Some people are contaminating Uber for destroying their lifestyle

Uber, the most popular ride-hailing service connects travelers and riders with the help of the mobile application. Rather than calling a taxi, many people are progressively designating to call the service of Uber. Now, it has over 8 million active users and has crossed about 1 billion trips across the globe.  At a daily basis, Uber assist the progress of 1 million rides. Uber was basically founded by Travis Kalanick and Garrett Camp which is made available over 40 countries.

As of now, the company accounts over $ 60 billion. Not long ago, the authority of Uber service has been questioned by large groups and governments. The on-demand ride-hailing service runs on both the iOS and Android applications. Once you made a registration in the app as an Uber traveler, the app relates you with the riders in a particular area. Such drivers are using their own vehicle to trip you on your desired location with a fixed cost with respect to Uber’s pricing algorithm.

Inside the Uber application, people can see a lot of instruction about the specified drive including the rating and type of vehicle they ride sooner you accept a ride. With this app, the user can input their terminal and it will give you honest evaluation once the user confirms the ride. The trip ends when you arrive at your stop. The application will be based on data location; you can make sure that you have reached at the end of your fare.


Above all, the user can leave the car. No amount is replaced, and then both traveler and the driver rate each other. Rating depends on a scale ranging from 1 to 5. This helps to make sure responsibility through across the Uber’s platform for both of them. When the appeal is high, drivers are most probably expected to pay a huge amount for a single drive. The Uber service has now brought in the idea of pulling apart fairs, where you can divide the fair of an Uber ride with other customers.

Booking for the Uber application as a driver is genuine and can be done within few seconds. To register as a rider is a bit more complicated and needs you to fill assured demands. The drivers of Uber are likely to be males with only 15 % of Uber drivers are females. These drivers are likely to be younger than the average US. They also tend to be younger than the average U.S. statistic with the best part being between 30 and 39 years old.

Nearly, 51% of Uber drivers work for about 15 hours a week or less than that. In that only, 19% of the drivers are working in as a full time. Since Uber has all the facilities it is considered as a source of part-time income for most of the drivers. Either it is used as an alternative for taxi’s or for additional income; we have no doubt to say that Uber is here to visit.

A French man protests Uber for devastating his marriage

The Frenchman reveals that there was an error with the Uber application which made his wife to find his affair, which provoked her to separate him. For this great offense, the Frenchman charges Uber for about 45 million Euros assuming that a bug in the application made his wife to find out him affair, which eventually made her file for separation.

He says that the application posted notification of his pick-up and drop-off locations, along with times of travel, to his wife’s mobile stated French Newspaper Le Figaro. But he explains that he had logged into his wife’s mobile once before but says after while he logged out, so the notifications must have stopped.

The notifications made a clear statement that his wife’s doubt that he was having an affair. Soon after, she appealed him to give divorce. When approached by Le Figaro, an Uber spokesperson counters, Uber does not openly comment on personal cases, including the case of separation accounting between the companions.

Le Figaro was able to gratify the error by logging in and then out of an Uber account on a smartphone. Eventually, the phone was still acquiring notifications for the Uber account which had been logged out. It’s uncertain why the app come unstuck but Le Figaro conveys that it may be due to an issue with iPhone iOS software lower than December 2015.

Android users and iPhone users with latest versions of iOS are likely to be safe from the bug, but it’s not yet known how many of Uber’s monthly users have known this issue. Digital clue has become popular in most of the split up marriage cases as automation and social media are combined in our daily lives. Suspicious husbands and wives are less dependent on physical evidence to prove affairs and better outfitted to do their own observation.

Connecticut divorce lawyer, Debbie Grover, just a while ago illustrates this breakthrough of evidence to the CT Law Review. Thirty-five years ago it consists of found love letters, accidental contraceptive in briefcases, and private investigator keeps an eye on the partner. But today private detectives are mostly gone and computer techs are the new phenomenon.

Even if the French man has any chance of leading his case against Uber is much arduous to conclude, but there is a feasibility that his wife won’t be able to use his ride-share mistake as evidence in their divorce cases, as digital evidence is not always authorized as criteria of a spouse’s affair in France.

Uber has 40 Million active users worldwide

The service of uber is still continuing to grow larger which has more than 40 million monthly active users across the globe. The co-founder and CEO Travis Kalanick say on Wednesday at Vanity Fair’s new creation of summit in San Francisco. During the previous month, the firm spends amidst $1.5 billion and $2 billion to drivers, after taking a rent from fares. Uber drivers spend $50 on an average of the service each month.

At present Uber is constantly working in more than 500 cities throughout the world offering a range of services including drives in black cars. It even offers a low-cost drive service, and a meal delivery service, among others. One of the increasing ride options is UberPool, the company’s short-distance carpooling service it is being announced two years ago. But now, the ride makes about 20% of all Uber rides throughout the world.


Uber said that UberPool rides last for more than half of all drivers in some cities, and in China, it was working over 20 million trips per month. Kalanick also repeats the importance of driverless cars to Uber. Because making public last year it is initiated to develop self-driving car technology, Uber has counterfeit several participation, which also includes Volvo and it currently acquired Otto, which is the startup for developing self-driving trucks.

Kalanick also makes clear that while Uber is working on driverless cars, the company doesn’t expect to move toward buying all their cars one day, which are right away being used to take passengers and make transportation. He added that members of these groups could take many forms.

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