The Mythical Creatures of Nature

You won’t find dragons and scary beasts on this infographic. However, this collection has it’s own style, and only shows creatures that can be called The Guardians of Nature. Nature is their home. And they were born with the only purpose – to protect it whether it’s just taking care of the woods or not letting people destroy it. They are completely devoted to what they do. And that is something that deserves admiration.

The infographic is kids-friendly. More over you will probably have a lot of fun with your little ones trying to remember the names of all creatures, and where they came from, or what cartoon characters they remind you of.

As different as they are, there is one thing that unites them: all together they show various sides of nature; its beauty and its power, its dangers and its unexpected, its hospitality and hostility at the same time.

Originally published on – The Mythical Creatures of Nature