Recess at Work Day (JUNE 20)

recessRemember back in school when you got to go outside with all your friends and enjoy the fresh air and just play? Well, today is the day you do that AT WORK. Yes, Recess At Work Day is a day to take a break during your work day and have some fun.

Recess At Work Day is celebrated on the third Thursday in June; According to Rich DiGirolamo, founder of Recess At Work Day, breaks lead to satisfaction; and satisfaction produces increased morale, reduced stress, more engaged and healthier employees; ultimately having a positive impact on productivity, absenteeism and profits.

There are no rules in celebrating Recess At Work Day; just take a break from the daily work routine and engage in something fun. You can schedule a break with another person which will encourage you to be on time for the break period, or you can bring your walking shoes to work with you and take a walk in the sun -get some air. You can even give way to the child in you and play childhood games with you colleagues, such as tag, dodge ball, or you can just go to the park and enjoy the swing set, merry-go-round or slide.

Remember, breaks are a necessity, NOT a luxury. You spend the whole time searching for answers; take a break, let THEM find you…

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