5 Pro Tips for Pokémon Go

5 Pro Tips You Probably Didn’t Know

The creators of Pokemon Go developed a smartphone app that has seen a huge player base. Despite what you may think, adults and kids are enjoying Pokemon Go across the globe. It has gained incredible popularity almost over night; creating new opportunities for gamers and businesses. You do not need to know a thing about Pokemon to have a blast catching all of them. It’s true, I didn’t know anything about Pokemon and have thoroughly enjoyed playing. It doesn’t discriminate, people of all ages and walks of life are finding another reason to get off the couch and enjoy spending time outside with friends and family. Your dog will love it too! Here are some great tips to get you started:

  1. Spin the PokéBall around in a circular motion before tossing and you’ll throw a Curve Ball. A Curve Ball gives an additional 10 XP and seems to increase your chances of catching the Pokémon. A “Nice! Toss gives you an additional 10 XP, “Great!” is 50 XP and “Excellent!” a 100 XP. This is dependent on how small the shrinking ring is when you toss the PokéBall. The smaller the target, the better the toss.
  2. To zoom in and out with one hand; tap the screen once, then again but leave finger on screen. Move finger around to zoom in and out.
  3. When a Pokémon appears on screen, the color of the rings surrounding it determine one of three things. If the rings are white, everyone can see it. If the rings are purple, a lure brought the Pokémon. If the rings look like a pink cloud, only you can see it because you are using a Incense item.
  4. On the main screen, swiping the PokéBall right takes you straight to Items. Swiping left takes you to your Pokémon. Swiping up accesses the Shop.
  5. As you level, the Pokémon become harder to catch. You can tell how difficult they are by the color of the shrinking ring around the Pokémon. Green is easiest, then yellow, orange and red. Red being the hardest to catch. You can lower the difficulty by one color if you use a Razzberry, however they are only good for one toss. Using GreatBalls and UltraBalls will also increase your chances of catching a Pokémon.

Go enjoy the outdoors with a fun game along the way. Grab your walking shoes, dog leash and kids and join in on the Pokémon Go Craze!  A good place to start is a walk down to your local park where those little guys tend to congregate more. I can almost guarantee you will find other people playing all around you. Parks and other populated areas are great places to hunt those little creatures.

Apple IOS vs Google Android

Are you getting a new phone, do you get and iPhone or an Android based phone? The Latest iPhone has the IOS6 installed where as the latest android is 4.1.2. Both operating systems/ phones are very good and have the  essentials. I will try listing below the options that defer them from each others maybe I can help you choose what’s best for you.


  • If you live in the “Eco system” of apple (Mac, ipad, ipod,apple TV) you definitely have to stop thinking about it and go get yourself an iPhone no Matter what are the pros or the cons.
  • The apple store is one of the richest in applications, you are able to find anything you thinking about and you can be sure that all the applications there are good since everything is pre moderated.
  • Push notification center is a bit better then others , specially that you can mute apps specifically without stopping it’s sync
  • 1 phone to choose from
  • If connected to the car kit and you click on use phone, it will remember to use phone next time the phone ring, of course if you reconnect it will go back to normal. it’s a very helpful feature if you have people with you in the car


  • If you like accessing the files on your phone ( phone can be a USB )
  • If you use the cell phone for navigation ( google maps ), since apple messed up their maps navigation in the latest IOS
  • You like help in your daily rout to home or work , public place,sport results etc .. (only available in android 4.1+ google now)
  • Synchronizing you data is more easy on android than iPhone (personal opinion)
  • Range of phones you can choose from Nexus(by google)Samsung Motorola , LG, HTC and many many others
  • If you like to customize your home screen, widgets and application icons
  • If you like to open flash movies or see flash videos on your phone
  • If you like to use NFC, but it’s not available in all devices
  • If you like to have removable battery and storage
  • Wireless app installation, install application to you phone from your computer
  • Bluetooth connection with other devices

Above is my experience with both lines of phones, please leave in the comments other points you can think of and we can update this post.

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