Why do I go to the gym…

There are many reasons why people go the gym. To list a few, they include building muscle, losing excess fat, getting lean, socializing, stress relief… and many many more reasons to list.

Why do I go to the gym?

The answer is simple, all of the above…

My main target why i decided to start going to the gym was to build a lean muscular body. To do that, I started doing a lot of research on the internet, asking the gym Coach, meeting veteran body builders and check what’s best for my body type in order to get good results. Most important thing when building your body is to understand your body composition and to which kind of exercises you react better. So after attending the gym for a few years, i realized that no matter what you read in magazines, on websites, what bodybuilders advise you, NO ONE knows your body better then YOU. People can only tell you what works for THEM, each one developed his body by following a routine that suited them after many years of experience, so should you. Take whatever advice you can get and try them until you find the optimal exercises and training types that fits your body best.

However, my experience at the gym didn’t stop at that, I also found it to be amazing for stress relief. By meeting new people, interacting with them and sharing our experiences (being inside or outside of the gym), I was able to get my mind off the daily stress and problems, and found myself in a peaceful environment where people care for each other, work hard for gains and interact by sharing jokes and fun stuff and whatever they can find to make the environment as much fun as possible to spend their time at. We all stumble at times where troubles plague our lives, not working as hard as possible at the gym, not getting the gains as expected… Be that as it may, one word of encouragement from a friend will turn your life upside down. One compliment will turn a frustrated person to a happy and encouraged one.

As you see, the gym is not a place where people mind their own business and look at it as a job, because it’s not, it’s a hobby. It’s a fun place where people interact, share, care and have a good time away from stress. When you are at the gym, you are socializing, learning, teaching, building the body you dream of, spending time with friends… It’s an all-in-one activity. Once you are doing something you like and love, you’ll instantly feel better about yourself and forget the stress accumulated over the day.

So tell me, why do you go to the gym?

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