Hurricane Sandy information

Google have set up a page where you can see many information about hurricane sandy.

Sandy is a category-1 hurricane that is expected to bring life-threatening flooding to the US mid-Atlantic coast and hurricane-force winds from Virginia to Massachusetts, Monday evening and into Tuesday.

You can see the following option or you can omit them this will give you more

  • Storm: Current locaiton
  • Storm: Forecast track
  • Storm: 3-day forecast cone
  • Storm surge probability: over 6 feet
  • Active emergency shelters (us)
  • Weather rada (precioutation
  • Cloud imagery
  • Webcam and YouTube videos
  • Weather and observations
  • Public alerts
  • Hurricane evacuation routes (us)
  • Traffic conditions
  • State of Florida content

here is the page link

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Apple IOS vs Google Android

Are you getting a new phone, do you get and iPhone or an Android based phone? The Latest iPhone has the IOS6 installed where as the latest android is 4.1.2. Both operating systems/ phones are very good and have the  essentials. I will try listing below the options that defer them from each others maybe I can help you choose what’s best for you.


  • If you live in the “Eco system” of apple (Mac, ipad, ipod,apple TV) you definitely have to stop thinking about it and go get yourself an iPhone no Matter what are the pros or the cons.
  • The apple store is one of the richest in applications, you are able to find anything you thinking about and you can be sure that all the applications there are good since everything is pre moderated.
  • Push notification center is a bit better then others , specially that you can mute apps specifically without stopping it’s sync
  • 1 phone to choose from
  • If connected to the car kit and you click on use phone, it will remember to use phone next time the phone ring, of course if you reconnect it will go back to normal. it’s a very helpful feature if you have people with you in the car


  • If you like accessing the files on your phone ( phone can be a USB )
  • If you use the cell phone for navigation ( google maps ), since apple messed up their maps navigation in the latest IOS
  • You like help in your daily rout to home or work , public place,sport results etc .. (only available in android 4.1+ google now)
  • Synchronizing you data is more easy on android than iPhone (personal opinion)
  • Range of phones you can choose from Nexus(by google)Samsung Motorola , LG, HTC and many many others
  • If you like to customize your home screen, widgets and application icons
  • If you like to open flash movies or see flash videos on your phone
  • If you like to use NFC, but it’s not available in all devices
  • If you like to have removable battery and storage
  • Wireless app installation, install application to you phone from your computer
  • Bluetooth connection with other devices

Above is my experience with both lines of phones, please leave in the comments other points you can think of and we can update this post.

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Black Russian

Black Russian Recipe

  • Ice cubes, to serve
  • 45ml Kahlua liqueur
  • 45ml vodka
  • Notes
  1. Step 1Fill a serving glass with ice. Pour over the Kahlua and vodka.
  2. Step 2Use a swizzle stick or spoon to stir.

Build a Flying Saucer

KX-5.24------ 002.jpg
This project started based on my desire to create my own original remote control airplane from drawing, to cutting the parts on a cnc machine that I built from a kit, assembling the parts, and then flying the finished product.  There were so many normal type airplanes out there, that I decided that I would do something different.  I decided on a saucer shaped plane.  The project was such a great challenge from the beginning.  First, I had to learn to use a CAD program.  I started with a program from Google called SketchUp.  It was a painful experience, but it’s a great program to learn CAD drawing on, and, it’s free.  After some time, I had a drawing created that included over 50 pieces.  The next step was to build the router based cnc machine called a PhlatPrinter.  Not as painful as CAD, but still very challenging.  The group that created the PhlatPrinter also included the script that would create the gcode file that the cnc machine need to actually cut the parts. Continue reading “Build a Flying Saucer”

How Apache Helicopters Work


Introduction to How Apache Helicopters Work

The Apache helicopter is a revolutionary development in the history of war. It is essentially a flying tank — a helicopter designed to survive heavy attack and inflict massive damage. It can zero in on specific targets, day or night, even in terrible weather. As you might expect, it is a terrifying machine to ground forces.

In this article, we’ll look at the Apache’s amazing flight systems, weapons systems, sensor systems and armor systems. Individually, these components are remarkable pieces of technology. Combined together, they make up an unbelievable fighting machine — the most lethal helicopter ever created.

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