How a Glass of Organic Wine Trumps Exercise Regime

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Exercise is very important in today’s ever so stressful work environment. Exercise helps in improving physical performance. Physical performance is important to not only keep people safe from diseases but also reduce laziness. Exercise improves the blood flow which ensures better functioning of the heart. Even though the importance of exercise has been stressed over the years, people seem to be reluctant towards exercising. Whether it is due to the stressful schedule or due to laziness, exercise regime is always in the to-do list but never on the complete list.

While improved physical performance and muscle strength are some of the perks of exercise the lazy nature of people means these important fitness goals remain unachieved. But, what if these fitness goals could be achieved by drinking a glass of wine? Yes, achieving your fitness goals is as easy drinking a glass of wine. According to recent studies conducted by top researchers of the world, it has been proven that wine has the necessary ingredients which trigger the improvement in physical performance.

Red Wine is known to contain resveratrol which is known to improve muscle strength and heart function. Red wine has always been known to improve heart function and is also recommended by doctors. Red Wine regulates blood sugar and also has anti-ageing properties. This means it is healthy for consumption.

Wine boosts heart rate but it is vital to choose the right wine. Wines are made in vineyards across the world but they also contain chemical content in it. The chemical content in wines is harmful for the body and is a major cause of heart diseases. In order to counter this, few vineyards have developed chemical free wine which is not only good for health but also has the same properties and taste as of the regular store bought wine. The average wine is known to contain almost 50% non-natural ingredients.

Chemical free wineOrganic wine is a safer choice when compared with the regular wine which contains lesser chemical content. The world is moving towards using natural ingredient products and vineyards have taken a step further in order to manufacture natural ingredient wines. Preservatives are not good for health and this makes it vital for vineyards to give up using preservatives and this gave birth to the biodynamic wines. These wines have minimal chemical content. While research shows that a glass of wine trumps the exercise regime, it is vital that chemical and preservative free wine is consumed in order to support healthy living.

For those looking to improve their health by drinking wine rather than exercise, organic and chemical free wines are a must. Organic wines are available widely across e-commerce websites and one such website is Chemical Free Wine. Chemical Free Wine is known to source the best chemical free and organic wines. The company supports the chemical free movement in Australia.

About Chemical Free Wine:

Chemical Free Wine is an Australian website offering natural ingredient and chemical free organic wines.

5 Best Remedies For Treating Chronic Pain

Chronic pain is any type of pain that persists for months or even months. It greatly minimizes the quality of your life because it makes very simple tasks quite complex. Chronic pain takes a toll on you both emotionally and physically. The basic treatment techniques for chronic pain are medications, however, there are some herbal and natural ways that can assist in reducing your chronic pain.

Most often chronic pain results from headaches, joint pain, arthritis, back pain, and pain from a previous injury. It can also be a cause of muscle pain, carpal tunnel, sinus pain, syndrome, tendinitis, and nerve pain. In addition to its physical effects, chronic pain also affects your emotional well being by leading to stress, depression, fatigue, and anxiety. Here below is a list of 5 best remedies for treating chronic pain.


Ginger is classified to be one of the best natural chronic painkillers because it comprises of a compound called ‘gingerol’. Gingerol is an anti-inflammatory compound that reduces inflammation, hence reduces your chronic pain. The presence of zingerone and shogaol in are renowned for analgesic properties similar to that of ibuprofen or aspirin. A study conducted in 2005 showed that ginger reduces pain and inflammation more effectively than the typical pain medications like aspirin. And it does all this without any side effects.

ginger for chronic pain


Kratom is one of the best pain relievers because it contains mitragynine and 7-hydroxymitragynine function which is responsible for the pain-relieving qualities of the Mitragyna Speciosa Tree. Once you have determined the proper Kratom type and the dosage, Kratom can be a good alternative for pain medication. Some of the Kratom types that are best for dealing chronic pain include red vein, buy white vein indo and green vein kratom.

kratom for chronic pain

Kava Kava

Kava kava is effective for pain, stress, anxiety, easing nerves and sleeping aid. Kava kava also helps to overcome social fear among people who are too shy to interact with people. For this reason, it is also called “the sociability plant”. Because of its synergistic ability to promote restfulness both mentally and physically, kava kava can be extremely helpful in overcoming chronic pain, especially when such pain has a psychological component. Kava Kava is available in many forms; powder, whole root, crushed root, capsules, tincture etc. which one is the most useful for you depends on your requirement and usage.

kava kava for chronic pain

Vitamin D

Vitamin D inadequacy is connected to a large group of unending diseases, including chronic pain. A recent report found that patients lacking in vitamin D require twice as much pain medication as patients with satisfactory levels, showing a reverse connection between vitamin D levels and chronic pain. Supplementing with vitamin D and routinely presenting your skin to regular daylight very well might be the cure you require for reducing chronic pain.

vitamin D


Turmeric is also known as Curcuma longa. It is considered to be one of the most powerful anti-inflammatory herbs. Turmeric has been used as a home remedy to treat sciatica, gout, arthritis, and several other autoimmune disorders. Research has shown that when turmeric used in combination with bromelain and Devil’s claw, it provided significant pain relief for patients with osteoarthritis. An assistant professor Dr. Charles Kim, said, “It’s often found in spicy foods, very much in Indian cooking. Systemically, turmeric helps quell disease-causing inflammation in all its forms and may be the key to overcoming whatever pains might be ailing you.

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10 Best Ways To Lose Weight For Women Over 40

10 Best Ways To Lose Weight For Women Over 40

As women get older, it becomes difficult to lose weight because their metabolism process is slowed down. Once they hit the age of 40 they may feel that the odds are stacked against them when it comes to shedding fat. During this time, the body goes through changes in digestion and metabolism that can result in weight gain in the thighs, midsection, and other parts of the body.

Hormonal changes can also reduce your metabolic rate, hampering weight loss. Sometimes something has gotten off the track that must be handled before the normal weight loss measures can have any effect. Here are the 10 best ways to lose weight for women over 40.

1. Eating Better Food

One of the most effective ways to lose weight for women over 40 is making the right food choices and controlling your portion. Training yourself to eat the right foods can also make you feel satisfied longer so that you don’t end up eating anything between the meals. One way of doing this is using a smaller plate and measuring out your portion can also help keep the food size under watch.

2. Time Your Eating

According to experts, anything that you eat after 8.00 pm is likely to end up in your stomach or your hips. Thankfully, the opposite is true, what you consume in the mornings is much more likely to be used well. It’s unfortunate if you don’t like breakfast because it’s one of the meals that help keep thin people thin.

3. Yoga And Meditation

According to most women, yoga and meditation are some of the most useful ways to shed fat for women over 40. Yoga can help enhance your moods, boost your energy levels, promote weight loss, and ease body aches. Adding yoga to your daily activities can be a good way to give your weight loss effort an added push that you need to achieve your goals.

4. Consume A Lot Of Fat Fighting Foods

When it comes to weight loss, it’s not about how much you eat but rather what you eat. Instead of stuffing your fridge with unhealthy foods, stock plenty of healthy foods. You can do this by incorporating foods that fight fat and then eat others in moderation.

5. Attend Weight Loss Camps

Attending weight loss resorts or camp is also one of the ideal ways to lose weight. Attending these meetings will enlighten you on everything to do with weight loss. You will not only learn about a low calorie diet but also how to plan your weight loss menus. Many also provide group counseling and spa facilities.

6. Get Adequate Sleep

According to studies, one of the keys to losing weight is getting a good night’s sleep. Because of the actions of hormones that control satiety and hunger, lack of sleep is directly linked to weight gain. The older we grow the more difficult it is to enjoy a good sleep and the more likely it is to gain weight. You, therefore, need to take steps towards getting adequate sleep.

7. Focus On Your Fuel To Energy Ratio

Once you have gained weight, your body adapts to that weight and does everything to hold it there. It’s, therefore, very important to focus on your fuel to energy ratio by making slow gradual adjustments that will help you.

8. Burn More Calories

If your goal is to lose weight, you need to burn more calories than you take. This can only be achieved through regular workouts and adding more physical activities. You can start by taking stairs instead of a lift, adding a Zumba class and walking a lot when attending to your errands. The idea is to add more physical activities to help you burn more calories.

9. Minimize Stress

In today’s world, women tend to resort to alcohol and other substances to help manage stress. If you are struggling with weight loss, you need to refrain from this vicious cycle. Too much stress increases cortisol which is a hormone that has effects on your ability to lose weight and also cause a lot of fat around your stomach area. Minimizing stress is, therefore, one of the best ways to los weight for women over 40.

10. Enroll In Medically Supervised Plan

Many women hit age 40 and find that they are tired of struggling with weight loss so they look for surgical operations or medically supervised plans. In the recent years, these plans have received good reviews and are among the best ways to lose weight. They also offer a structured menu with personalized instructions from medical professionals.

Final Words

Well, those are the best 10 ways to lose weight. Your primary aim should be to make gradual changes that you can incorporate and stick with. That’s the ultimate secret to achieving this.

Sugar Substitute for Diabetics

Everybody loves desserts. The sweet and tingling sensation after every bite of your favorite chocolate cake or a sip from your favorite caramel drink will make you wanting for more. For this reason, some people acquire diabetes because they do not know how to control themselves in consuming these delectable sweet courses. In result, they end up guzzling several medicine for diabetes to help them maintain their sugar level.

Given the fact that desserts are restricted to diabetic people, this does not mean that they should skip and forget sugars entirely. People with diabetes should just regulate their sugar intake. Thus, there are a few sugar substitutes, or artificial sweeteners, that every diabetes person can take without the fear of getting a high sugar level again.

Acesulfame Potassium

Widely known as Acesulfame K, this sugar substitute that was accidentally discovered by Karl Clauss and Harald Jensen in 1967.Acesulfame K is a calorie-free artificial sweetener which is 300 times sweeter than any regular sugar. In fact, this sugar substitute is known to be one of the ingredients in making ice creams, candies, and canned goods. Additionally, Acesulfame K is also used in baking and other products that requires a long shelf life because of its heat stability. Though this sugar substitute may be sweeter than a regular sugar, it has been proven that Acesulfame K intakes has no effect on blood glucose levels, which is perfect for the sweet lovers that has diabetes.


This sugar substitute was discovered by James M. Schlatter in 1965. With the help of Torunn Atteraas Garin, the two worked together to develop aspartame as an artificial sweetener. Aspartame, on the other hand, is 200 times more sweet than table sugar. It was first used for dry goods and carbonated beverages, but certain reactions to this substance made this as one of the sugar substitutes that can cause a serious damage when taken on an excessive manner.


Neotame is a sugar substitute that is 7, 000 to 13, 000 times sweeter than your table sugar. Although it has a high sweetness level, this substance does not accumulate to the body.This artificial sweetener came from Aspartame, however, it has a lower level and much stable than Aspartame. This substance is commonly used in cereals and candies.



This artificial sweetener is 300 to 400 times sweeter than table sugar, but has a bitter aftertaste. Saccharin is the sugar substitute that is highly recommended to diabetic people.It was produced in 1879 by Constantin Fahlberg, which makes it as the oldest existing sugar substitute. Saccharin is used to sweeten products like drinks, candies, cookies, medicines, and toothpaste.


Stevia is the only sugar substitute that is extracted from leaves of plant species, making it as a natural sweetener that is 150 times sweeter than sugar.It was first used by the Guarani people of South America. In Brazil and Paraguay, Stevia was commonly used as a medicine and a sweetener for local teas.

In present day, Stevia is used in soda products and food products.


Last but not the least, Sucralose is both a sugar substitute and an artificial sweetener. It is 300 to 1, 000 times sweeter than sugar itself. Like Acesulfame K, Sucralose is commonly used in baking due to its heat stability. Sucralose is usually the one that is used as sweeteners for coffee or tea, rather than your regular sugar.


These artificial sweeteners can also be utilized by everyone who wants to cut down, monitor, and maintain their sugar level, though these are much recommendable to diabetic people. Though this may be a sugar substitute, proper and controlled intake is still cautiously suggested to them since these still contains sugar.

The Emergency Survival Food Kit

Did you know that the first 72 hours of any type of disaster is crucial? Natural disasters, such as earthquake and typhoon may strike unexpectedly anytime, leaving you devastated and unguarded. Surviving any kind of disaster is absolutely difficult, especially if you are not equipped with the proper knowledge on how to recover from a disaster and things that you should prepare.

Luckily enough, there are various useful guides and survival tips on how to cope up and survive after a disaster. One of the important things that you should prepare for is building your own emergency survival food kit. Do you have any idea what’s inside this kit? Read on and let us know what are the essential things that make up an effective emergency survival food kit.


Did you know that people can survive for five days without food as long as he or she has water to consume? Keep clean water in a sterile and airtight water container. The water that you will be keeping is good for drinking, washing, and even cooking. The ideal amount of water must be one gallon per person per day.  On the other hand, three liters of water should be kept for washing per person per day.


Enough supply of food can make you go for at least three days after the disaster happened. You can pack high-energy food, such as crackers, jelly, and peanut butter.

Instant cereal, biscuits, cup noodles, and canned fish or meat are also ideal food to include in your survival food kit. Include special foods in your food kit in case you have infants or elderly persons at home to complement their specific diet. Remember to only store non-perishable food. You might also want to include disposable plates and utensils.

Food and water are the most essential things that should be in your emergency kit. Apart from these essentials, emergency tools, hygiene kit, and first-aid kit should also be kept to keep you equipped during calamities. Here is a simple breakdown of the other things that you should prepare.

  • First-aid Kit – Having a first-aid kit at home is a must for everyone. This should also be handy at all times. Your first-aid kit should include adhesive strips, bandages, swabs antiseptic, safety pins, resealable plastic bags, gloves, and a first aid reference guide.
  • Emergency Tools – Emergency tools can help you go a long way after experiencing a disaster. This kit should include emergency numbers of police station, fire station, and hospital, multi-purpose knife, candles and matches, flashlight with batteries, sleeping bag, and whistle.
  • Hygiene Kit – Your hygiene kit should have extra clothing, which includes shirts, shorts, pants, jackets, and undergarments, toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, soap, alcohol, and wet wipes.

It is important to build an emergency survival food kit before any disaster strikes. Make sure to check your survival food kit every six months to ensure that all of its contents are still good and not expired. The water should be replaced to retain its freshness and effectiveness. After all, the contents of your emergency kit should make you survive for the first seventy-two hours after you evacuate from a disaster.

3 Delectable Recipes That Will Help You Lose Weight

Trying tasty dishes to pamper taste buds and keeping the pounds off- isn’t easy as it may sound. But, thankfully they are many recipes that claim big in the recent studies and research papers.  They help individuals, those who are in pursuit of a slim-fit figure by reducing the calorie and sugar intake, and also enhance their metabolism rate.

Are you also one of them yearning to shed off some extra pounds, but not at the expense of your taste buds? Yes, then read further to take a look at the top three delectable recipes that will help you lose weight, while satisfying your good taste cravings. Plus, you don’t have to spend hours in the kitchen, as these dishes hardly take five to ten minutes for preparation:

  1. Broccoli & Feta Omelet with Toast- For your breakfast 

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In the morning hustle and bustle, breakfast is the time, when most of us end to grab calorie rich easy snack food like the pasta, donutes with coffee, and the other stuff, which are high in sugar and fat content. A well beginning is half done, so give those morning munchies a miss and give broccoli & feta omelet with toast a go.

Let’s cook, firstly, heat a nonstick pan over medium to high flame. Coat the skillet with cooking spray, and now add broccoli, and cook for three to five minutes.

Combine dill, feta, and egg in small bowl. After this, put this egg mixture into the pan; again cook for three to four minutes. Flip omelet and cook 2 minutes, until cooked through. Now, your broccoli & feta omelet is ready to be served with toast.

  1. Grilled Chicken Cutlets with Summer Succotash- For your afternoon meal

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Do you know one can burn 300 calories daily by having the right foods? This grilled chicken cutlet with summer succotash recipe is also one of them; it will help you to burn fat and calories, helping you to trim down fast. And the best part, this recipe only takes 5 minutes to be ready for serving!

Start by seasoning the chicken pieces with garlic, pepper, salt, and rosemary. Heat a large pan over medium to high flame, add one teaspoon olive oil; swirl to coat the pan. Cook the chicken pieces for 10 minutes, until it becomes a light brownish.

Add squash, corn, and lime beans; season with salt as per your taste, and cook until the squash is just tender about 2-3 minute. Now pour the lime juice over the chicken pieces, and serve hot with a cup of   Succotash

  1. Chocolate-Dipped Banana Bites- For your dessert

3 bananas2b-600x400

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Most of us have a sweet tooth, and even more right the supper, but that doesn’t mean you got to compensate on your good health to satisfy your sugar cravings. What about the bananas recipe?  All your need is a mild knife, and a microwave- and a desert serving will ready to eat; this recipe will help you to burn calories fast. As an added benefit, the semisweet chocolate desert contains healthy fats to augment your metabolism rate.

The preparation job is simple, firstly put the chocolate chips in a zip-top plastic bag, or in a small microwave-safe bowl. Microwave the chocolate chips for one to two minutes, until it melts. Now, as the dipping is ready, cut the bananas, and have a much you want without worrying about the calorie intake.

The above three recipes are not healthy but also won’t take much cooking to reach your dining table.

How to Cope Up With People Suffering From Dementia

Dementia is a medical condition that describes a symptom, which damages communication, memory, and thinking skills of a person who suffers from it. In most cases, a person who suffers from dementia has poor judgment or a cognitive problem, confusion with place or time, and has aggressive actions and speech. That is why caregiver services in Chicago make sure that they give their full attention and understanding to their patients who suffer dementia. As a family member of someone who has dementia, you can also learn some strategies to fully learn and understand the situation of your loved one.


As with any other kind of circumstances, communication is also the key in dealing with dementia behavior. A good communication skill will likely improve your ability to handle difficult situation and challenging behavior of person who has dementia. To guide you accordingly, here are some of the effective tips for communicating with people suffering dementia.


Clearly State Your Message

Since people who have dementia are more likely to be in their 60’s and 70’s, use simple words and sentences as much as possible. Instead of using pronouns, such as he, she, or they, use the names of people or places. To clearly state your message, pitch your voice lower and speak slowly so that you can be fully understood. Moreover, avoid using higher or louder voice if they can’t understand you in the first time.


Break Down Activities into a Series of Steps

Just like in using simple words and sentences, giving simple instructions is also an ideal way to encourage your loved one to do what task he or she can do. When encouraging them to do a certain task, break down such task so that they can’t be overwhelmed. By breaking down the activities, you will make such tasks simpler and manageable for them.


Make Sure to Respond with Affection and Reassurance

People who are suffering from dementia are commonly disoriented, have mood swings, anxious, and confused with themselves and the things around them. As much as possible, refrain from telling them that they are wrong. Instead, respond to them with full comfort, support, and reassurance. Body languages, such as holding hands and hugging will definitely be a big help to show your care. Moreover, be patient with them in explaining different things.



Listen with Your Ears, Eyes, and Heart

One of the essential things that you should have in dealing with people who suffers from dementia is compassion. Sympathy and concern for their sufferings will help you connect with your loved one efficiently. Moreover, good listening skills are also helpful to understand them better. Be patient when they tend to forgot certain words or things.


Certainly, we are not born knowing how to communicate clearly with person who has dementia. However, we can learn and improve our communication skills that can help us deal with them and understand their situation. Practice some of the techniques mentioned to be able to interact well with your loved one.  After all, dementia should not be a hindrance in your family bonding.


The Pros and Cons: Hair Bleaching

Today’s market is filled with various cosmetic products for hair, face, and body. And people have a tendency to buy them out, unwilling to wait whether they really are worth all their efforts and money. Some of them don’t even bother to check out and read things like the best whitening soap review in Manila, which unfortunately results to them having regrets in the end.

But you can easily avoid it by doing some research before purchasing a product or try out a “beauty regimen.” For instance, before bleaching your hair, you might want to read how the process works and its pros and cons.

Here are some of them now to enlighten you:

colored Hair
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Hair bleaching is usually being done when you want to color your hair. A number of people have decided to do this to their locks to achieve the following advantages:

  • Simplest way to lighten your hair color – There’s nothing wrong with having dark hair. But some people like to experiment and make them locks lighter from time to time. Essentially, they can only get this look through bleaching. If you are sick of your dark curls, you might want to try this out to give you something new.
  • More effective than DIY hair colors – DIY is short for do-it-yourself. DIY colors can be bought in numerous department stores and cosmetic shops. They usually offer you a chance to change your hair color in the comforts of your own homes – meaning you don’t have to visit the salon to do it. This option may be cheaper but is not often effective. If you really want to change your hair color, you will try bleaching them first.
  • Great for color transition – Colouring your hair is not an easy feat – as implied above – particularly if you have natural dark hair. The color you want to apply on your curls will hardly show because of your hair’s pigmentation. But you can easily remedy this by bleaching your hair first. This will enable your hair to become lighter and then show the color you currently want to wear, no matter how eccentric they are.

Cons of Hair Bleaching

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Unfortunately, hair bleaching has some disadvantages as well. Here are 2 of them:

  • Hair damage – The primary thing you don’t want to achieve after bleaching your hair is the damage it will cause. Take note that this process is extremely harsh and can leave your curls looking weak, brittle, and dry. This means that if you often do it to your hair, it will ultimately seem like it was completely fried, which is why you must think twice before you do it to your locks.
  • Needs constant care and coloring – Bleaching will essentially weaken your hair, which means you would have to take extra care of it, if you want it to look at its best. You would need special shampoo, conditioners, and hair treatments in order to achieve that. Furthermore, you also have to color it as often as possible so that your natural dark hair won’t show on your roots.

Bleaching your hair has its pros and cons. Remember to think about it well before you go on about it. Keep in mind that the damage it brings to your locks may be irreversible!

Top 9 Causes of hair loss in men

It is true that men are more likely to lose hair than women; it is due to male pattern baldness (it is discussed below in detail).

Causes of hair loss can range from the simple & temporary – a vitamin/mineral deficiency – to the most complex, like an unrevealed health condition. There are ways to treat male hair loss. It all depends on its causes.

Here are some general and some rare causes of hair fall.


Severe physical stress (like having an accident) or severe emotional stress (like a death in the family) can have unusual effects on our body. Extreme stress usually sends the body into the situation of shock, which results in disturbing various hormones and metabolites. This may lead to shedding of hair known as telogen effluvium. While the effects of severe stress on hair are well understood, mostly this type of hair loss is long term.



Mineral / Vitamin deficiency:

Whether it is because of not proper diet, starvation, some biological or genetic defect, deficiencies in certain minerals or nutrients can cause hair loss. Apparently the most common deficiency that affects directly to hair loss is iron. If iron is severely low it can lead to iron-deficiency called anemia – a condition that causes the body not to make enough red blood cells. Red blood cells are very important because they carry oxygen to every cell in the body and help those cells in maintaining normal functions. Deficiencies in other nutrients such as vitamin B and protein  results in hair loss as well.


Most of us are well aware that chemotherapy drugs can obviously lead to hair loss, but, in fact, there are numerous other drugs that may cause hair falling out. These include anti thyroid medicines, anti-coagulants, anti-convulsants (for epilepsy), beta-blockers, and many more. These medications ultimately cause telogen effluvium – a fast hair shedding that occurs when a huge number of hair unexpectedly shift from a growth phase -known as anagen- to a resting phase -known as telogen-, and then fallout when new hair begin to grow.



However, a number of infections can results in hair loss but the most common infection that affects the hair and scalp is ringworm. Ringworm is actually produced by a fungus; its scientific name is Tinea capitis. It is caused by mold-like fungi called dermatophytes that grow in warm, moist conditions and usually arise due to poor diet. While it affects mostly children, it can be caught at any age.

Immediate weight loss

Dramatic weight loss is a form of physical trauma that can results in thinning hair. This can happen even if the weight loss is good for you. It is the possibility that the weight loss is stressing your body, not having good diet can result in mineral or vitamin deficiencies. Loss of hair along with prominent weight loss may also be a sign of unhealthy diet.

Autoimmune disease:

If you are suffering from arthritis or diabetes, you have already been dealing with autoimmune diseases that occurs when the body’s own immune system accidentally attacks and destroys healthy tissue of body. When the body’s immune system attacks cells, hair follicles or tissues important to hair growth, it can result in hair loss. This type of hair loss can be temporary or permanent, depending on affected tissues.

Autoimmune disease


Thyroid is a small gland positioned in the front of the neck just below the voice box. It plays a significant role in controlling the body’s metabolism by transmitting various hormones. Hypothyroidism is an underproduction of some hormones and it results in patchy hair loss known as alopecia areata.

Over styling:

This reason is a bit more fit on women, but even men should know that wearing tightly pulled back hair (like in a ponytail or a braid) can cause hair loss. Its scientific name is traction alopecia, which is caused by pulling of the hair. It results to fast hair loss, mostly at the hairline. While it is most commonly seen in African women, it is also seen in men who wear hair pieces in the same location on the head for the long period of time.

Male pattern baldness:

This is the leading cause and we can’t do much to avoid it. Male pattern baldness, scientifically known as androgenetic alopecia, indicates to hair thinning in an “M-shaped” hair pattern that is usually mentioned when men talk about balding. With the passage of time, the hair follicles will transform and shrink which lead to thin hair. Many treatments are available to overcome this problem but they are not guaranteed to work, the best recommendation is Fue hair transplant.


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