Natural Remedies to Avoid Pest at Your Home

Before calling pest control services to take care of infestations, one can first try some natural remedies that can be made at home in order to ward off the pests. These are effective, cost efficient, and safe. Here are 4 of the best examples.

Diatomaceous Earth

This is a fine powder which is made from the fossils of diatoms. The fossils of these algae is basically a very hard shell that is made of silica. It is also very sharp to pests while being completely safe for humans because of how fine it is. It can actually be ingested in order to kill parasites since it is made of silica. However, this must not be inhaled because it can cause irritation to the lungs.

For the home, it is effective to ward off fleas, ants, roaches, and other walking insects when placed in the carpet and possible entry points and habitats.


Essential Oils Spray

The best way to make sure that pests don’t get indoors is to make the immediate outside area unbearable for them. One can do this by using vinegar and essential oils sprays. Mixing these together and applying them to entry ways will repel most pests.


In order to create the mixture, the following ingredients must be mixed together:

  1. 2 cups of water
  2. 1 cup of white vinegar
  3. 50 drops of peppermint essential oil
  4. 20 drops of basil essential oil
  5. 20 drops of lemon essential oil



A natural poison for ants can be made with just borax and corn syrup. The reason why borax is used for this method is because it is less toxic than pesticides and this method involves leaving the material out in the open. Using this material means it is less hazardous when accidentally ingested by pets or curious animals.

Both borax and corn syrup will be mixed in equal parts for this remedy. Then the mixture will be spread on an index card. Finally it can be placed anywhere. This is because the syrup will make this poison trap make it look like food to ants. Little do they know that they are actually going to ingest a slow acting natural pesticide. This poison acts slowly – around 2-3 days – by that time the mixture will be taken back to the colony where the rest of their brother ants will eat it and eventually die. Because of this, it is a good long term cure.


Fresh Basil Leaf

The previous remedy may sometimes smell bad. For this remedy, it involves using fresh basil plants which smells wonderful while being able to repel flies. One must simply pot some basil plants and place them near the doors and entryways.

A great benefit of this is having a steady supply of basil leaves for salads and other recipes if maintained well.


Key Takeaway

These natural remedies can keep the hazardous pesticides out of the home as well as the harmful pests that can ruin any home. Try these solutions today at your home.



Awesome 5 Minute DIY Projects

Have you ever thought what would be the best way to spend 5 minutes of your time? If you haven’t, then a great way to spend those minutes is by making some useful DIY arts and crafts! If you have some spare materials lying around, you can create some nifty and useful things in just a short amount of time. These things would be nice additions to your desk, office, or even at school. Here are some awesome DIY projects that you can do within 5 minutes.

1. Button Thumbtacks

DIY Button thumbstack

Tired of your old plain thumbtacks? Add some color to it by putting some buttons! To do this, simply get some thumbtacks, glue, and some colorful buttons. Glue the buttons onto the thumbtacks, and you now have a nice set of button thumbtacks to attach to your corkboard.

2. DIY Whiteboard

DIY Whiteboard

A nice and nifty way to save some paper is to make your own whiteboard using some stuff lying around at home. All you need is an empty picture frame (with glass) and some colored or patterned paper (you’ll only need one sheet) to make it look nice. Simply cut the paper to the size of the frame and slide it in, and you now have your own portable whiteboard where you can write some of your important reminders, or even some nice motivational quotes.

3. Color-coding your keys

DIY color coding keys

Have you ever experienced having to fumble around with your keys because they look exactly the same? A simple solution would be color-coding your keys! All you need is to apply some nail polish or modeling paint over the keys. You no longer have to struggle to pick the right keys anymore!

4. Mini Jewelry Dish

DIY jewelry dish

Need somewhere to place your jewelry over your table, without them falling on the floor and getting lost? Then creating your own jewelry dishes is the best solution. Simply get some old box lids, and some enamel paint. All you have to do is paint your box lids with some bright and vibrant colors, and then you now have some nice decorative jewelry dishes.  It is best to place them on your side tables and desks, as they are the most common places where people remove their jewelry.

5. Temporary Tattoo Mugs

DIY temporary tattoo mug

Remember those temporary tattoos that you used to put on your skin when you were still a kid? Apparently, they’re still around, and they can give your plain coffee mug some color and style. All you need is a mug, some temporary tattoos, a brush, a decoupage, and a sponge. Simply place your tattoo on the mug and hold it in place with a wet sponge. After removing the film and the sponge, brush the tattoo with layers of decoupage, and you now have a nicely decorated mug.

Key Takeaway

While 5 minutes may not seem like a lot of time, finding ways to maximize those minutes will help you find something productive to do. With these simple 5 minute DIY projects, you are sure to create nifty items with some materials lying around.

5 Clever Tricks to Become a Good Writer

Once you make up your mind on being a writer, you need to start treating writing as a full-time occupation and not merely as a hobby. While some of your friends and family may suggest that you are wasting your time and that you should better do something serious, you need to stay strong and don’t let such an opinion get to you. There has never been a good writer who was born one. They always achieve their proficiency and status through hard work and struggle.

Here, we have collected some useful tips from successful writers on how to refine your writing skills to the point where you can be proud to call yourself a writer.

1) Read good authors

You have noticed how sometimes when reading a great writing, you get carried away by how amazingly the words are put together. Sometimes, you can’t even get a phrase out of your head for the next few days, weeks, or even your entire life. You quote it whenever you can and you – consciously or subconsciously – try to talk and write in a similar manner.

In other words, the first step in becoming a good writer is to get yourself constantly exposed to good literature. If you want to write fiction – read good fiction, if you want to become good speech writer – read and analyze powerful speeches, if you want to be a blogger – read popular blogs to see what makes them so successful, etc.

2) Never stop writing

As we have said, no good writer was ever born such. Writing is a skill, and it needs constant training and exercise. This means that you should write every day to refine your skills. You can engage in active correspondence with some friends, you can write for your blog or for others, you can write for a custom writing company that aids students, you can even do some freewriting – just sit down and write whatever comes into your mind without stopping. The key is that you do it regularly.

3) Write down all ideas

A great idea for a story or a blog can strike you at any time. It can come from a conversation that you have or overhear, it can come from something that you see, an ad that you read or a song that you hear, it might just pop up in your head out of nowhere. So, what do you do? You probably think about how great it would be to add this to whatever it is that you are writing right now and that you should remember it. But how often do you actually remember it? Chances are, not too often.

Therefore, it is always better to have it all written down so you can return to it at any time. Moreover, it is known that you remember things better when you write them down as opposed to just hearing and trying to memorize them.

4) Get rid of distractions

When you sit down to writing, it must be the only thing you do. Be aware that resisting distractions also takes a lot of effort, so it is best when they are simply absent. Your writing software must be full screen, and your browsers and messengers should be off.

If you want to have some music background, you should try several kinds of music before you decide which one works for you better. Some people prefer mellow and relaxing music, like ambient. Others work better with something rhythmic and monotonous, like synthpop. Either way, it should not be too loud, so it did not dominate the working atmosphere.

Also, you should put your smartphone somewhere aside. Have you ever tried to count how many times per day you slide-to-unlock for no reason? This is a waste of attention, so it is better to take your smartphone only when you are done writing for today.

5) Revise your writing

Once you have written a piece, it is good to put it away for some time and get back to it in a few days to give it a fresh look. This way, you can see your strong point, as well as the instances which could have been handled better.

Finally, do not to be too hard on yourself. We are all our own fiercest critic, and nobody can be good instantly.

Here are your few tips to keep in mind on your way to becoming a good writer. These are the most general tips. If you read some great author’s biographies (bonus tip!), you will find that they have all had different approaches to writing and different sources of inspiration. So, don’t be afraid to experiment to see what inspires you!

Identifying The Signs Of Unhappy Employees

It’s simple: unhappy employees don’t work well. Their projects will fail, which will make disappointed clients no longer want to invest in your company. This can be avoided if you set a good work attitude example, which can help shape the work culture of your office. Failure to cultivate this culture could lead to endless cycle of employees coming and going; similar to the practice of endo. Because of this, your company will always be comprised of entry level workers and trainees and no associates. Your company cannot evolve to the heights you want to reach if you the people in it don’t perform well.

Now, as an employer, your employees are, naturally, more socially reserved towards you. Because of this, it may be hard to tell if someone has a grievance since they feel like they can’t tell you directly. You’re going to have to look for signs. Here are some examples:

Reaching for only the minimum

As a business, you’re going to want to exceed the expectations of your clients. This attitude is what makes companies evolve. You want employees that believe in this mantra because it encourages them to not just go for bare minimum; they aim to do more to invest in their careers and get the coveted promotion. Employees that don’t aim for the promotion are merely there just for the pay check and not success.  This disinterest to grow in their field means that they aren’t happy with the job or with what they are doing.

Disappearing Acts

If employee absence has been a problem for you, then that could also mean they are unhappy. It’s possible that they relate the workplace to excessive stress. This leads them to find all opportunities to not be at the work space. Signs of this are the following:

  • Tardiness
  • Over-breaks
  • Work and Life Imbalance
  • Clock-watching

Lack of Transparency

People in a company may only have professional relationships but they are relationships none the less – whether it is boss-employee or between the employees. For any relationship to flourish, transparency is a requirement. The lack of this in the office is dangerous because it doesn’t allow trust to form. A sign of an office without trust is eerie silence. While silence is needed for concentration, too much of it means they are not communicating well with each other. This is because they don’t trust each other with their thoughts and opinions. This kind of environment is toxic and it could lead to people leaving or work inefficiency.


People choose to apply for certain jobs over others because they feel like they can use their special skills there. Because of this, being accepted at their desired job will make them feel like their value is recognized. Companies that value their employees inspire them to work hard and invest in their careers in your company.

There are two things that can make an employee feel unvalued; first is if you assign him to do something that you both agreed (via contract) that he/she shouldn’t be doing. This will make him feel like just a person being bossed around. Second is failure to give them credit to a job well done. It is a horrible feeling when you don’t believe like your efforts have any meaning. If you do any of these things, then expect your employees to lose enthusiasm and no longer invest their efforts. Try to re-evaluate the way you see and treat your employees if you see this sign.

Your employees are your most valuable asset and their happiness is the key for success in your business. For the sake of your company’s future and overall positivity, make sure that you make working in your company an inspirational experience.

3 Crafts to Make and Sell This Summer

Summer months can be pretty exciting and fun, particularly for students who have been waiting for them to happen ever since the last ones ended. But you got to admit that it can also get really boring once all the excitement is gone.

Fortunately, there are several crafts for you to sell that should keep you occupied during down times. The best thing about this idea, however, is the cash you are likely to get after making a few sales.

To help you out, here are some ideas you can create and sell:


Photo Courtesy

Beach in a mason jar

This is perfect for those who have already visited the beach. You can collect some of your materials there, after all.


  • Mason Jar
  • Sand
  • Seashells
  • Sea glass (optional)


  • First thing you need to do is make sure your mason jar is clean and spotless.
  • Pour in a good amount of sand inside the mason jar. Make sure it covers ½ of the jar.
  • Decorate your jar according to your preference. Place in the seashells and the sea glass you collected on the beach.


Photo Courtesy

Popsicle Stick Bookmarks


Nothing like a cute bookmark to get you more inspired to read more books. Inspire other people to read more by creating and selling these bookmarks to them. Here’s how you make it:


  • Popsicle sticks
  • Paper shapes or foam
  • Glue
  • Googly eyes
  • Permanent marker
  • Paint (optional)


  • If you want to paint your popsicle sticks, then you should paint them first. Leave them to dry afterwards.
  • Cut out different animal faces with the use of paper shapes or foam. Once you have created the outline of their faces, use glue to stick the googly eyes on them. Complete the whole look by drawing added features, such as their noses and mouths, with the help of the permanent marker.
  • Stick the faces on the top part of your popsicle sticks. These will serve as an indicator for the bookmark.
Photo Courtesy

Glitter dipped mugs

Everybody seems to love glitter these days. For them, glitter is life!

If you want to make a profit out of glitter, here are the materials and instructions you must follow to create glitter dipped mugs:


  • Porcelain mugs or plain glass
  • Masking tape
  • Gloss finish
  • Paintbrush
  • Glitter


  • Stick the tape on the bottom part of the mug. Make sure you also placed some tape on the handle, itself.
  • Get your paint brush and carefully paint the gloss finish below the tape. Before it completely dries, generously spread glitter all over it—covering the entire spot, including the one placed on the handle.
  • Peel the tape from the mug. Don’t wait until the gloss dries off.
  • Let the mugs dry upside down and leave them be for at least one night.

Go ahead and make all these projects or create one on your own so what you’re selling can be totally unique. It’s completely up to you! By doing this, you can save some money that you can use to see that future concert you have been waiting to go to. Just keep in mind to also save some as an emergency fund for you as well!

What Millennials Look for in A Job

The millennial generation is undeniably one of the leading career individuals today. Though they have been tagged as overly ambitious, lazy, imitative, and unprofessional community, they are certainly known as the ones that takes a different approach in the corporate industry. As a result, more and more coworking spaces in Manila has surprisingly increased since these are the go-to places of millennial working individuals.

For this reason, businesses and companies generated a fresh approach to remain competitive and to provide the millennial new values, attitudes, and lifestyles – which millennials wants and seeks for in a job. Moreover, there are other factors that attracts and lures this generation to a certain job – which are the following:

Bye, Bye Nine-to-Fives!

Shopping, banking, listening to music, watching movies and television series, ordering food, and doing homework have all evolved from a ‘place you go’ to a ‘thing you do’ from your digital devices. This is how millennial job seekers view their work and workplace.

Presently, job seekers are living in this world where flexibility is present and physical presence is optional. They do not want their work to be measured by certain hours at a specific location, rather, they want to be measured by the work output they accomplishes anytime and anywhere.

For this reason, high-performing and well-known companies and enterprises today embraced flexibility as one of the core feature in their corporate culture. They let their employees set and choose their own working schedules as long as they get their work done and do their job well consistently.

According to the PwC’s “Millenials At Work” Study, majority of the millennials who are in the corporate world would willingly give up any amount of salary or delay a promotion and even their job position in exchange for their preferred working schedule. This goes to show that the working schedule and work location is a vital ingredient in the millennials’ ideal job.

Room for Growth and Never-ending Inspiration

Gone are the days when earning a paycheck is the top priority of an employee. What matters most these days is the time invested in acquiring skill sets and powerful knowledge that is needed for an employee’s professional growth. This is why most of the companies today gives the best training programs for their employees that includes valuable learning experiences, interests, and skills.

This is what millennials wants and expects in companies today. They want to accomplish multiple jobs rather than committing to just one job. For this reason, businesses and companies are continuously offering and providing greater opportunities to their current and future employees that will ultimately aid the company and the employees to grow and develop in the long run.

Moreover, millennial working individuals are attracted to enterprises that offers and provides them the chance to pursue their passions and career goals through training programs. As a result, employees will feel more accomplished and inspired which will deliberately drive them to be at their best consistently.

Purpose Driven People

Millennials are known to be more purpose and social cause driven compared to the previous generations. They have this characteristic of asking a number of questions that pertains to self-purpose constantly. For instance, they always ask queries about how they fit in the company or if his/her colleagues cares enough for his/her work outputs. This is why businesses and companies must make sure that their employees’ goals and aspirations are well aligned with the company to ensure that they meet the needs of their employees.

Maximized Performance

It is a fact that millennials are all about maximizing their performance at its finest, especially when it comes to their chosen career. They constantly opt for job positions that will ultimately bring out the best version of themselves over stagnant and monotonous jobs. This only means that they want to be a part of a positive environment that incessantly offers and replenishes their knowledge, interest, and resources that will ultimately lead to them performing at their best.

Key Takeaway

It is no great secret that the list of priorities of employees today has greatly changed. They work today, not for the money and the fat paychecks, but for the values and skill sets that they want to procure and develop in the process.

8 Strategies for Improving Student Writing

Writing is difficult for many. Not all of us are well capable of expressing our thoughts on paper, making it informative and interesting to read at the same time. While some people are able to avoid writing most of the time, students usually aren’t so lucky. They receive many writing assignments regularly, and completing them can become nearly impossible for those who struggle with their writing all the time.

However, there is something you can do in order to change that. It doesn’t matter whether you are a teacher or a student – these 8 tips can help you improve student writing greatly.

  1. Shorten sentences.

The shorter, the better – that’s the rule when it comes to writing. Short sentences are easier to read and understand, they tend to be more specific and deliver your point of view more effectively. Of course, not all sentences have to be short and there is no clear definition of “short”, but you should still try to make them as laconic as possible while saving their meaning at the same time.

  1. Don’t forget about grammar.

Grammar is a tough subject for many students. However, these days it is much easier to improve your grammar and make your writing stronger. There are so many apps that help check spelling and punctuation and there are even some of those that give you stylistic suggestions as well. All you have to do is to not only correct the mistakes but also remember the tips and rules these apps provide you with – and your grammar will certainly improve with time.

  1. Write a plan first.

It doesn’t matter what you’re writing – an essay, a term paper, or an article: a plan still has to be written first. It not only helps you build the necessary structure but also ensures that you won’t miss something and makes the whole writing process much easier. All you have to do after you wrote the plan is to follow it: this will help you save time on thinking “What should I write next?”.

  1. Extra reading is always good.

We are overflowed with information these days and so, reading might seem like a tiring thing to do to many. However, it’s the reading that helps us become better writers and express our thoughts better. And I’m not talking only about classic literature here – you can read modern one too. So, choose the books you might enjoy and start reading!

  1. Analyze and discuss.

Not all of us actually have time and opportunity to reflect on our writing. However, this is a necessary thing to do if you want to write better. You can discuss writing with your teacher or professor, with your friends or fellow students, noticing all the details and flaws. You can do that on your own too, analyzing your writing and trying to understand why did you choose these words and arguments in the first place, and so on.

  1. Use the words you know.

Using the words that are supposed to make you look smarter is one of the most common errors in students writing. Not all students actually understand the exact meaning of the words they want to use for this purpose, which might lead to some very confusing mistakes. While your writing doesn’t have to be primitive, you should still choose the words that are familiar to you.

  1. Take your time.

This could be hard when the deadlines are close, but the more time you spend on writing, the better it will become. Sometimes students’ writing is poor not because their skills are bad, but because they rush too much with the whole writing process.

  1. Always edit.

The earlier you start working on your writing assignment, the more time you will have to edit it. Editing is a must: it not only helps in eliminating grammar mistakes but also improves your writing. You can notice weak arguments and logical flaws during the editing process, correct them, and make your paper much better this way.

While strong writing skills do develop with time, these simple tips will help you improve your writing a bit very quickly.


Trending Wedding Ideas This 2017

Weddings, essentially, are ceremonies that celebrate the union of two people: the bride and groom. They usually hold a reception to thank those who attended the wedding and to commemorate the fact that they are now united for a long time; services and food are done by groups that offer wedding catering, and the theme and handling of the wedding is done by planners that are experts in the field of parties and celebrations.

If you don’t want to get a planner and you want to handle the wedding yourself, here’s a list of trending ideas of the year to help you with the theme of the wedding:

1. Greenery

greenery wedding theme
Photo Courtesy:

Are you both nature lovers? If yes, then you’re going to have the perfect wedding with this theme! Imagine yourself having the wedding outdoors where the grass is green and the surroundings are embroidered by trees that add to the aesthetic value of the overall celebration. Have wooden chairs be decorated with hanging plants, women have the choice to wear flower crowns instead of plain headbands, instead of having the bride hold a bouquet of flowers, let her hold green plants that will go perfectly well with her all white dress, and tables and lights are also decorated by hanging plants. This will surely be a “match made in nature”!

2. Fairy Tale

fairytale wedding theme
Photo Courtesy:

Treat your soon-to-be wife to a wedding that’s inspired by the fairy tales that she loved as a child; have every decoration be white with yellow hanging lights to give a feeling of wonder and elegance. Let your “princess” wear an all white dress that is embroidered by flowers that make her look like she came from a fairy tale world; riddle the middle of the aisle with petals of white roses and ler walk on it to let her feel she’s walking on the clouds. With this theme you’ll both live happily ever after.

3. Boho

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Do you want to have a chill but still fashionable wedding? Then you should try this boho inspired theme for your wedding. If you’re wondering what boho is, it’s a mixture of both bohemian and hippie influences. The wedding will be outdoor so that it highlights the hippie influence of boho while the bohemian side will come from the decorations and details of the wedding; and, as a plus, if you both don’t like the traditional cake, you can have a stack of donuts instead!

4. Neutral



If you’re looking for that classy and sophisticated look but you also don’t want to look outdated, then you should try a neutral themed wedding; it is both timely and timeless, it will always be a great idea for a wedding theme no matter how many years have passed. If you’re going to go for a neutral themed party then get ready to be blown away by the sophistication it adds to the overall aesthetic of the wedding AND reception.

5. Watercolor

Phot Courtesy:
Phot Courtesy:

Is color what you’re looking for in a party? Try this one! The watercolor themed wedding is a wedding riddled with vivid colors that make the place look alive; from the invitations to the flowers and candles, everything has colors that pop out but doesn’t also clash, pair it with metallic utensils and you’ll have a beautiful wedding that will be remembered for days to come!

Most Inspirational People in History

History has introduced you to a collection of exceptional people from the most unexpected of backgrounds. International schools in Manila show the best coverage of the history of these people. These people are the epitome of living life to the fullest, no matter what odds they faced they continue to strive for what they believe in and work in that direction. If you’re looking for a role model you are in the right page because the following people will inspire you to get the best out of you.

Ludwig Van Beethoven

ludwig beethoven
Photo Courtesy:

Beethoven is a name that any musician is familiar with or have come across. Known for his classical and romantic compositions, Beethoven was born into a musically inclined family that developed his interests in the art. But as he grew older his hearing deteriorated until he was completely deaf. This challenge never stopped him from writing the most beautiful symphonies you could ever hear.

Nick Vujivic

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Born with a rare condition called Tetra-amelia syndrome, which is when you are born without all four of your limbs. As you can imagine it is hard for a child to live this way as it is, add on to that how society can be cruel at times. This all equals a childhood that is no walk in the park. He overcame all this and started his own NGO called ‘Life Without Limbs’. He then went on to graduate with a degree in Accounting and Financial Planning, became a motivational speaker and was an author of multiple books all about life, hope and overcoming disabilities.

Randy Pausch

Randy Pausch
Photo Courtesy:

Randy Pausch was a professor of computer science and was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer. He was given 3 months to live, but by God’s grace live much longer than that. Before dying 2 years after his diagnosis he gave a lecture titled: “The Last Lecture: Really Achieving Your Childhood Dreams”

This lecture was centered about his journey of checking off his list of childhood dreams and accomplishing them all. This was a lecture that gained popularity in YouTube. He also co-authored the book called “The Last Lecture” that gives off the same feel and message.

Stephen Hawking

Photo Courtesy:
Photo Courtesy:

Stephen Hawking is a known cosmologist, renowned for his work on black holes and gravitational singularities. Another thing he is known for is his condition called motor neuron disease, which basically paralyzes his arms, legs and voice. Even with this disability his numerous theories prove that he is one of the brightest minds to ever grace this earth. You can experience his brilliance displayed in a book he authored “A Brief History of Time.”

Jessica Cox

jessica cox
Photo Courtesy:

Jessica Cox was born with no arms yet this disability never stopped her from living a normal life. She graduated with a major in Psychology and is still able to write, drive a car or brush her hair just like anyone else would. She can also dance and has a black belt in taekwondo. What she does which not everyone can do is fly a plane, not only that she is also the first pilot to have no arms. Her whole life is a story worth telling and says that no disability can stop you from having a normal life.

The people on this list are examples of people that face their own personal challenges yet are still able to not just live regular lives but be excellent at it. You now have no excuse not to grab each opportunity and live life to the fullest.

Business Ideas for Introverts

Nowadays, having only one source of income is not enough to fulfill your financial goals and be financially independent. This is why many people are embracing the idea of entrepreneurship. Having your own business means working with your own people at your own time. But, what if you prefer working alone than in a team? Worry not! There are various business ideas that you can consider to start gaining regular customer acquisition services, which are perfect for introverts.

Start your entrepreneurship journey and determine which of the following business ideas suits you best.



Are you efficient in writing and editing? Why not start your own blog site? Starting your own blog nowadays is easy because of the availability of the Internet. Many of the successful entrepreneurs today found their success in blogging.

Apart from writing and editing skills, you also need marketing skills, which will help you identify what type of content you need to produce to engage your audience into your website and can meet your client’s goal. Start your blog by choosing platform, which mostly free, create a short bio about you, and start writing.

You need:

  • Computer
  • Stable Internet connection
  • Impeccable writing and editing skills
  • Efficient marketing skills
  • Reliable platform

Graphic Designer

graphic designer

Graphic designing is one of the easiest digital businesses. Designers can make a living by creating their own website with their portfolio in it, which can attract potential clients.

When communicating and dealing with clients, designers can use either email or Skype.

Responsibilities of a graphic designer include creating logos, websites, layout, and producing marketing materials.

You need:

  • Computer
  • Design software, such as Adobe Illustrator, InDesign, and Photoshop
  • An eye for art
  • Deep knowledge in design principles

Landscape Photographer

Landscape photographer

Do you have an eye for capturing beautiful imagery in different locations? Landscape photography might be the best option for you. Landscape photography is one of the kinds of photography that deals in capturing the beauty of certain scenery. There are many ways how a landscape photographer can generate his or her income: by shooting for different publications or websites and selling your photographs to various stock photos websites. Start your photography career by coming up with your name and purchasing equipment, such as DSLR. Moreover, you can build your portfolio and market your services through different social media platforms, such as Facebook and Pinterest.

You need:

  • High-quality DSLR
  • Different lens
  • An eye for art

 Start an E-commerce Store


The easy access to the Internet gave birth to the different e-commerce stores or online shops. Online shopping is popular because of accessibility and convenience it brings to its consumers. All you need to do is to choose a reliable platform, upload photos of products in the website, and pick a trusted payment system.

You need:

  • Products
  • Reliable platform
  • Trusted payment system

Starting your own business is never an easy task. You need to know the basic elements of entrepreneurship to adapt in the fast paced world of business. However, with a proper research and preparation, you will surely achieve your success in your chosen field, whether you are an introvert or not.