Things For Your Dad to do in San Diego

So your family’s going to San Diego, eh? Maybe your dad is excited but doesn’t really have much in common with the rest of you. (I imagine he looks something like this for the record.) I promise, no matter how out of this world he might seem, he’s not all that bad! He may not be into tanning, local shops, or local beer, but there’s plenty of things for your dad to do down in San Diego.

On the Beach

Two words: Metal Detector. Every dad loves a gizmo, and every dad loves finding new things. Plus, it’s a way for him to make money when he’s not at work. Beaches are notorious for dropped coins, and I bet, your dad being a dad and all, he already has a metal detector he can pack in the car on the way (if you are, in fact, driving and not flying). Will he get rich? No, but I bet you can keep him occupied while you’re tanning or swimming! This idea is gold, you’re welcome.

Sports & BBQ

I bet that if your dad wears hawaiian shirts, he likes barbecues. And I bet if he wears cargo shorts, he likes sports. So that’s double the chance he’ll like a sports & bbq restaurant! There’s several local ones around San Diego that I would recommend taking your pops to, and a simple google search will lead you there. The first is Phil’s BBQ Restaurant, on Sports Arena Blvd in San Diego. They have super high ratings, two dining areas, and a bar. There are over 10500 reviews for this place and the average is 4.5 stars. That may be a good place to start, and you can a tour of the place here.

USS Midway Museum

My father had a father who fought in WWII, and he himself was in the army. I’ve found a lot of people in similar situations, with family who was in the military and such. That’s why I recommend the USS Midway Museum, the longest serving Aircraft Carrier of the 20th Century. Admission is about $16 per person, which may seem like a lot but it’s pretty good for attractions down there. You can take flight simulations, watch active duty military ceremonies, simulate air combat, and see how things were operated on this ship when it was actually operating.

SeaWorld… The Water Park there!

All dads enjoy taking their kids swimming or to water parks. Turns out, the SeaWorld in San Diego has one. So while SeaWorld may only be entertaining for a small amount of time, you could probably get him to enjoy a longer day of rides with the family at SeaWorld’s water park. If he’s like my dad, he’ll sun screen up and encourage you to do the same, and then take you on the tallest, scariest rides he can find. This is total dad material. And water parks usually have hot dogs, burgers, and ice cream. Essentially, your dad is set at this place!

What else would your dad like? Let me know on Twitter @Robolitious.

How to Set Goals for Your Child’s Education

It is a tradition for people to set goals at the beginning of the year. This is mostly because it helps them remember significant things that they want to achieve for the rest of the year.

Usually, individuals set their own goals for themselves. However, parents would find that their children would need some help in setting up and completing their educational goals for the year. Even those who go to an international school in the Philippines would need some assistance in regards to this task.

Help them out by following these tips:

Set Goals from the Get Go

Setting up your children’s goals (whether they are educational or not) is important to be done as soon as the year starts. Doing this would provide them more time to comprehend their tasks and accomplish them. It would also give them ample time to adjust as another school term starts.

Take Time to Listen

Find some time to discuss all the goals you and your child need to achieve this year. Be certain not to restrict them by only giving them the goals you want to accomplish. Ask their opinions about which goals they want to do. It does not have to be purely educational; you can include extracurricular activities like sports and school clubs.


When setting up goals for your kid’s education, you must remember that they need to have some kind of structure. This is for you to measure whether they are realistic and achievable. Take note of the following:

  • Specific – What goals do you want to accomplish exactly?
  • Measurable – How are you going to break these goals into measurable elements?
  • Attainable – Do you consider these goals truly attainable?
  • Relevant – How relevant are these goals to you and your child?
  • Timely – Are you and your child able to attain the goal within a deadline?

Be Supportive and Encouraging

Your child would need all the support and encouragement from you while trying to accomplish these goals. Be ready to provide these things to them whenever they need you to. Let your child know that their efforts and accomplishments make you proud as their parent. You can easily boost their confidence by doing this.


Build a Plan

Building a plan is another important step in setting up educational goals for your kid. Make their goals easier by providing a visualization of your plans. You can create a colourful chart that provides all the details they need to do. Place it to a spot that they can easily see like the door on your fridge.

Frequent Check-Ins

Help your child move forward by doing frequent check-ins on the goals you have set up. Keep in mind that it would be very easy for them to forget these things. Remind them by scheduling check-ins. They do not have to be daily; they can be weekly or even monthly.


Celebrate with your child once the goals have been met. Let them know that they have done well, but be sure not to provide them with huge rewards because you would not want these to become the motivators in accomplishing their goals. Achieving them should be the ultimate reward itself.

Your child’s education is important. Provide them with ways that they can get better at their subjects and extracurricular activities by setting up some goals this New Year!