25 interior design tips and quotes [infographic]

How Interior Design and Architecture Affect Mood

There is an old saying: “Fish is looking for where it is deeper, and the man – where better?” It’s not always true for fish, but always true for us, people. More over, ‘better’ is a completely relative concept: we all know that something that is great for one person can be not so good for the other one. It’s true for our inner world, and for the world that surrounds us.

Consciously and subconsciously we are looking to be in places where we can comfortably work, sleep, relax, create, and discover. If the sleeping place is hardly ever an issue, a place to work and create is more important to fit you. There is a reason for many of us to advise each other: if you feel stuck, change your environment (turn on/off the light, go outside, change temperature, move furniture). It might sound silly, but all these things together have a great deal of impact on your productivity.

Colors and spaces affect our mood, our process of thinking, and even our body temperature. No wonder in areas with a long and hot summer people prefer cold colors for their interior (blue, green, etc.). And the opposite: long cold winter doesn’t feel that bad if your home is painted and decorated in warm colors (orange, brown, red).

It might take time to turn your place into a nice comfortable home. Grab some inspiration ideas if you feel stuck.


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