The best amusement parks in Europe

If you love adventure and a little different escape from everyday life, the ideal destinations for you are colorful, cheerful and always noisy amusement parks.

We suggest to you the five best amusement parks in Europe which won’t delight just the younger tourists. The adults will surely experience unforgettable moments full of adrenaline rush, uncertainty, and also they can test their courage and fear of heights.

DISNEYLAND, Paris, France: For the majority, this theme park is a synonymous for the amusement park. There you can get into the world of your favorite Disney fairy tales and cartoon characters, hang out and take photos with them. Europe Disneyland is made of two theme parks, Disneyland park and Walt Disney Studios park.  The symbol of Disneyland is a replica of castle from the animated film Sleeping Beauty, and you can also walk and explore the labyrinth of Alice in Wonderland. An adventurous journey through the Disney studio will reveal many secrets, including those how famous cartoon heroes are created. For the fearless, there is a super high (60m) roller coaster “Twilight Zone Tower of Terror” there are also lower ones for less brave tourists. What you should know is that you will need more than one day to visit the whole park, so plan and organize an accommodation in one of the nearby hotels. Maybe, the whole vacation in the land of dreams, why not…

For adults ticket price is 60 euros and for children older than 3 years 50 euros.

LEGOLAND, Germany, England, and Denmark: During 70-ies of the last century, the world has gone crazy about Lego bricks. Different characters and entire worlds are made of these bricks which are much more than toys. There are serious collectors, as well as the entire theme parks. The oldest Legoland park was created in Denmark in the small town of Billund, and then started opening in other countries. If you are a Lego fan, here you can see valuable creations and real artistic wonders made by the hundreds of thousands of bricks, such as the Cathedral of St. Peter from London or Trafalgar Square model. Legoland in Germany is open from mid-March until the first week of November and offers interesting activities for all ages: you can ride a dragon, caterpillar, horses, enjoy perfect replicas of stadiums, cities and airports.

Ticket costs around 34 euros and little less for children.

PARK ASTERIX, Paily, France: This theme park is around 32 km from Paris and it is dedicated to cute cartoon character Apterix. Take a look into the world of Gals, Romans and Vikings. In the park there are 6 thematic worlds and about 36 different attractions. Try how the magic potion works on you, be a member of the mission that spies Gale, take a ride on, according to many, the most beautiful wooden roller coasters in the world. Test your courage on the big eight which will turn you upside down up to 7 times. Park is constantly expanding and upgrading, so if you already visited the park, there are probably some novelties that you have not seen. There are several restaurants and snack bars within the Park Asterix, insuring that you will not be hungry.

Daily ticket for adults costs 39 euros and 29 euros for children.

GARDLAND, Castelnuovo del Garda, Italy: one of the most popular parks which is full of various content, located on banks of Lake Garda. Park has about 56 different attractions for all ages and 3 huge toboggans which names already promises a wild ride – Blue Tornado, Magic Mountain, Mammut. Fun and entertainment are guaranteed to everyone because the park is divided into three parts: the realm of fantasy, adventure and adrenaline adventures for researchers. Garland does not operate during the winter months.

Both for adults and children, ticket price is 30 euros.

MYSTERY PARK, Interlaken, Switzerland: If you are fans of otherworldly phenomena, worlds and aliens, this is the right place for you. This unusual park was designed by Erich von Daniken, the controversial artist and writer, known for his mysterious theories about aliens. Mystery park consists of 7 parts and each is dedicated to the world’s great mysteries, like Stonehenge, discovering Mars lines in Peru, flights into space, or tunnels under the Sahara. You can also experience driving submarine simulation in depths of the ocean. Park is often target of criticism because it is presented as an educational center based on unverified facts and evidence. Ti is expected to get out of this park, if not stunned, then inspired, because you will not take any concrete answers with you. Everything will remain a complete mystery.

The adults can enjoy in this different reality for 40 and children for 22 euros per day.

Allow yourself to experience some kind of different holiday and fill the albums with the most unusual images. With family, friends, partners, in the amusement parks entertainment will not fail … If you travel without children, the inner child that each of us has, will surely enjoy.

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