Unknown Gems Of Europe You Should Visit This Summer

Europe is known worldwide as a traveler’s haven because of its sun-soaked islands, majestic mountain towns, and breathtaking beaches. It is a land embellished with glorious monuments from different chapters of the continent’s golden history and is home to some of the most stunning artworks known to man. Although Europe boasts of a multitude of popular destinations, it is also dotted with a number of rustic towns along the coast that exhibit the authentic culture of the region. Here are some of the lesser known cities of Europe that display numerous historical gems and offer a serene environment for a relaxing holiday.

Lecce in Italy


A town replete with fascinating Baroque buildings designed by 17th-century architects, Lecce is considered to be one of the most beautiful cities in Italy. Some of the most enchanting attractions of this mesmerizing city include the Basilica di Santa Croce, that is adorned with the unique stone sculptures, and the Museo Faggiano, an opulent home turned into a museum that displays relics dating back to the Messapian civilization of the 5th century B.C. The Lecce Cathedral is another fine architectural masterpiece while the Castello di Carlo V is the largest castle in Puglia. The best place to enjoy the visual feast of the architecture and to immerse in the local culture is the Piazza del Duomo, the throbbing heart of Lecce.

Cadiz in Spain


One of the oldest continuously inhabited regions in Spain, Cadiz is known for its amazing museums, delectable sea food, and the cacophony of the seagulls at the coast. The most striking landmark of this town is Catedral de Cadiz, a spectacular yellow-domed cathedral that looms over the medieval houses. The Casa del Obispo contains ruins of the Phoenician culture while the Castillo de San Sebastian is a polygonal fort that offers some panoramic views of the city. The Museo Catedralicio exhibits some wonderful artworks and the Puerta de Tierra is an awe-inspiring gate that guards the entrance of the old Cadiz Town. A visit to Cadiz is made memorable by the warm hospitality of the locals and the elegance of the yesteryears that the town possesses.

Makarska in Croatia


A gorgeous bay that is washed by the waves of the Adriatic Sea and a palm fringed promenade lined with restaurants and cafes await you at Makarska, one of the most serene locations on the coast of Croatia. This harbor city has managed to retain its old world charm that is emanated by the medieval churches and the colorful fruit markets of the main square. The Biokovo Mountain that borders this town adds to the grandeur of the landscape and offers an opportunity to indulge in adventure sports. On the other hand, the Franciscan Monastery serves as a peaceful retreat where one can admire the local architecture and explore an intriguing collection of sea shells. Needless to say, Makarska is the perfect place to enjoy the relaxed coastal way of living. And if happens that you’d like to stay there for a bit longer, houses for sale in Croatia are currently widely affordable due to stagnating, or even sinking, the economy of the country.

These are some of the unsung destinations of Europe that display the untarnished architectural splendor of the medieval years. At these locations, you will not find throngs of travelers or tourist attractions, instead, you will find glimpses of the true face of European culture. Therefore, if you wish to experience Europe through the eyes of the locals, do stop by these alluring cities on your next vacation.

Compliments of Barcelona: TOP 5 Highly Original Souvenir Shops

Want anything highly original? Forget about the traditional boring mug, hat or T-shirt, decorated with the standard phrase I Love BCN. Try to go a little far from the center to open new horizons for souvenir shopping. You can buy original presents for your close people. Read in this article! Of course, people like buying souvenirs. Those small things always remind you about different places that you have already visited. You can meet souvenir shops in Barcelona on every street corner, mostly in the historical center.

The assortment is almost the same: T-shirts, mugs, plates, headwear, decorated with Spanish symbols and mosaics. What about huge Mexican hat? So, do you still want to find impressive souvenir from Barcelona? The city boasts with little shops, boutiques, big galleries, waiting for your visit. Looking for something interesting and remarkable, never miss these shops.


Wawas Barcelona

This popular souvenir shop in Barcelona is situated close to the Museum of Picasso. This place was founded of two sisters, who loved souvenirs. They were interested in the culture of souvenirs. So, the shop attracts you with design clothes, jewelry, books and post cards. They all are unique in their style and originality. Do you want to feel real Barcelona? Welcome to Wawas. This place is rather different from the rest of other souvenir shops. You cannot find such typical souvenirs as clothes items, magnets and key chains. The shop sells original postcards with the Barcelona views. In short, this is a fresh alternative for all tourists, who are looking for special souvenirs from Barcelona, so-called made in Barcelona.

The place is not big, but light and well-organized: beautiful post cards with the city views, mugs, books, T-shirts, decorated with interesting elements, recipe books – you can find everything to your taste. There is also a special section devoted to arts, flamenco and lomography. The shop works from Monday till Saturday till the late evening.

Art Montfalcon

The shop is placed in the Gothic district. The logo of this shop is Picasso’s phrase: Nothing, which we can imagine is possible. The shop boasts with rich history. It was built as a little shop in 1903. The shop was rebuilt and renewed as an art gallery. There are many sections, devoted to tourism development. The area of this shop is about 1 000 square meters. The exhibit items are predicted to give you a piece of art. By the way, Art Montfalcon is placed in the building of a beautiful palace, built in neo classic style. The palace was built in the 19th century by Palau Castanyer.

Souvenirs de Madrid

You can find many interesting things in this shop. This is the shop number one that is really worthy to answer the question: Where can I buy souvenirs in Barcelona? The assortment is wide: bijouterie, wall clocks, toys, ceramics, bags, T-shirts, fashion accessories, pictures and original technological news. The most interesting souvenir is undestroyed city map and original sheets to write and draw on it.

The proud of the shop is Inspira Barcelona section. This is the section, where the best masterpieces of the local designers are represented. All of them are recognized at international scale. According to the worlds of the shop owner, Art Montfalcon makes you feel fresh emotions, unforgettable experience to open the world of arts in the historical atmosphere. You should check it right now! The shop works from Monday till Friday from 10 a.m. till 9 p.m.


Barceloning is less popular. It is situated in the street of Mallorca, 332. The shop is full of interesting own-produced goods. There are also many goods of other producers, making the concept and style of the shop: Watchcelona clock, chocolate and candies from Xavier Mor, book guides of Triangle and other interesting elements.

OMG Barcelona Souvenir Shop

Meet the next stylish shop. It is full of little souvenirs that are made in Barcelona. You can buy clothes from Krizia Robustella, ceramics from Miriam Cernuda, children’s book by Anna Tilche, soft pillows from Cush, and jewelry from Alba Casares. The online shop is available. The shop works from Monday till Saturday from 11 a.m. till 9 p.m.


Fantastik Souvenir Shop

The shop Fantastik is usually called extraordinary market. It is true. The main characteristics of this place are bright colors, eastern style. The shop offers to buy colorful souvenirs from Mexico, Japan, Senegal. You know, this shop is not for minimalistic clients. Everything is big and impressive: chairs, armchairs, posters, mugs, wooden things. This shop is unusual and insolent in something. There is nothing more exotic in Barcelona. If you are interested, find their website and look through the list of available goods. The shop works from Monday till Friday.

Food Souvenirs

Do you think that the best souvenir from Barcelona is nice hat? Think about local delicacies. Nevertheless, pay attention to the flight duration, transport, temperature conditions. It is time to learn the most popular food samples of Catalonia that you can bring home in a form of tasty and aromatic souvenir.

Local sausages: you should try fuet (it comes from a little cozy village close to the capital city. You can hire a car in Barcelona to be there at any time). Pay attention to chorizo – red sausage; tasty jamon serrano of high quality; sobrasada made of pork, salt and aromatic spices.

Crottin: it is not easy to take it home in your bag. Nevertheless, it is worth doing.

Sauces: The range of choice is wide and interesting: aioli garlic sauce; salsa brava – spicy sauce (it is perfect for potato); romesco sauce of tomatoes, garlic, almond, olive oil, eggplants, hot pepper. You can buy everything!

Sweets: try carquinyolis (almond cookies) or panellets (marzipans sweets).

Jamón Serrano

This is almost the end of the article-guide! Of course, you may choose something for your taste. Nevertheless, you must be ready to learn something useful for your Spanish trip. May be you are lucky to share the information about another interesting souvenir shop. It can be useful for tourists. All they want is buying worthy souvenirs with compliments of Barcelona.