6 Things to Look for When Buying a Sunscreen

Summer is already here and you’re probably ready to jump into the pool or relax by the seaside. When you’re relaxing and having fun with your friends, don’t forget to protect your skin. As you already know, sunscreen is essential for skincare (even when it’s not summer). But, with all those sunscreens you can buy the question is – how to find the perfect one? To make things easier for you, this article brings you six things to look for in sunscreen. Let’s start.

1. Broad-spectrum protection

When you think about sunscreen and protection you usually think of SPF only. But, that’s not everything you should look for. You should make sure you look for sunscreens with UVA filters such as Avobenzone, Zinc Oxide, Mexoryl XS (Ecamsule), Tinosorb S (bemotrizinol), and Titanium Dioxide. Study published in the Journal of the American Academy of Dermatology found that along with protecting the skin from UV exposure, broad-spectrum sunscreens also offer protection from free radicals, molecules that damage the skin and cause premature aging.

2. Skip spray-on sunscreen

You probably feel tempted to buy spray-on formula, but it’s not safe sunscreen option you should go for. The reason why people go for spray-on products is because they promise quick application, no muss, no fuss. But, spray is less effective at blocking harmful UVA and UVB rays. Furthermore, Photodermatology, Photoimmunology, and Photomedicine published findings of the study wherein it was found that people who opt for spray apply less sunscreen than individuals who use cream versions.

It’s needless to mention that when you apply spray, you usually focus on specific parts of your body. However, in order to ensure full protection it’s necessary to make sure that even areas behind your ears get coated.

summer tips3. Choose right SPF

SPF measures sunscreen protection from sun’s damaging UVB rays which cause sunburn and contribute to skin cancer. Although SPF factor is very important, most people don’t really pay too much attention to it when buying sunscreen i.e. they don’t know how to choose the product according to SPF.

How does SPF work? For instance, if you usually burn in 10 minutes, SPF 15 multiplies that by a factor of 15 which means you could go 150 minutes before burning. According to experts, for most people,
SPF 15 is enough although individuals with fair, sensitive skin or with history of skin cancer in the family should aim for SPF 30 or higher. Skincare science evolved significantly and for extra protection you can also purchase moisturizers, lip balms, and other products with SPF.

4. Water resistance

If you’re going to exercise, swim, or if you generally sweat a lot then you should consider water resistant sunscreens. These sunscreens are largely misunderstood and are considered waterproof. However, that’s not the case!

The FDA defines water resistant sunscreen as the product where SPF stays effective after 40 minutes in the water. Very water resistant indicates the sunscreen holds 80 minutes of swimming. You should bear in mind that these products are NOT waterproof and you’ll still have to apply them accordingly.

5. Sensitive skin

People with sensitive skin already know how frustrating it is to buy skincare products as most of them just irritate their skin. Since you need proper protection during summer, you should opt for zinc oxide based product. This ingredient provides broad spectrum protection and it’s gentle to your skin at the same time. If looking for sun protection for your kids, you should go for products with this ingredient as well.

For sensitive skin, it’s recommended to opt for items without fragrances, alcohol, or harsh preservatives.

6. Price doesn’t dictate quality

Okay, how many times have you thought that some product will be better just because it’s pricier? It’s a common misconception. The price doesn’t dictate quality. Active ingredients are the ones that determine the quality of sun protection products.


Choosing the perfect sunscreen isn’t the easiest thing in the world. With so many options in the store (and online) it’s difficult to determine what’s good for you. This article gave you some pointers that will help you find the ideal sunscreen to use. And remember, you shouldn’t apply that sunscreen during summer only!

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