BBM BlackBerry Messenger for Android and iPhone is here

BBM blackberry messengerToday RIM decided to release their BBM messenger on Android and iPhone after their fail release on September 22, and asked everything to register on to get a notification, since i did, I received this morning an email with title BBM for Android and iPhone is here ! after downloading the app from google play.. I think RIM should have waited more to perfect this service before making a release.

First screen you open in a welcome  screen asking to enter the email you pre-registered with on, “we are holding you spot”.

ps: you can use an email from anyone who already got an invitation

bbm on its way


And here the problems begin, directly i got a no connection screen ( i was connected normally to the internet), another screen is “Service is temporarily unavailable”.

Service is temporarily unavailable


After several retries i was able to get the BlackBerry Registration through, verified my email and right now suck with this “setting up BBM”

bbm setting up

After Around 6 hours of trying to log-in at last it worked here is the first preview of the BBM on android.

bbm home


Chatting window: the keyboard space is huge. barely can see one message. To make it smaller you can remove the action part, go to setting and turn off “Show Action Bar with keyboard”.

bbm android


One thing i like about BBM it’s the messages speed. The messages Arrive really fast, alot faster than any other messaging service out there.

The Updates Side Menu

bbm side menu


CHat: will show all your current chats

Contacts: will show all your contacts.

Updates: this is what i like the most, this will show you all the changes that your contacts have done. Profile image, status change …

Invites: your pending invitations

To remove the BBM icon from the notification area, go to setting and turn off “BBM Connected icon”.

What do you think about the new Messenger, will it replace Whatsapp ??

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