Business Etiquette Tips That Would Help You Become Professional

When it comes to business, the workplace is a diverse landscape where different kinds of opportunities are present. It is also a highly competitive world where results matter the most. With business courses present in different kinds of universities, which include civil engineering universities in Manila, students have the chance to be able to learn the ropes and study to become an excellent businessman.

One important element in becoming a good businessman is having good business etiquette. This is the mark of being a true professional businessman, as you have character and manners that befit your role. Here are some important business etiquette tips that you must know.

Punctuality matters

One of the traits that you must have, whatever career path you would choose, is punctuality. This is a trait that is highly valued in a lot of companies across the world. Being punctual is going to work, meetings, and other events on time. This means not being late and making sure that you would not keep anyone waiting too long. Being punctual is good etiquette even in places like a civil engineering university in Manila, where time is something of the essence each passing day.

Always say thank you

Gratitude is another trait that everyone should learn in any place, as a simple thank you goes a long way, and always leaves a good impression. At work, one might be too busy to thank people face-to-face, but that does not mean you should not send your regards. Things like simple notes, emails and texts are effective ways to thank people at work and is a sign of professionalism on your part.

Turn your gadgets off during important meetings

Having gadgets at work helps, as you are able to communicate while on the go. This can help you send work emails, and even make sure that you are reminded of the tasks that you will be doing during the day.

As effective as gadgets are at work, always make sure that they are turned off during important meetings and discussions. This helps prevent any unnecessary distractions and be fully focused on the meeting itself. This is another sign of professionalism and can be learned in a civil engineering university in Manila.

Observe good manners during meals

One of the earliest forms of etiquette that you will learn as a child is good table manners. First impressions are very important, which is why showing your good manners would give people a great impression of you instantly. From eating and drinking properly, to how you converse at the table, always remind yourself to show good manners.

Have a firm handshake

When it comes to meeting different people in a professional environment for the first time, you will most likely begin and end with a handshake. When it comes to handshake, it is important that you have a good and firm one, as a handshake is one-way people would be able to leave an impression. Having a good handshake, along with being a good communicator, are definitely important elements of a good businessman.

Key Takeaway

Learning business, like every other degree program, always has its challenges that must be overcome. By learning these business etiquette tips, you are guaranteed that you are able to build yourself to become a great businessman.

6 Tips to Build Self-Confidence During Job Interviews

Job interviews can be nerve-wracking at times. It’s the one segment we all have to go through before landing a job of our choosing. There are times where you feel the nerves kicking in, which in turn can affect the overall vibe during the interview. Nonetheless, applying in offices like call center services in the Philippines and landing an interview doesn’t have to be as nervous as it seems; in fact, with a couple of tips bestowed to you, you can nail any interview that comes your way, and in turn, seal the deal on any job you want! With that said, read on for some of the best tips to help you build up your self-confidence during any job interview.

Before the Interview

The best time to prepare for the process would be anytime before the scheduled interview, specifically a day before. That way, you’ll be able to project a great vibe that the interviewer will surely like. Here are some of the best tips for you to try before the interview:

  • Prepare and Rehearse the Interview

Say, you’ve landed a job interview with one of the best call center services in the Philippines and the interview is tomorrow. If you wish to do your best for the next day, prepare some mock interview questions, stand in front of a mirror, and start speaking as if you’re both the interviewer and interviewee. In fact, you can even have someone read some lines with you and you can have your own practice interview session then and there.

  • Research the Company

Even before the interview happens, one thing to consider is that offices like Philippine call center services absolutely LOVE it when you’ve done your fair share of research on the company. With that said, research on the company you’re applying for, understand its schematics, as well as what they can offer you in terms of service and experience.

  • Get a Good Night’s Sleep

Of course, a key component in great self-confidence would be none other than a good night’s sleep. No matter what time your interview may be scheduled tomorrow, get a good night’s sleep and you’re sure to wake up excited and ready to conquer.

During the Interview

Finally! The day you’ve been preparing for is finally here! Of course, the nerves can still kick in; but luckily, these tips can help you seal the deal and land the job! Here are the best tips for you to try for your interview:

  • Greet Your Interviewer with Enthusiasm

This is a really great way to build your self-confidence during a job interview. When your name is called and you walk in the room, put on a smile, reach out for a handshake, and greet your interviewer as bright as the day! Interviewers love to see the right amount of eagerness in their applicants; and with you, they are sure to smile back!

  • Maintain Eye Contact and Answer Politely, Honestly, and Precisely

This is the part that determines your interviewer’s overall impression of you. After all, first impressions DO count.

When it comes to this, simply maintain eye contact with your interviewer, smile, and answer with honesty and earnest. If ever there are trivial questions being asked, no need to worry about getting a wrong answer. Simply make an intelligent guess on the topic at hand and make our answer believable with your tone.

  • Stand/Sit Straight

Never EVER slouch during your job interview! Interviewers love to see their prospects with great posture as it exudes such a confidence that can’t be broken. In fact, even before the interview itself, you can practice your posture to better prepare.

Key Takeaway

There are numerous other tips you can try for your upcoming job interviews; either way, these 6 tips are your stepping stones towards any job of any industry you wish to venture to! Just make sure to come on time, be patient, and above all, relax. You’re sure to land the job in no-time!


Clever and Useful DIY Projects You can Try for Your Home

Admit it: every time you survey your home, exploring every nook and cranny, a part of you yearns desperately to improve it. Perhaps to purchase that missing appliance or furniture,  or to add more decorations. More often not, however, you don’t have the luxury to buy everything your heart fancies.

But you’ve found a solution. You take out your hand tools, dabbling with DIY projects you can do at home. You sift through tons of websites, only to be disappointed—you don’t want something that merely has aesthetic properties.

If that’s you, then you’re in the right place. Here are some projects that aren’t just pleasing to the eye, but also clever and useful.

Recycling Old Objects

Do you have piles of unused materials (such as wood or doors) gaining dust in your storeroom? Then it’s high time to take them out! In just a few tweaks, you can make them functional again.

    • For car wheels, you can refurbish them into ottomans. Place some wooden panels on top, to cover the hole. Adorn them with ropes, or any other material that you prefer.

    • If you have kids and a massive tree in your garden, then you can transform these wheels into swings.

    • Have your children grown up so quickly, leaving their cribs abandoned and rendered useless? Don’t worry, they can still be used—but this time, as their mini tables. Remove one of the crib’s wider sides. Remove the mattress, so it can be used as a flat surface. Find small chairs, and voila!—they’re now good to go.
    • Old doors? No problem! They can be used as coffee tables in your living room. Jazz them up with some paint, and they’ll look as though you pulled them out of a store.

For the Bathroom

Do you often find yourself fumbling in the bathroom, especially with how cramped it can be? Don’t fret, there are actually ways for you to salvage some space.

    • Do you have an old ladder? Repaint it! Place it in a corner and use it to hang things, like towels, or storage baskets with hooks.

  • If you don’t have a ladder, then you can use towel racks.

For the Kitchen

Aside from the bathroom, you can also have more room in your kitchen.

    • Grab your towel racks—yes, they also have their purpose in this part of the house! Install the racks inside a cabinet and use them to store pan lids.

  • If your closets are also becoming stuffed, then you can hang your pots and pans on a rack suspended from the ceiling by using shower curtain hooks.

Key Takeaway

All of us, needless to say, want to spruce up our homes. But home improvement doesn’t have to be expensive! With some existing materials, with your hand tools, and with a dose of resourcefulness, you can revamp your personal space. Home DIY projects shouldn’t just be visually pleasing—they should also be extremely functional.

A Beginner’s Guide Selecting a Plastic Injection Molding Machine

Plastic injection molding is a large industry that generates a high amount of revenue each year. With the constant demand for plastic products from different companies, it is the goal of the industry to be able to produce and deliver them on time. Plastic injection molding machines allow you to create so many products that are high quality in a short period of time.

When it comes to the plastic injection molding machine itself, it is an efficient machine that would be able to handle the stress and rigors of manufacturing. It is best to make sure that you have the best machine for the job, as not only you would need to produce, but also make sure that products are of quality, and is safe to handle. Here is a short beginner’s guide on how to pick the right plastic injection molding machine.

Look for a quality brand

When it comes to choosing any machine, it is best to go straight to the best brands available. You will be in an industry that produces thousands of products every single month, so you have to get a machine that can do the job very well. You can look at what machines are being used by different companies, and see if it would be ideal for your company.

Picking the right brand would help you make sure that you are getting a machine from a trusted manufacturer, and take a look at their credentials. These credentials are important marks of quality that would be a major deciding factor.

Decide what kind of plastic you would use

In the plastic injection molding industry, different kinds of plastic are being used to craft certain products. If you are planning to use a wide variety of plastics for your products, get a machine that would be able to handle it with ease. Not all machines are created equal, which means there might be some machines that would have a difficult time producing certain kinds of plastic. Versatility is the key in the plastic industry, which is why you should take it in as another deciding factor.

Pick the machine type

Plastic injection molding machines have three distinct designs, namely fully electric, fully hydraulic, and Hybrid. These machines run on pumps, and choosing between hydraulic and electric plays a factor on how you should do maintenance on it, along with how well it would perform. This would also help you look for the right kinds of parts to use in case that you would have to repair it.

Pick the right size

Plastic injection molding machines come in different sizes, which means the bigger machines would be able to create larger products. Size is also a factor when it comes to machine maintenance, as larger machines would need more care and regular checks to keep them running well. Size is also a factor in production cost, as smaller machines might be able to consume less electricity, while using a bigger machine would significantly need more power.

Key Takeaway

Injection molding machines are some of the most versatile machines around, and being able to choose the right one for your company would mean getting a good amount of profit. By looking into these factors, you will be able to find the right machine that would work for you.

Creative DIY Christmas Home Decorations

As the most-awaited season nears, looking for easy DIY Christmas home decorations for your townhouse in San Juan or anywhere in the Metro can be thrilling. Either you design it according to the traditional Christmas decors, or inspire yourself from your favorite Netflix series – the choice is yours! Here’s a few Christmas decor inspirations you can freely try on your unit:


Finally, the time has arrived! If you loved keeping gift bows from every gift you get, that one made out of plastic ribbons, here’s your chance to design them into a Christmas DIY gift bow wreath.

What you’ll need:

  • Gift bows
  • Flora craft styrofoam wreath
  • A Glue gun and a glue stick
  • Wire

What you’ll do:

  • First, gather your gift bows in place and shape them into a wreath. Look out for patterns and colors that will help make it appear congruent to each other despite the differences.
  • Second, attach a wire onto the flora craft styrofoam for hanging purposes.
  • Third, hot glue the gift bows around the wreath styrofoam and remember not to leave a space when possible. Keep it as rich as possible for a more pleasant look.
  • Fourth, hang it on your front door! You’ll never look at a Christmas wreath the same way again.


Looking for a way to up your Christmas decor gaming? Try this DIY paper Christmas lights garland that will definitely remind you of Joyce Byer’s Christmas lights during her search for her son, Will, on the original Netflix series Stranger Things!

What you’ll need:

  • Gray-colored cardstock
  • Your choice of colored cardstocks
  • A glue gun and a glue stick
  • Hole puncher
  • Scoring tool
  • Ribbon, twine or yarn

What you’ll do:

  • First, cut your gray-colored cardstock into 1 ¼” by 4” strips, and your chosen colored cardstocks in 1” by 8.5” strips.
  • Second, score your gray-colored cardstock every ½” and create two marks half an inch down at 1 ¼” and 2 ¾”. Then, fold your paper on the scored lines and use a paper puncher to create two holes on both the marked spots. Lastly, fold the two ends and overlap ½” onto the other end and hot glue the cardstock.
  • Third, shape bulbs. To shape these, you’ll have to fold the colored cardstock strips while lightly pressing at the crease. Then, pinch both ends together and push the strip against your palm. This will automatically form a light bulb when let go. However, if it doesn’t, try repeating the steps to achieve the shape of a Christmas light bulb.
  • Fourth, string the bulb with the twine. With the strip on your hand, punch a hole at the center of the strip, and make sure it passes through both the ends’ layers. Once done with all the strips, string it together with the gray light top using the twine. Make sure to keep the bulbs at the center, surrounded by the gray light top, and a bit higher to make it easier to put them altogether. You also have the choice to put in as many bulbs as you like for your garland.
  • Fifth, hang it atop your windows and enjoy the view!

Key Takeaway

Have you already tried doing them? Ring us up on the comments below and we’ll gladly lend you our ears about your DIY Christmas decoration experience! Surely, your townhouse in San Juan or wherever you are, looked extremely awesome with these fabulous decors.

How to Be a Better Leader for the Better Future of Your Business

When it comes to working in any company out there, especially a Philippine call center office, the one thing that proves to be essential for the betterment of the company is none other than leadership, which is often encompassed through your very own team leaders, supervisors, and company executives. Without leadership, work flow would be affected to a certain extent, as well as the absence of a natural camaraderie between co-workers; and with that said, it falls on the leader’s shoulders to uphold the virtue of authority and the responsibility of constant vigilance, especially when it comes to the work environment.

There are numerous ways to become a better leader for your team. Not only can being a better leader be the betterment of your team, but it can be the betterment of your business as well. So, if you’re looking for some enlightenment on this particular topic, here are some of the best ideas for you to consider, especially if it is for the betterment of your business:

Get to Know Each and Every One of Your Employees

Philippine call centers and most other companies of the same track are known for their different and unique approaches to numerous workloads. In any case, while most businesses are known for strictly imposing a hierarchy between the big bosses and their employees, your business doesn’t have to fall into that very vibe.

With that said, take the time to get to know the people who are working for you, especially those working directly under you. Not only will this encourage a friendly dynamic between you and them, but it can also encourage them to work more and complete the tasks up ahead.

Don’t Be Too Strict; But Don’t Be Too Laid-back Either

Since we’re on the subject of getting to know your employees better, one of the best things for this is to project a friendly demeanor. That way, your employees will be able to approach you with any concern they might have, as well as bond with you on numerous occasions such as through drinks and/or through dining out.

However, while building a friendship with your employees is great, especially in a Philippine call center, it’s also important to know your boundaries as their boss. With that said, it’s best to set those limits for your employees, especially when it comes to the rules and regulations of your company. That way, your employees will know the best times to engage in a jovial manner with you.

Don’t Blame Them for Anything Negative That Happens in Your Business, especially in a Philippine Call Center

Unless, of course, if any of them really had something to do with anything of the matter. In any case, blaming your employees for anything negative not only shows your lack of trust with them, but also your complete inability to accept any form of criticism, as well as any form of inconsistency that may serve as a means for you to increase productivity and drive among you and your teammates.

Key Takeaway

Being a better leader for the better future of your business is one way to ensure that your business is here to stay; and with these tips in store for you, there’s definitely no argument that may ensue in your business’ overall standing.

20 Fun Ways Gift to Surprise Your Husband

Surprises are loved by one and all and when it is a matter of surprising your husband you cannot afford to keep your plans plain and simple. It is true that guys are not so fond of surprise as girls but even they once in a while love to be surprised by their special ones. After all, surprises always make a person feel special, wanted and loved. It is a difficult job to plan surprises that turn out to be pleasant and true fun. Guys have a paucity of options to gift and thus you need to be extra careful while planning your surprise routine.

  1. Let us give you 20 fun ways to surprise your husband so that he truly feels special in a memorable way. If it’s his birthday or your anniversary or a normal occasion then also these ideas would give the perfect results. Right at the stroke of midnight, make arrangements for a customized lamp with your and his pictures. Lighten the room with the lamp and ask him to visit it. It would definitely turn out to be a big thing for him.


  1. Husbands are always close to their families. Try to include the family front also to make a pleasant surprise. Invite some of his friends and family members and ask them to come along with the favorite flowers of your husband. If they are busy you can also ask them to send flowers online just in order to surprise him more.

Favorite Flowers

  1. Online surprise gifts are again one of the most promising ideas to surprise your husband. Keep sending him chocolates, sweets, bouquets throughout the day through the help of online portals. This is one of the greatest blessings of technology that you can put to use.

Chocolates & Sweets

  1. If your husband is in love with soft toys, then again you can surprise him with some cool teddies clubbed with appetizing chocolates. This would definitely be a cute surprise for him making him realize how much you feel for him.
  1. It is often said that the best way to win a man’s heart is through food. Make his best dish for the day and let him enjoy a classy memorable meal.

Food For Husband

  1. When it comes to food, you can also plan a candle-light dinner setting and give him a romantic surprise.

candle-light dinner

  1. Is your husband a fitness freak? Well, then one of the best gift to give him is a gym membership where he would have the best of sessions enjoying complete fitness routines.
  1. Movie tickets are also a great way to create fond memories for the day. Book 2 tickets to his favorite movie/theatre and ask him to meet somewhere near the location without revealing the plan. This would definitely bring a twist to your planned day.
  2. Another interesting thing that you can do is create a setting in your home filled with balloons, candles and other decorations. This would definitely pump the happiness of your husband.


  1. Sometimes giving with a noble heart is another convenient way of celebrating a special day. Arranging a visit to a nearby NGO or a slum and donating chocolates and sweets is really a cool way to celebrate a moment with your husband.
  1. Most of the husbands have a hectic life owing to their job roles and pressures. So to bring a break in the monotonous office lives, send online gifts that arrive in every hour of the day and yes, it would be definitely turn out to be an amazing surprise to remember.
  1. A grooming kit can once again prove to be an incredible surprise for the Man of Your Life. Let the Man of your life feel special and rejuvenated with the grooming kit.
  1. We all want our husbands to be safe and lucky. Planning an idol surprise gift for his special day that he can carry with himself or place it on his workstation is another innovative idea.
  1. Always remember that your way of surprising your husband need not turn out to be an expensive affair. Just when he is back from office you can greet him with a warm hug and a small bouquet and let the magic of love do its wonder.
  1. You can also plan a visit to a five star property or a restaurant without even informing him. Book the tables before he comes to know. And then you can have the best of times with your husband.
  1. Giving a surprise to your husband can also be in the form of dry fruits gift hampers. A dry fruit is the symbol of prosperity and richness. Give a gift hamper of dry fruits for a perfect healthy surprise.

Gift Hamper Dry Fruits

  1. Plan a midnight surprise with online gifts India. Send online gifts India to husband for midnight delivery and then it would be an amazing experience for him when the delivery boy comes to your doorstep with a bunch of flowers along with a cake or other gift hampers.
  1. Another best thing you can plan ahead is a photo cake. Photo cakes have become the trend of the season and when you send online gifts India, photo cakes are really appealing.
  1. One more idea that you can definitely execute is chocolate bouquets. Chocolate bouquets are really adorable with a huge number of chocolates arranged in an array which you two can cherish together.
  1. The last but not the least surprise to celebrate your hubby’s presence in your life is spend a complete day of togetherness with him. Take a break from work or your daily household chores and spend a complete day with him.

So get your flow of surprises going with these ideas and let every day turn out to be an amazing surprise for your husband.

A Complete Guide to Wearing the Right Footwear with Jeans

With the right style, you can make the most of your step-in slippers and bring them when on a night out. Everything is about the right combination. The hardest one to pull off is wearing the right shoes with jeans. With this article, you can find out exactly how you can be stylish in just jeans and shoes.

dark vs. light jeans

With the right style, you can make the most of your step-in slippers and bring them when on a night out. Everything is about the right combination. The hardest one to pull off is wearing the right shoes with jeans. With this article, you can find out exactly how you can be stylish in just jeans and shoes.

Sneakers with jeans


The most casual but probably the most classic choice on this list is sneakers. Chuck Taylors from Converse and any authentic sneaker from Vans is a great version of this almost timeless look.

Slip ons


There are three choices of slip-ons that are great for jeans are leather or canvass loafers and boat shoes. This is a great option for the summer, especially if they come in black or brown.



When it comes to pairing boots with jeans, avoid hiking boots as those will not go well at all. Instead, look for the desert, Chelsea, or dress variety.

  • Desert Boots

It’s easy to confuse desert boots and chukka’s. Desert boots are actually a type of chukka. The factor that defines it is its suede upper which goes great with pants.

  • Chelsea Boots

When it comes to Chelsea boots, go for a pair that’s in plain leather. These are also higher than chukkas so you may want to wear them with jeans that have a higher cut. Also, they have rubber soles over the chukka’s white ones. It makes these boots easier to care for and classier.

  • Dress Boots

Dress boots have brogues in them or classier events. But there are versions without brogueing that plain toe caps, which are more versatile for any event.

derbies shoes


These are the simplest shoes you could wear with jeans. They simply have basic variations, but aside from that, there’s not much to it. It’s simplicity is what makes it very versatile and fitting to casual bottoms such as jeans. Either at home or with a suit, this pair will look good on you.

Never Use This Pairing

There are only two shoes that should never be worn with jeans; whether they are dark or light. These are: Oxfords and Closed-lacing Boots. The reason why is because these are both closed-lacing, which means it’s way too classy to wear with jeans. These shoes are more elegant than their open laced counterparts and are considered very formal.

Key Takeaway

Picking the right shoes for jeans is all about picking the right color of jeans and not going too overboard with the class when it comes to picking shoes. Jeans gives this sense of casualness so your shoes should do the same. Although dark jeans have been seen to be dressier, there is also a limit to what shoes they go well with. Just think “not too formal” and you’ll be fine.

4 Fully Tested Marketing Strategies to Build A Million Dollar Business

Marketing Strategies

These days, business marketing could be highly complicated if it is not purposeful. Whether you are a budding or seasoned entrepreneur or willing starting your own business, you must focus on your marketing strategies to stay competitive in your industry. Though, many digital marketers out there promises to help deliver you better business output, but it is primarily upon you to let them know about your goals. And once you are done with deciding you goals you must find out that which business marketing strategies will work for you. Here are some marketing strategies which can help you along your journey to build a million-dollar business, if done right.

business marketing strategies

Affiliate marketing:

Affiliate marketing is one of the key marketing strategies that digital marketers are using these days. As a business organization you can state how much you are willing to pay for each sale someone else generates for you and can simply promote your services or products as aggressively as possible. However, in order to attract more users or compete your peers, sometimes you may need to pay a bit higher amount. Increasing your affiliate marketing budget also depends on how you want to look at the lifetime value of a customer. Assuming an average customer purchases your product or service certain times over his or her lifetime will allow you to easily find out the affiliate commission rates while remaining profitable.

Although, in some recent cases it has been observed that affiliate marketing didn’t work for service based companies but it is really a great option if you run an e-commerce website or shopping platform.

Email Marketing: Lead Capture and Nurturing:

Email marketing is yet not an outdated concept rather it seems to be a perfect means of communication even now when we have social media and instant messaging apps. It is the most powerful way to connect with existing customers and potential leads. A marketing professional, one who is enough experienced can suggest you the best way to invest your budget and generate a better ROI.

Using customer segmentation, you may create sophisticated email campaigns to provide buyers with timely information about your products or services and gradually move them along the sales funnel. This will also help increase the brand awareness and will enable you to recapture lost clients.

Strategic partnerships:

Being a company you always desire to take your business to new heights and the only way to be it true, you need to have new customers on scale. However, if you are lacking a generous advertising budget, investing a little time in strategic partnerships with companies could be a great deal.

For an example, if you are a clothing retailer and you have partnered someone with a footwear business, you can access thousands of new customers simply by a good collaboration. This also gives you an opportunity of cross-promotional marketing.

Influencer Marketing:

Influencer marketing is one of the most successful marketing strategies and a perfect way to get in front of an audience that is already interested in your product or service or lookalike. For example, someone liked your post and shared it to other, there may be a chance to get a good lead.

However, developing your own social media presence requires a lot of time, dedication & hard work. To connect with a large number of followers and increase engagement, you may need to promote your social media profiles organically or by paid procedures.

So, if you are ready to reap the benefits of marketing, use these million dollar business ideas and take your business to new heights and if you need to know more on how it can help your business, visit today!

How To Write A High-Quality Graduate Work In The Short Term

Writing in academic and professional circles is one of the most common tasks. According to the Teach Thought, an average fourth-grader spends at least three hours per week on writing assignments.
Students deal with such tasks on a regular basis. And even more – they also have to support their knowledge with written papers as an evidence of solid knowledge and competency in a certain area.
However, even though writing is very common as a task at college, students still feel intimidated by an idea of having to compose a decent piece of information within the shortest terms. And it is not surprising, given that four out of five students are not good at writing, according to the same source. And this is combined with the fact that slightly fewer than 50% of all students believe that their writing improved in college.
Not only this is caused by their lack of confidence in the clear understanding of the subject, but also by the time that is always an issue for young people.
So, here we come to a question of how one can write a decent thesis within the tight timeframe and not go crazy. Check out our tips that will guide you through the process step by step.
How to compose a great thesis within the shortest time
1. Start early.
Time can be your best friend or your worst enemy. In case you start early, you can take all the time you need and create a decent piece of information. However, if you run out of time, you will end up rushing into the paper and missing many important points.
So, plan your writing ahead of time. They say that if you d everything right, you will only need around a month to complete the paper.
To help you keep track of your time, make sure to start with a list of things you need to do for your thesis creation. You can spread the tasks across weeks and then split them all into smaller to-do lists. Each of the tasks must have a clear deadline so that you can keep track of how well you are doing and whether you are still on the right track.
You must create such lists ahead of time and update them as long as some task is completed. Besides, you can also reward yourself for a good work in case the task is done properly and timely.
2. Choose an adviser that cares.
You must choose an adviser that will be more than happy to help you. Unfortunately, you will see that there are many of them that seem to be quite indifferent to how well you are doing. So, pick someone you feel confident with and see if this tutor can be your thesis adviser.
He or she will be able to set clear deadlines, help you evaluate the paper on each stage and recommend literature to study when looking for information. They have more experience in the subject, so undoubtedly, they can help you do much better than you would do without their assistance.
Do not hesitate to ask for help. You should not be worried about daily appointments with them, and definitely do no worry about being a pain in the neck: it is their responsibility to help you (and frankly, in most cases, they find it interesting, especially if teaching is their calling).
3. Stick to the standard structure.
Do not try to re-invent the wheel. There is a standard structure you need to stick to, so just follow the instructions.
The main goal behind any structure is to present your ideas in a clear and concise manner. So, just go over the structure step by step.
An average graduate thesis consists of several chapters:

  •  Title page;
  • Abstract (not longer than 350 words);
  • Lay summary (not longer than 150 words);
  • Preface;
  •  Table of contents;
  •  List of tables;
  •  List of figures;
  •  List of illustrations;
  •  List of symbols;
  •  Glossary;
  •  Acknowledgement;
  • Document body that includes an introduction, research chapters, and a conclusion;
  •  Bibliography;
  •  Appendices.

If you follow this structure, you will end up having a clear and understandable paper in the end. However, beware that every school might have its own specifications, so a list of the chapter might vary. Remember to talk this through with your adviser to make sure you are doing everything right.
4. Pay attention to the bibliography.
We know many examples of how students would write a paper before the deadline, but then still miss it due to how much time bibliography creation took them. Thus, they will find a good literature review sample and use it to compose a paper faster, but then get stuck at bibliography.
Do not fall into this trap, and take proper notes of all the resources you are using as you go. Otherwise, you will spend ages searching for the places you took a quote from.
So, if you are using a printed source, then mention it in the Bibliography by listing all of these points as it is stated by the Science Buddies: a name of the author, date, place and a company that published the book, the volume (in case it is a magazine or encyclopedia) and a page number.
Should you have used some online resource, then list it this way – an author or editors names, title of the page you found it on, company that published it, URL, and the date you found it there.
This will save you some hassle: just use our guide – and you are good to go!
5. Check the paper for plagiarism.
Schools do not let any plagiarized content slip into the papers. That is why your supervisor will check your paper for plagiarism every time you hand in a piece of your thesis.
To save you some time here, we recommend you using plagiarism checkers yourself.
There are many great ones available for free online. Among them are Small SEO Tools, Quetext, PlagScan, etc.
All you need to do there is copy your text, insert it into a relevant field on the website and wait for the program to analyze all the information with a click of a button.
6. Use technologies.
Finally, save time by using technologies (which were invented to save our time in the first place).
For example, you can use special software that will block any distractions on your computer while you writing (including SelfControl, LeechBlock, FocusON, Freedom, etc).
Moreover, you can create your to-do lists using special software that not only makes listings easier but also kind of fun. Among the ones we would recommend you using are Google Keep, Remember the Milk, Habitica, Todoist, or Wunderlist. They are all loved and used by many, so join the community of super-organized people.
Apart from that you can check grammar and proofread your paper with the cutting-edge software like GrammarCheckGrammarly, Language Tool, Online SpellCheck, etc. They will save your eyes from having to read the same text over and over again and will keep you right on track even if your time is very limited.
As you see composing a graduate paper is not as complicated as you thought it might be. There are tones of ways to make it better. And even if you lack confidence that you can deal with the task as easily as it sounds, remember that many students have gone through this way, and you can do it too!
By the way, if you have any other great ways in minds that help you save time when writing a graduate paper, do not hesitate to share that wisdom with us. Sharing is caring, we believe. So, hit the comments button – and let us know!