11 ways to know if the honey is Pure

Honey, how can we know if we are eating a 100% pure honey or mixed with something else?

As you know honey is a food that will never rot of get spoiled. the easiest way to know if the honey is 100% pure is by extracting it yourself directly from the comb, or buying a Honey Comb sealed in the hive by the bees.

Here are some methods to check if purity of the honey

  1. Read the label. Manufacturers should list all the ingredients on the container. If the honey is not pure, it should say so on the label, including the percentage of real honey that is in the bottle, if any.
  2. Rub some of the product between your index finger and thumb until it disintegrates — some will be absorbed into your skin if there’s honey; pure honey is a good skin regimen. Natural honey is not sticky. If what you rub is sticky, it has sugar or artificial sweetener in it.
  3. Place a few drops on notebook or tissue paper. Pure honey will not perforate the paper for a long time because it does not contain water.
  4. Drop some honey near ants. Bees instinctively build beehives on trees and between rocks. They add an additive to the honey in order to protect it from pests, such as ants. Ants will not disturb natural honey.
  5. Mix it with an egg yolk and beat with a fork. If the honey is pure, the yolk will look like it has been cooked.
  6. Fill a glass of water and add 1 tablespoon of the product. Pure honey will lump and settle at the bottom, while adulterated and artificial honey will start dissolving.
  7. Spread it on a slice of bread. Natural honey will harden the bread in minutes. Adulterated and artificial honey will wet the bread because of the water content.
  8. Real honey will give you a tingling feel in the back of your mouth just before swallowing. Adulterated and artificial honey cannot achieve this.
  9. See if it crystallizes over time. Imitation honey will remain looking like syrup, no matter how long it is stored, while real honey will crystallize.
  10. Dip the tip of a matchstick in the product and then strike to light it. Natural honey will light the match easily and the flame will burn off the honey. Fake honey will not light because of the moisture.
  11. Add 2 to 3 tablespoons to a microwave-proof bowl. Heat on high power until hot. Natural honey will caramelize quickly and never become foamy. Adulterated and artificial honey will become bubbly and difficult to caramelize.

If you know any other method, of found that one of those methods are not true for you please leave us a comment below.

PS: When you try any of the points mentioned in this post you do that on your own risk


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