Home Security systems – How To Identify What You Need

Crime proliferates everywhere. No place is safe anymore not even in your own home. Parents’ thoughts while working are constantly wandering to how their kids are doing at school, at home or wherever they may be at any given time. They are not comfortable leaving them alone but can’t do anything about it as they need to work. In the US alone, there are over 2 million burglaries in homes happening every year, according to Alarm Systems Report. However, despite these alarming great numbers or fears of break-ins, very few homeowners have actually installed security alarm systems. Deciding to invest in home security systems is critical. The time to install one at your home should not be delayed lest something regretful occurs.

Here are the types of security systems that you can have installed in your homes –

  1. Security cameras – One of the best inventions of modern technology and most popular form of security that homeowners and business owners install at their premises. Crime can be prevented when you have security cameras because the mere sight of these lenses staring back at them bad guys will make them stop in their tracks for fear of being identified and get captured. These cameras also enable you to keep track of your guests’ activities at home or at the office thereby making it easy for you to see if there has been suspicious moves in those comings and goings each day.
  1. Alarm systems – Are designed to detect intrusions like unauthorized entries, burglars and thieves. Most known type is the house alarm. These alarms have sensors which connect to a control unit by high-voltage or radio-frequency signal that interacts with a response device. Most sensors for indoor use are infrared.  Sensors for outdoors are more costly because they cover a wider space and not false alarm-proof. The best alarm systems have both audible and silent alarms set off by sensors that are installed all over the home.
  1. Home automation – This allows you a home away from home control of your home features via your smartphone or  any web-powered device. By home automation, you are able to  turn on and off your small appliances, lighting and thermostat wherever you are. This also enables you to view pre-recorded and live video monitoring.                                                                                              

Although the very reason why most homeowners delay in installing one at home is because of the cost. Security systems need not cost that much. Identifying what you really need will help you decide which one to go with. There are what we call traditional security systems that are really inexpensive. These are the DIY or do-it-yourself type home security that do not have monthly fees. There are two things to consider though when it comes to DIY Home Security systems:

  1. Monitoring is done by you and you can have it installed on your own. While this is less expensive, it presents a lot of risks as cellular service is not reliable being not available most of the time, especially when you are away. There may not be enough time to alert authorities of an intrusion.
  2. Install it on your own and have it monitored professionally. This DIY option is much better, although it is just a bit less expensive because you were able to save only on installing by yourself and have to pay for professional monitoring monthly. However, you are assured of 100% cellular monitoring, protection on crash and smash, access remotely on thermostat, light & video control and phone, email and text alerts.


Author Bio: Susan Orlain is the founder of  www.myeverythinghome.net site, currently a mother, homemaker, virtual office manager and blogger.



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