How To Enjoy Mediterranean Lifestyle In Croatia

If you wish to experience Mediterranean Europe at its best then Croatia is the destination for you. This country has a vividly hued cultural fabric, owing to its long and rich history, and is also a land of pristine nature. The landscape varies from golden sand at the sparkling sea shores to lush green meadows and mighty peaks in the heart of the country, creating a natural haven that is a treat for the eyes. Adding to the charm of the idyllic scenery are the majestic monuments from the golden chapters of Croatia’s history. Here are some of the most wonderful attributes of this mesmerizing nation that will make you fall in love with it.

Spend As Much Time As Possible At The Coast

Cro Coast

The Croatian culture celebrates a relaxed, stress-free lifestyle where one has ample time to enjoy the music of the waves and the beauty of nature. Be it the sun-soaked bay of Makarska, the rustic fishing ports of Vis, or the charming villages of Korcula island, the atmosphere in the country is quiet and peaceful. Adding some life to the old world serenity are the vibrant fruit and vegetable markets and bustling town squares where one can witness the locals going about their lives. The country is one of the best representations of the carefree Mediterranean style of living.

Enjoy The Warm Climate And Wonderful Nature

Dubrovnik Nature

Croatia is blessed with a mild and sunny climate all round the year and the coastal towns are perfect destinations not only for a summer vacation but also for a winter holiday. The national parks of the region have preserved some rare flora and fauna in the face of urbanization and are home to magnificent water bodies, canyons, and forests. The frothy waterfalls of the Krka National Park, the crystalline pools of water of the Plitvice Lakes National Park and the breathtaking gorges of the Paklenica National Park are only some of the unique natural wonders that the country boasts of.

Learn More About The Cultural Background And Traditions

Dubrovnik Lovrijenac Fort

Croatia has been the birthplace of several mighty civilizations over the centuries, each of which has left a lasting impression on the local culture. Glimpses of these civilizations can be seen in the marvelous architecture of the historical cities and in the joyful carnivals that bring the streets to life. The fortified walls of the city of Dubrovnik, the sprawling Roman amphitheater in the city of Pula, and the imperial Diocletian’s Palace in Split are some of the most well-preserved relics from the medieval times that narrate the tales of the bygone era in a fascinating manner.

Don’t Worry Much About Expenses Of Living

Croatia Coast Streets

Croatia is not just a stunning travel destination but also extremely affordable too. Not only are the basic amenities such as food and transport reasonably priced but the cost of property in Croatia is also pretty budget-friendly. This is the reason why several travelers decide to settle down permanently in this beautiful country. Croatia is among the more affordable countries in Europe and is perfect for those who do not wish to burn a hole in their pocket. An intriguing culture, idyllic scenery, and affordable real estate, what more can someone ask for?

These are some of the fascinating aspects of Croatia that you can experience first-hand on your next trip. So if you wish to embrace the Mediterranean style of living and want to enjoy nature and architecture to the fullest then do make plans to visit this alluring country.

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