Google Now 50 Command Examples

google nowGoogle Now, The right information at just the right time. From knowing the weather before you start your day, to planning the best route to avoid traffic, or even checking your favorite team’s score while they’re playing, Google Now brings you the information you want, when you need it. Google now assists you in almost every part of your life, specially with the voice command search.

David from Phonebuff compiles a list of 50 commands that can be asked to Google now with their explanation

  • What is my schedule look like (this will search in your Google calendar)
  • Where is my package (will tell you where is your package if you are expecting any deliveries)
  • Text jasmine: it’s already shipped (sends a text message to jasmine saying: it’s already shipped)
  • Remind me to get milk next time I am at Walmart (will set an alarm based on location, so next time you are in walmart the alarm will ring)
  • Email
    • When will you guys get the next shipment of XBOX one (sending an email with the body you can even include a subject by saying subject then the content)
  • How are the Lakers doing (stating of the Lakers in the current lead, works on other sports and other teams too)
  • What the definition of a smart phone (will explain “smart phone”)
  • What is the capital of France (give the answer paris)
    • What time is it there (gives the time in paris, or you can ask what is the time in paris or any other city in the worl)
    • What are some attractions (gives the attractions in paris. conversation styles google now still knows you are talking about the same topic)
    • Show me some pictures of the Eiffel tower (display pictures of the Eiffel Tower)
  • Post to twitter I want to go to Paris (Posts a tweet on your twitter account, remember the app twitter has the be installed)
  • Open Facebook (opens the application Facebook)
  • How much is Mark Zuckerbergworth (gives information about a person)
    • How old is he (another question about the same person)
  • What is the theme thong to the big bang theory (gives the name of the song)
    • who is the cast (gives the cast of big bang theory)
    • What channel is it on (mention the name of the channel, still same topic)
  • How long is iron man 3 (search for the tun time of a movie)
    • What is its rating (mention the rating of the same movie or any other)
  • What are the show times for Thore (search for the show time of a movie in the nearest theater)
  • Do a barrel role
  • How old do you have to be to gamble in Vegas (vegas information)
    • What’s the whether there (weather in vegas, or any other city in the world)
  • Go to (opens a website)
  • Note to self don’t play casino war (posts a note in google note)
  • Make me a sandwich (:))
  • How many calories are there in a banana (information search)
  • Banana vs apple (comparison)
  • What are some restaurants near by (search for restaurants close to you location)
  • What are the hours to California pizza kitchen (google now can give information about restaurants like the opening hours)
    • Give me direction (gives you a direction to location)
  • What is 18 percent tip on 37 dollars (google now can make almost any arithmetic operation)
  • What is the loneliest number
  • What is the population of California (information about a city or a country)
    • What’s the minimum wage
  • Tilt
  • What’s google stock price (gives finance information for any stock)
  • When is mother’s day (google now gives the exact date for any holiday)
  • Call mom ( calls a person from your phonebook, if not available might get the number from search specially if it’s a business)
  • Status of united flight 274 (information about flights, delays, on time, canceled …)
  • What’s the traffic to LAX ( traffic information between 2 locations, this is not available in all countries)
  • How do you say where is the restroom in Spanish (translation  between 2 languages)
  • What is 10 dollars in pesos (currency conversion based of the current)
  • What is 3 cups in liters (convert between 2 measurements)
  • What song is this (play a song and google will tell you what it is)
  • Play The Marshall Mathers LP ( google now will play the song for you)
  • Wake me up at 7 am tomorrow ( set a reminder)
  • What is the answer to the life the universe and everything

You can check this generic command list in this nice infographic by google now commads infographic

Enjoy google now 😉 if you know any other command share with us in the comments below.

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