Tour Santa Monica

California is known to be one of the most beautiful states with plenty of attractive must-visit areas. One place you do not want to miss is Santa Monica, just west of downtown Los Angeles. From hot tourist attractions to relaxing sunsets on the beach, Santa Monica has endless possibilities that will make it your dream vacation.

One of the most well-known spots in Santa Monica is Venice Beach. This is the place to go if you’re interested in finding some souvenirs to take home or purchase some unique art. Street vendors sell anything from paintings to henna tattoos.

If you’re interested in shopping and hitting up the hottest boutiques, check out Third Street Promenade. Not only will you have access to multiple high-end outlets all on one street, but you’ll also get to enjoy a variety of street performers, including, bands, musicians, and more. Stores on Third Street Promenade include Brandy Melville, jewelry boutiques, Abercrombie and Fitch, Fossil, gift shops, street vendors, and more.

santa monica shopping area, Third Street Promenade

Although not commonly known as a tourist attraction, the Santa Monica Airport is a neat spot to visit. Head on up to the observation deck to watch planes take off and land right in front of your eyes. Grab a bite to eat at the Typhoon restaurant while you’re at it!

santa monica airport


A trip to California is not complete without spending a day on the beach. Visit famous spots such as Muscle Beach or find a less-crowded spot to watch a spectacular sunset over the ocean. Take a dip in the cool water and maybe catch a wave or two.



Easily one of the most famous attractions of Santa Monica is the Santa Monica Pier. Here, you’ll find restaurants, gift shops, the Santa Monica Pier Aquarium, and the iconic Ferris wheel, part of Pacific Ocean Park (which offers other amusement rides, as well, for $5- $8 per ride for one person). Walk down to the end of the pier to witness a fantastic view of the Pacific Ocean, or have fun on the rollercoaster and other attractions. At night, watch the Ferris wheel light up as you enjoy a concert.



Santa Monica has a wide variety of restaurants for you to try out. For the seafood-lover, check out Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. at the pier. Tender Greens is the place to go for all-around American cuisine. If you are a vegan or vegetarian, great options include Café Gratitude, Thai Vegan, and Native Foods Café.

As far as transportation goes, the city busses (Big Blue Bus) are your best bet. Of course, having your own car is nice, but you’ll be competing with LA traffic and it is often not worth it to own a car when many places are within walking distance from most residential areas. For the places that you can’t walk to, city bus rides are $1 per ride. Special prices exist for seniors and college students, and multiple-ride passes are available starting from $4 for a day pass up to $50 for an unlimited-ride local 30-day pass. City busses can take you to and from a variety of places, including Santa Monica College and Third Street Promenade. Alternatively, Uber is a quick and easy way to get from one place to another without having to wait for a bus.


Whatever your main reason for visiting Santa Monica is, there is a little bit of something for everybody. For college kids, a day of shopping and hanging out on the beach is likely to be the highlight of the trip. For a couple on a romantic getaway, an evening at a fancy restaurant followed by a walk down Third Street Promenade is the way to go. Kids are most likely to enjoy a day at Pacific Ocean Park on the pier and a visit to the Santa Monica Airport. With so many options for entertainment, a vacation to Santa Monica will not disappoint- just remember to schedule enough days to fit it all in!

Characteristics Of Reputed Estate Agents In Basildon

A real estate agent is one of the many professionals which make up the real estate world, including property managers, bankers, appraisers etc. However, he is someone who acts as a connecting link between all the others.

Making use of his knowledge and skills, he ensures successful property transactions. Although the services offered by different estate agents in Basildon are similar, there are a few factors which differentiate one agent from the other.

Consultation is the first step for a buyer or seller while entering a property deal. During this session the client is free to ask any questions or get satisfactory answers to his queries, while it gives the estate agent a chance to know his clients better. Therefore, consultation is crucial for both the parties. Reputable estate agents usually offer free consultation to their clients. It helps to build trust and establishes a credible reputation of the estate agent among his clients.

Familiarity of the estate agent with local property market is another aspect making him superior than others. It is always beneficial to have a knowledgeable estate agent by your side who knows the local market well. Someone who has worked in the local market for some years can suggest the best possible deals locally. Moreover, he will be aware of the ups and downs of the local market, thus helping you avoid any loss by putting your money in a bad deal.

Estate Agents

The job of a real estate agent involves a lot more than just buying and selling properties, as there are plenty of other tasks involved in securing a good property deal. Arranging open houses and meetings, fixing appointments, keeping record of available properties, etc. are some of the tasks he should be efficient in handling. He should be well organised, as well as transparent in his dealing.

Every client wants to get personalised service and looks for an estate agent who can make him feel valued and special. Good agents understand this fact very well and do not leave any stone unturned to ensure that their clients get the best possible service. Understanding the needs of the clients and offering suitable deals accordingly is among the prime qualities which can make an estate agent more popular and trustworthy than others.

Negotiation is an inseparable part of property deals; however not everyone has the skills and knowledge to carry it out successfully. In order to satisfy all the parties involved, an estate agent has to use his negotiation skills, so that the entire deal goes on smoothly.

Estate agents in Basildon usually work along a team, consisting of other agents and professionals, which help them to provide all services under one roof. They specialise in different spheres, such as commercial properties, legal matters, property management etc. Hiring an agent with a strong network of professionals will ensure that you can get unmatched service especially customised to suit your needs.

All in all, a reputable and credible estate agent can prove to be the best resource to ensure a successful property deal by making the best use of his knowledge, skills and experience.

Make Lattes at Home – Espresso Drink Recipes [infographic]

Making a nice espresso drink is not too hard; you just need to have some knowledge about the recipes. With a fully automatic espresso machine you don’t even need to know the recipe, the machine does it all for you. All you have to do is press a button. The editorial team at Coffee Brewing Methods created this infographic to help their readers choose between a cappuccino and a latte. They also wrote an article on how to choose the best latte machine for home use. And don’t think that owning an espresso machine is too expensive, because that’s just not true. If you make just one cappuccino everyday for a year, you can cover the cost for the machine.

We made lattes without an espresso machine, and it is possible. If your budget is very tight you can do that, because you have no choice. If your budget allows it though, a real latte is an experience, and it doesn’t compare to your milk and coffee beverage. The folks at Coffee Brewing Methods point cappuccino as their favorite milk and coffee drink. My favorite is latte, what is your favorite?

Infographic courtesy of Coffee Brewing Methods.

Pep-up Your Hair

Pep-up Your Hair

There are various ways, such as these tested methods used by hairdressers and do-it-yourself hair experts to pep-up tired locks and bring gloss and spring back into hair that has become limp and dry from summer’s wash-and-drip-dry methods of hair care.

What you have to do first of all is take a cool, critical look at your hair problem (your mirror helps!), decide on your type of hair, then set about doing whatever’s needed to restore it. Here are the clues:


FINE AND LANKY HAIRThis easily gets lifeless with grease and the tendency is to wash it too often, which only over-stimulates the oil glands. Shampooing every seven to ten days is ideal. Use a liquid shampoo and plenty of beer or wave-setting lotion to give body to the hair when setting.

Brush seldom, and then only to give movement to the hair, not vigorously enough to work up a shine; if you want to put a good polish on, use a piece of silk fabric, smoothing it over your finished hairdo.

A short, springy cut is best for this type of hair. If left to grow long the effect is not sleek but stringy. To counteract both oiliness and thinness, try a fairly strong perm wave, curls right up to the roots of the hair.


It can easily get into poor condition. Once a month, before shampooing, oil (half castor and half olive oil) should be rubbed in thoroughly to feed the hair roots and left to soak in under a hot, moist towel. Shampoo it every ten days, using a cream shampoo; follow this with a good conditioning cream.

For home setting, use large rollers or large spring clips to avoid an over-curly effect.

Good thinning is essential. Lucky girls who have this type of hair can successfully wear bouffant or head-hugging styles-although curls will get a little untidy soon after setting. A light perm will help to control this lively type of hair, but beware of over-perming, which will kill the natural sheen and color.


DRY AND COARSE HAIRHair of this type can readily take washing more frequently. A shampoo every three days is recommended where oiliness is excessive, using a pine-based or medicated one. Frequent washing will not ruin your locks.

If you must use a brush, touch the ends only, well away from the scalp; massage the scalp firmly with the fingertips to stimulate the blood vessels nourishing the hair roots.

This type of hair can take most styles. Layer cutting and thinning will make it easy to set at home, and using beer will keep the set in longer. Most perms do well on this kind of hair.

However, if your hair is oily and you can’t wash it, give it a dry shampoo. You can do this two ways: soak pads of cotton-wool in cologne, place them between the bristles of your hairbrush, and lightly brush the oil out of the hair; or you can shake some dry shampoo into your hair and this will remove the grease as you brush it out.


THICK AND GREASY HAIRThis often suffers from lack of good blood circulation and requires constant massaging of the scalp with the fingertips each night and before shampooing. A warm olive- and castor-oil treatment should be given every three weeks before washing with a cream shampoo.

If you have a pretty face and flawless skin you will get away with wearing this type of hair long and sleek, but most young girls are better off with shorter hair, well cut, and with the very lightest of perm waves set on large curlers. Keep perms down to two a year.



How to Have a Well-Groomed Appearance

Forget the idea that half way measures of personal grooming are good enough to keep you spick-and-span right around the clock. It just isn’t so.

Even on the coldest days we perspire and personal daintiness is as much a necessity then as it is in hot weather, although summer calls for greater care in maintaining it.

The beauty-wise girl makes very sure of her charm, and as part of her bath ceremony, always uses modern deodorants and depilatories regularly.

Removing unwanted hairDon’t, don’t, don’t, whatever you do, allow leg and underarm fuzz to grow. Whisk it off once a week. There are several methods of removing unwanted hair. Choose whichever one suits you best.

Shaving is a quick, clean method of removing superfluous hair from the legs and under the arms, provided only that you know how to handle a razor to avoid nicks and cuts.

The best time for this treatment is right after a good warm bath or shower. Let your skin remain quite wet and use shaving cream or lather soap lavishly. Afterwards, rinse and dry and rub on some hand lotion or body cream. The result should be a clean, smooth surface. You can learn how to have a nice relaxing bath.

Then there’s the wax-removal method in which special wax is melted and applied in strips to the skin and yanked off when it hardens. Many girls like this best because it gives a longer lasting effect, but it is hard to do yourself and rather expensive.

Do be sure to try out any product you have not used before on a small area of skin first of all.

A cheap but slow and primitive way to spruce the legs and arms that is frequently used is done with an abrasive mitt or piece of pumice stone. Abrasives clean the skin surface all right and are relatively safe, but they should not be used on tender skin.

In the long run the choice is up to you, and you can use what you will: razor, depilatory, wax, or abrasive. But don’t skip using a bit of soothing lotion afterwards to keep the skin looking smooth and satiny.

To stay as fresh as a daisy all day long is a task that’s made ever so much easier if you use a suitable deodorant (or perspiration corrective).

How to be prettier than your friends
A nice relaxing bath.

Never kid yourself about the need for a deodorant. Even though you don’t appear to perspire much, it’s a good thing to be ever watchful of this detail of personal grooming.

Some girls (and boys), and frequently nervous people struggling under tension, need to use deodorants and antiperspirants more often. A daily bath, shower, tub, or sponge is the first requirement. An underarm deodorant or an antiperspirant, used immediately after the bath, is your second step to freshness.

The simple deodorant prevents odor after perspiration has occurred but does not interfere with the perspiration flow. For under arms, the roll-on type is quick and efficient. A spray is better for the all-over job.

Deodorants won’t function properly unless your skin is thoroughly clean and dry. Allow enough time for thorough drying after application.

The difference between deodorants and antiperspirants is that the latter preparation closes the pores and checks perspiration at the skin surface. Products having both qualities perform the two functions.

It is not wise to use either a deodorant or antiperspirant if your skin has a minor irritation or at a time when it is sensitive.

Though very necessary, deodorants and antiperspirants are not in themselves alluring. Every girl should have some light flowery scent or cologne that’s nice to wear.