5 Safety Tips When Working on Electrical Appliances

In the Philippines, the best electrical appliances can be found almost everywhere. Households in the country rely in them to provide them with comfort and entertainment. They are also a great help in doing household chores. Things like food processor, blender, washing machine, and vacuum cleaner surely make things easier for a lot of people trying to work around their homes.

Unfortunately, there are a few things you have to watch out for when using these objects to keep your family’s safety. But you can simply avoid having problems by following these tips:

Stay clear of water

Water is practically the Achilles heel of your electrical appliances. They are most likely to malfunction if you place them in a wet spot and use them. Be sure to avoid this because not only will it cause some damage to the product, it can also electrocute you.

You should wear rubber boots (and gloves) when using one of your appliances while standing and working on a wet area. Don’t forget to keep towels with you as well so you won’t become a conduit for the electric current.

Be wary of live wires

Live wires are another object that can definitely electrocute you. This is why you must always be wary of them. Before you use a dodgy electrical appliance, check first if they are safe by ensuring they are not energized. You can use an electric current tester to see if the wire is hot or alive. Never assume that they are off for this will immediately put your life in danger. You can also disconnect its power source to be 100% sure they are turned off.

Use the right fuse

Avoid having short circuits by using the correct fuse. Whenever you are making repairs to your circuit breaker panel, be sure that the appropriate ones are being used. If you are not familiar with fuses, go and educate yourself by checking this website out; or you can inquire and ask all about them with the mechanic in your area.

Prevent shocks with the help of an insulator

Oftentimes, when your electrical appliances are old enough, their wires tend to break, revealing a small copper portion. If you touch this, you can immediately shock yourself because this works as a conductor. You can easily avoid this from happening by covering them with a small rubber cap or a plastic one to cover this area so that even if you accidentally touch it, it would not electrocute you.

Test and maintain your appliances

Before you buy a new appliance and add it into your household, it is a good idea to test them first. Make sure they are working in top conditions. Also, check with their supplier if they have a warrantee so you can return them if they suddenly malfunction.

After you have appropriately tested them out, maintain their good condition by properly using them. It would be best if you read the manuals well so you know what to do and not to do.

Your family’s wellbeing should always come first, which is why you must follow these safety tips and avoid any issues you could possibly have with your electrical appliances!

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