throughout this time, it will recognize the phone and make a connect to it. While it is browsing, you will see the light blinking in series of 3. Keep pushing the button up until the light stops blinking and ends up being strong. The strong light suggests effective pairing.
  • On your phone, go to the Bluetooth settings and scan for gadgets. You will see the Bluetooth headset noted. Select it and let it make its connection. Go into 0000 if you are asked a password or code.
  • Once your phone makes the connection, a message will inform you that the pairing is effectively finished.
  • According to Headphones it will immediately combine with the headset each time it is within range if you leftthe Bluetooth adapter of your phone’s on.

The best ways to Link Your Laptop to a Bluetooth Mobile phone

Linking or matching your laptop with a Bluetooth-enabled gadget provides you wireless liberty. You can use Bluetooth to move media and files, established a structured desk with wireless accessories, print over the air, as well as use your Bluetooth-enabled cell phone for Web access on your laptop. Here are the standard directions for linking your laptop to a Bluetooth gadget such as your smart device or music player (the procedure might differ depending upon your particular gadgets).

Here’s How:

  • Ensure your laptop has a Bluetooth adapter, whether built-in or an external Bluetooth dongle.
  • Trigger the Bluetooth function on the mobile phone (generally found under the Settings menu) and set it to be visible or visible.
  • On the PC, right-click on the Bluetooth icon and choose the option to include a new connection or gadget, which will make the computer look for available Bluetooth gadgets.
  • When your mobile phone appears, choose it to connect/pair it to your laptop.
  • Attempt 0000 or 1234 and enter it on both the mobile gadget when triggered and your laptop if triggered for a PIN code. Attempt browsing for your mobile gadget’s manual online to find the Bluetooth code if those do not work.

Once you’re linked, you can carry out other actions like wirelessly moving a file in between your gadgets utilizing either the context menus in applications or right-clicking on a file and trying to find “Send out to Bluetooth”- kinds of options.

3 Delectable Recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Trying tasty dishes to pamper taste buds and keeping the pounds off- isn’t easy as it may sound. But, thankfully they are many recipes that claim big in the recent studies and research papers.  They help individuals, those who are in pursuit of a slim-fit figure by reducing the calorie and sugar intake, and also enhance their metabolism rate.

Are you also one of them yearning to shed off some extra pounds, but not at the expense of your taste buds? Yes, then read further to take a look at the top three delectable recipes that will help you lose weight, while satisfying your good taste cravings. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, as these dishes hardly take five to ten minutes for preparation:

  1. Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast- For your breakfast 

broccoli-feta-omlet-1991656-x-1 720x340

Image Source:×340.jpg

In the morning hustle and bustle, breakfast is the time, when most of us end to grab calorie rich easy snack food like the pasta, donutes with coffee, and the other stuff, which are high in sugar and fat content. A well beginning is half done, so give those morning munchies a miss and give broccoli & feta omelet with toast a go.

Let’s cook, firstly, heat a nonstick pan over medium to high flame. Coat the skillet with cooking spray, and now add broccoli, and cook for three to five minutes.

Combine dill, feta, and egg in small bowl. After this, put this egg mixture into the pan; again cook for three to four minutes. Flip omelet and cook 2 minutes, until cooked through. Now, your broccoli & feta omelet is ready to be served with toast.

  1. Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Summer Succotash- For your afternoon meal

Image Source:

Do you know one can burn 300 calories daily by having the right foods? This grilled chicken cutlet with summer succotash recipe is also one of them; it will help you to burn fat and calories, helping you to trim down fast. And the best part, this recipe only takes 5 minutes to be ready for serving!

Start by seasoning the chicken pieces with garlic, pepper, salt, and rosemary. Heat a large pan over medium to high flame, add one teaspoon olive oil; swirl to coat the pan. Cook the chicken pieces for 10 minutes, until it becomes a light brownish.

Add squash, corn, and lime beans; season with salt as per your taste, and cook until the squash is just tender about 2-3 minute. Now pour the lime juice over the chicken pieces, and serve hot with a cup of   Succotash

  1. Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bites- For your dessert

3 bananas2b-600x400

Image Source:×400.jpg

Most of us have a sweet tooth, and even more right the supper, but that doesn’t mean you got to compensate on your good health to satisfy your sugar cravings. What about the bananas recipe?  All your need is a mild knife, and a microwave- and a desert serving will ready to eat; this recipe will help you to burn calories fast. As an added benefit, the semisweet chocolate desert contains healthy fats to augment your metabolism rate.

The preparation job is simple, firstly put the chocolate chips in a zip-top plastic bag, or in a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the chocolate chips for one to two minutes, until it melts. Now, as the dipping is ready, cut the bananas, and have a much you want without worrying about the calorie intake.

The above three recipes are not healthy but also won’t take much cooking to reach your dining table.

How to Cope Up With People Suffering From Dementia

Dementia is a medical condition that describes a symptom, which damages communication, memory, and thinking skills of a person who suffers from it. In most cases, a person who suffers from dementia has poor judgment or a cognitive problem, confusion with place or time, and has aggressive actions and speech. That is why caregiver services in Chicago make sure that they give their full attention and understanding to their patients who suffer dementia. As a family member of someone who has dementia, you can also learn some strategies to fully learn and understand the situation of your loved one.


As with any other kind of circumstances, communication is also the key in dealing with dementia behavior. A good communication skill will likely improve your ability to handle difficult situation and challenging behavior of person who has dementia. To guide you accordingly, here are some of the effective tips for communicating with people suffering dementia.


Clearly State Your Message

Since people who have dementia are more likely to be in their 60’s and 70’s, use simple words and sentences as much as possible. Instead of using pronouns, such as he, she, or they, use the names of people or places. To clearly state your message, pitch your voice lower and speak slowly so that you can be fully understood. Moreover, avoid using higher or louder voice if they can’t understand you in the first time.


Break Down Activities into a Series of Steps

Just like in using simple words and sentences, giving simple instructions is also an ideal way to encourage your loved one to do what task he or she can do. When encouraging them to do a certain task, break down such task so that they can’t be overwhelmed. By breaking down the activities, you will make such tasks simpler and manageable for them.


Make Sure to Respond with Affection and Reassurance

People who are suffering from dementia are commonly disoriented, have mood swings, anxious, and confused with themselves and the things around them. As much as possible, refrain from telling them that they are wrong. Instead, respond to them with full comfort, support, and reassurance. Body languages, such as holding hands and hugging will definitely be a big help to show your care. Moreover, be patient with them in explaining different things.



Listen with Your Ears, Eyes, and Heart

One of the essential things that you should have in dealing with people who suffers from dementia is compassion. Sympathy and concern for their sufferings will help you connect with your loved one efficiently. Moreover, good listening skills are also helpful to understand them better. Be patient when they tend to forgot certain words or things.


Certainly, we are not born knowing how to communicate clearly with person who has dementia. However, we can learn and improve our communication skills that can help us deal with them and understand their situation. Practice some of the techniques mentioned to be able to interact well with your loved one.  After all, dementia should not be a hindrance in your family bonding.


5 Safety Tips When Working on Electrical Appliances

In the Philippines, the best electrical appliances can be found almost everywhere. Households in the country rely in them to provide them with comfort and entertainment. They are also a great help in doing household chores. Things like food processor, blender, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner surely make things easier for a lot of people trying to work around their homes.

Unfortunately, there are a few things you have to watch out for when using these objects to keep your family’s safety. But you can simply avoid having problems by following these tips:

Stay clear of water

Water is practically the Achilles heel of your electrical appliances. They are most likely to malfunction if you place them in a wet spot and use them. Be sure to avoid this because not only will it cause some damage to the product, it can also electrocute you.

You should wear rubber boots (and gloves) when using one of your appliances while standing and working on a wet area. Don’t forget to keep towels with you as well so you won’t become a conduit for the electric current.

Be wary of live wires

Live wires are another object that can definitely electrocute you. This is why you must always be wary of them. Before you use a dodgy electrical appliance, check first if they are safe by ensuring they are not energized. You can use an electric current tester to see if the wire is hot or alive. Never assume that they are off for this will immediately put your life in danger. You can also disconnect its power source to be 100% sure they are turned off.

Use the right fuse

Avoid having short circuits by using the correct fuse. Whenever you are making repairs to your circuit breaker panel, be sure that the appropriate ones are being used. If you are not familiar with fuses, go and educate yourself by checking this website out; or you can inquire and ask all about them with the mechanic in your area.

Prevent shocks with the help of an insulator

Oftentimes, when your electrical appliances are old enough, their wires tend to break, revealing a small copper portion. If you touch this, you can immediately shock yourself because this works as a conductor. You can easily avoid this from happening by covering them with a small rubber cap or a plastic one to cover this area so that even if you accidentally touch it, it would not electrocute you.

Test and maintain your appliances

Before you buy a new appliance and add it into your household, it is a good idea to test them first. Make sure they are working in top conditions. Also, check with their supplier if they have a warrantee so you can return them if they suddenly malfunction.

After you have appropriately tested them out, maintain their good condition by properly using them. It would be best if you read the manuals well so you know what to do and not to do.

Your family’s wellbeing should always come first, which is why you must follow these safety tips and avoid any issues you could possibly have with your electrical appliances!

The Pros and Cons: Hair Bleaching

Today’s market is filled with various cosmetic products for hair, face, and body. And people have a tendency to buy them out, unwilling to wait whether they really are worth all their efforts and money. Some of them don’t even bother to check out and read things like the best whitening soap review in Manila, which unfortunately results to them having regrets in the end.

But you can easily avoid it by doing some research before purchasing a product or try out a “beauty regimen.” For instance, before bleaching your hair, you might want to read how the process works and its pros and cons.

Here are some of them now to enlighten you:

colored Hair
Photo Courtesy:

Hair bleaching is usually being done when you want to color your hair. A number of people have decided to do this to their locks to achieve the following advantages:

  • Simplest way to lighten your hair color – There’s nothing wrong with having dark hair. But some people like to experiment and make them locks lighter from time to time. Essentially, they can only get this look through bleaching. If you are sick of your dark curls, you might want to try this out to give you something new.
  • More effective than DIY hair colors – DIY is short for do-it-yourself. DIY colors can be bought in numerous department stores and cosmetic shops. They usually offer you a chance to change your hair color in the comforts of your own homes – meaning you don’t have to visit the salon to do it. This option may be cheaper but is not often effective. If you really want to change your hair color, you will try bleaching them first.
  • Great for color transition – Colouring your hair is not an easy feat – as implied above – particularly if you have natural dark hair. The color you want to apply on your curls will hardly show because of your hair’s pigmentation. But you can easily remedy this by bleaching your hair first. This will enable your hair to become lighter and then show the color you currently want to wear, no matter how eccentric they are.

Cons of Hair Bleaching

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Unfortunately, hair bleaching has some disadvantages as well. Here are 2 of them:

  • Hair damage – The primary thing you don’t want to achieve after bleaching your hair is the damage it will cause. Take note that this process is extremely harsh and can leave your curls looking weak, brittle, and dry. This means that if you often do it to your hair, it will ultimately seem like it was completely fried, which is why you must think twice before you do it to your locks.
  • Needs constant care and coloring – Bleaching will essentially weaken your hair, which means you would have to take extra care of it, if you want it to look at its best. You would need special shampoo, conditioners, and hair treatments in order to achieve that. Furthermore, you also have to color it as often as possible so that your natural dark hair won’t show on your roots.

Bleaching your hair has its pros and cons. Remember to think about it well before you go on about it. Keep in mind that the damage it brings to your locks may be irreversible!

Five Tips For First Time Travelers To Croatia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Croatia is located between Central Europe, Southeast Europe, and the Mediterranean. This relatively small country is rather rich with natural wonders and long cultural heritage. So it’s no wonder that Croatia has seen significant influx of travelers in the past ten years. It is after all a peaceful and beautiful place with pleasant climate and plethora of attractions, so people from all around the globe are coming here in search for something new and exciting. If you are visiting Croatia for the first time this summer, we have prepared few useful tips that will help you during your stay.

Have The Cash Ready

City Of Split In Croatia

Let’s face the facts, Croatians just love to use cash. It’s not that card payments are not accepted, at the majority of places they are, but cash is always preferred method of payment. This sentiment is not something that’s unique only to Croatia. In fact, all neighboring countries in Balkan area of Europe share the same sentiment. It’s not entirely known why that is, but fair guess is that card payments were introduced to everyday use just some 10 years ago. Younger people and business owners haven’t had much of trouble embracing credit cards and that type of payment, but older generations – not so much. Also, people here don’t have much trust in banks and banking systems, and with everything considered, that’s not so unjustified.

Don’t Hesitate To Use English

You might be surprised how well people in Croatia actually speak English language. It’s a language that’s taught in more than 90% of Croatian schools from the very first grade. So asking younger generations for instructions and directions is pretty much a safe bet. And in case that they don’t know the answer to your questions, they will try and find someone else who does. This might seems strange, but people in Croatia are actually really approachable and have high level of hospitality. After all, you are a guest in their country and they want you to feel pleasant and welcomed. Especially if you are showing interest in learning more about local traditions and history.

Don’t Call It Yugoslavia

Croatian Coastal Architecture

Speaking of (recent) history, Croatia has gained independence from Yugoslavia in 1991. It was a long, thorny and painful process, and needless to say – Croatia is proud of it. So taking everything in consideration, Croats don’t have much love for their former country and don’t like to be remained of it either. But still, if you travel around the country you’ll be able to spot some of the old symbols of Yugoslavia, mostly in form of monuments and memorial boards on town squares, around museums and similar places.

Using Car Is Preferred Way Of Traveling

If there’s one thing that’s most inconvenient for tourists is Croatian infrastructure. Although Croatia is fairly small country, traveling around it is quite slow. Trains and buses can be sporadic, you most likely will have to improvise and combine both of those traveling methods to reach your destination. And for travelers, that’s kind of a deal breaker. Croatian government is aware of this problem, so is European Union, and in the next few years situation should be improved drastically. But for now, tourist (and locals) often rely on car rental services. Roads in Croatia are actually quite well maintained, so touring the country in a car is by far the best and fastest option, especially if you aren’t traveling alone. And who knows, maybe you’ll come across some lovely place you would have had missed otherwise.

Don’t Be Afraid Of Traveling By Boat

City Of Primosten In Croatia

As you may be aware, Croatia has a long coast on the Adriatic Sea and is a home to almost 2000 islands. And that’s an impressive number. Some of these islands are small and uninhabited, others are quite large and well populated, while few are used only as secluded beaches. So it would be shame to miss out on all that beauty. You can rent a boat in pretty much any place along the coast. Croatia is known as one of the most famous boat and ship building countries in the region, so you are pretty much guaranteed to get a well built vessel. And if you aren’t too confident to manage it by yourself, there’s always an option to get a good guide.

And there you have it, these are the basics that should cover you during your stay in this small European country. Be sure to explore and enjoy in everything it has to offer, and you will surely take some wonderful memories back home. Have fun!

Top 9 Causes of hair loss in men

It is true that men are more likely to lose hair than women; it is due to male pattern baldness (it is discussed below in detail).

Causes of hair loss can range from the simple & temporary – a vitamin/mineral deficiency – to the most complex, like an unrevealed health condition. There are ways to treat male hair loss. It all depends on its causes.

Here are some general and some rare causes of hair fall.


Severe physical stress (like having an accident) or severe emotional stress (like a death in the family) can have unusual effects on our body. Extreme stress usually sends the body into the situation of shock, which results in disturbing various hormones and metabolites. This may lead to shedding of hair known as telogen effluvium. While the effects of severe stress on hair are well understood, mostly this type of hair loss is long term.



Mineral / Vitamin deficiency:

Whether it is because of not proper diet, starvation, some biological or genetic defect, deficiencies in certain minerals or nutrients can cause hair loss. Apparently the most common deficiency that affects directly to hair loss is iron. If iron is severely low it can lead to iron-deficiency called anemia – a condition that causes the body not to make enough red blood cells. Red blood cells are very important because they carry oxygen to every cell in the body and help those cells in maintaining normal functions. Deficiencies in other nutrients such as vitamin B and protein  results in hair loss as well.


Most of us are well aware that chemotherapy drugs can obviously lead to hair loss, but, in fact, there are numerous other drugs that may cause hair falling out. These include anti thyroid medicines, anti-coagulants, anti-convulsants (for epilepsy), beta-blockers, and many more. These medications ultimately cause telogen effluvium – a fast hair shedding that occurs when a huge number of hair unexpectedly shift from a growth phase -known as anagen- to a resting phase -known as telogen-, and then fallout when new hair begin to grow.



However, a number of infections can results in hair loss but the most common infection that affects the hair and scalp is ringworm. Ringworm is actually produced by a fungus; its scientific name is Tinea capitis. It is caused by mold-like fungi called dermatophytes that grow in warm, moist conditions and usually arise due to poor diet. While it affects mostly children, it can be caught at any age.

Immediate weight loss

Dramatic weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can results in thinning hair. This can happen even if the weight loss is good for you. It is the possibility that the weight loss is stressing your body, not having good diet can result in mineral or vitamin deficiencies. Loss of hair along with prominent weight loss may also be a sign of unhealthy diet.

Autoimmune disease:

If you are suffering from arthritis or diabetes, you have already been dealing with autoimmune diseases that occurs when the body’s own immune system accidentally attacks and destroys healthy tissue of body. When the body’s immune system attacks cells, hair follicles or tissues important to hair growth, it can result in hair loss. This type of hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on affected tissues.

Autoimmune disease


Thyroid is a small gland positioned in the front of the neck just below the voice box. It plays a significant role in controlling the body’s metabolism by transmitting various hormones. Hypothyroidism is an underproduction of some hormones and it results in patchy hair loss known as alopecia areata.

Over styling:

This reason is a bit more fit on women, but even men should know that wearing tightly pulled back hair (like in a ponytail or a braid) can cause hair loss. Its scientific name is traction alopecia, which is caused by pulling of the hair. It results to fast hair loss, mostly at the hairline. While it is most commonly seen in African women, it is also seen in men who wear hair pieces in the same location on the head for the long period of time.

Male pattern baldness:

This is the leading cause and we can’t do much to avoid it. Male pattern baldness, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia, indicates to hair thinning in an “M-shaped” hair pattern that is usually mentioned when men talk about balding. With the passage of time, the hair follicles will transform and shrink which lead to thin hair. Many treatments are available to overcome this problem but they are not guaranteed to work, the best recommendation is Fue hair transplant.


Author Bio:

Saima Sharif is a passionate content writer. My major interest is writing content on topics such as hair fall, hair solution, hårtransplantasjon , home remedies for hair problems or any treatment related to this. My current adventure is myhairclinic (Pakistan Oslo and London).

How to make sure that your insurance claim won’t be rejected

travel insurance claims

The largest number of travel insurance claims are refunded quickly and without any problems. However, sometimes it happens that the request for payment is not accepted.

In order to avoid situations where you can not compensate the medical expenses, loss of property or the trip cancellation, while you are ensured, look at the list of the most common reasons for rejection. This is also a way to prepare and avoid the inconvenience for reimbursement of your policy.

  • Take maximum care of yours belongings

The insurance company will not cover the costs for the lost money or documents if you did’t do your best to protect them. If you leave your purse in an easily accessible place, and then lose your money and documents, the request will certainly be refused.

  • If you don’t have any proof of purchase or a police report on the theft of property

You must prove that you lost something or that it was stolen. If this happened, you should go to the police station within 24 hours, where you will receive a police report for the theft. Proof of ownership may be the original receipt or something else that clearly shows that the lost thing belongs to you. Also, if you lost luggage, ask airline company for written confirmation for this.

  • You consumed too much alcohol

If it turns out that you lost something while you were drunk or under the influence of opiates it is more than likely that the policy will not be accepted.

  • The country in which you are traveling is not safe enough

If the official recommendations are to avoid some regions and countries for safety reasons, then you will not be able to charge the cost if you had an unforeseen circumstance.

  • Be preventive and protect yourself against local diseases

It is recommended to be vaccinated and to take the necessary preventive medication if you are traveling to the country where is known that you can get a certain disease. For example, if it is regulated that before going to an African country you should take medicine against malaria and you do not, you have to pay medical expenses if you get malaria.

  • Specify the concept for close and distant relatives

One of the common reasons why people cancel the planned trip or return earlier is the sudden serious illness or death of a close relative. However, it would be good to determine who is considered as a close relative by your insurance company. This will avoid possible inconvenience witch will prevent you to get your money back if you cancel your trip. The recommendation is to check whether the chronic illness of a close family member is covered by the insurance policy, because that may affect your travel plans.

  • Define “valuables”

What the term valuables really means, this varies from one insurance company to another. Also, be sure to carry them with you while you are in some means of transport. Do not be surprised if you somewhere later read in fine print that valuables are not covered by the insurance policy if they were out of your control during the journey.

  • Always inform your insurance company about the state of emergency

Often, people only after returning home inform the insurance company about the problem that happened on the travel. It is necessary to do it immediately when unforeseen circumstances occur. In the policy there is always a telephone number of the Support Center and that’s the first thing you need to do if you suddenly fall ill, lose things, or you have to return earlier. This way you can avoid the situation where your request for refund of policy is refused.

The advice among advises would be to always, several times carefully read what policy covers and what not. This especially refers to the famous “fine print” that usually hide the information in question.