5 Reasons to Use Social Media for Business Marketing

I know that using social media to market your brand can feel weary. Although confusing and overwhelming at times, social media can be a very powerful tool for your business. If you are on the fence about bringing your business to social media, these 5 benefits might just convince you to join.


In the past, marketing was a huge part of a business’s budget. Marketing is still a huge part of business, but the form has shifted. Social media is a great way to market your business, and it’s free! It levels the playing field between businesses and opens everyone up to a large audience. Social media allows you to invest more time than money into your marketing campaign.

Customer Relationship

Social media allows you to create relationships with customers by directly interacting with them. Customers will be encouraged to respond to posts, and keeping the conversation about your business going through different social media feeds will keep them aware of it. Not only do your customers most likely use social media actively every day, they also take it with them everywhere via smartphone. In addition to this, customers can share information from your page onto their page. This is the new form of recommendations, customers share what businesses they like with their friends on social media, which encourages their friends to give your business a try as well.

Keep Up on Competitors

Using social media for your business will allow you browse through other competitors pages. You can keep up on new trends your competitors may be implementing in their business. You can also see what customers are saying to them, products, and other information that might not be readily available to you by visiting their store or website. Especially locally, this kind of information allows you to be even more competitive with pricing and quality because you can directly address the concerns your competitor’s customers have.

Email Marketing

You no longer need to wait for customers to sign up for an email list in order for you to share newsletters, discounts, or other information with them. You can now share this information with your whole audience, as well as new customers who might be browsing the page for information. Email doesn’t have to go out the window all the way you can use social media and attract customers with a “Join Mailing List” button making it even easier for them to join and stay in the know.

Build your Brand

Social media allows you to really grow and confirm your brand. Businesses now have voices, giving you the ability to accurately build the image you want for your company. Respond to local events, news, and reviews in a tactful, timely manner. Your image and brand can really show itself on social media, and give customers an idea of the experience they will have using your business. Social media can help give you that boost to make your brand memorable to customers.

If you want a cheap, fast, accessible way to reach your business’s audience and customer base turn to social media. Just remember to keep your pages positive and respond to customers tactfully, since these profiles become the face of your business. Good luck and have fun!

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