Migrate from Windows Live Messenger (WLM / MSN) to Skype

Microsoft declared yesterday that by march 2013 there will be NO more Windows Live Messenger and all the users will be move to the lately acquired messenger Skype (Oct 2011). Now the greatest concert for almost everyone using MSN ( what WLN is mostly known for ) is the Contacts. 

Update 10 Jan 2013: on Tuesday Microsoft sent a mass mail to all Windows messenger user saying that the service will stop on 15 march 2013 ( except in china) and asking all users to get the latest version of skype and signin using the same account ID.

Update 24 March 2013: Last week Microsoft sent an email expanding the life of MSN for 1 month. The new stop date is April 8th, 2013. here is the statement from the email “As you may have heard, starting April 8th, 2013 we are bringing the great features of Messenger and Skype together, including your IM and contact list. (April 8th is the first day that you may be required to upgrade to Skype).”

Moving your MSN contacts is very easy we simulated a step by step :

  1. Download or Update Skype to the latest Version. you can download from this link
  2. Choose Microsoft Account from the login screen
  3. Choose I Have Skype Account or I’m new to Skype to enter create your information
  4. In the last step of merging you should see both account in the same window. click on continue to finish

There you go, simple and easy

Update: Bugs found so far in the migration hopefully Microsoft will fix those soon, let us know in the comment if you see any other bug.

  • Duplicate contacts between Skype and WLM are not merging , so you end up with 2 contacts same person
  • When creating a group you can’t add contacts imported from WLM
  • Contacts appearing offline when in fact on WLM they are online. after a good time they will start appearing online
  • Cannot block msn contact, for a skype contact a simple right click will do the trick.
  • loging with your Microsoft account doesn’t have a remember me or sign me in automaticly

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