Corporate Event Challenges and How to Overcome Them

If you ask any corporate event management company in Bangalore this question, the first reaction will probably be that each event is a unique challenge! However, they do agree that there are certain common challenges that you may face for every corporate event. If you fail to overcome any of them, it could set off a chain reaction where everything goes for a toss. Here are 5 typical challenges and how you can get around them:


Challenge 1: Lack of Funds

Often we don’t plan properly for the appropriate funds required for an event. Midway through the planning stage, suddenly you start panicking when you realize that what you have in hand right now is not going to suffice. You were going with the flow and suddenly there is no flow at all!


Corporate event planners in Bangalore say that the first and most crucial step in planning any event is budgeting. Create a budget for your event, right at the beginning. Find out what you’ll need to buy, hire and pay for (including A/V equipment, entertainers, catering, speakers, guests etc.), estimate costs and get a budget approved by those in charge of finances.


Challenge 2: Lack of Time

Time is always going to be a huge challenge – there never seems to be enough of it. There may be a delay in getting quotes from vendors; there could be mistakes in printed matter – invites, flyer, signage etc. After all, you’re depending on a lot of different people to put together an event.


You need to start your planning way in advance. Make and maintain a calendar – and stick to it. The best thing to do is start at the event date and plan backward. Estimate how much time you will need for completing the requisite tasks, and add a buffer to be safe – and you should do just fine.


Challenge 3: Deciding on the Venue

After you’re done with the budgeting, this is the nest most difficult task, according to event management firms in Bangalore. It has to be within your budget, but needs to have everything required for the event; the location, space, and so on, not to mention availability of the venue for that particular date.


First make a list of everything you want your venue to have, plus any value addition: multiple halls, parking, spacious hall, wi-fi, projection systems and so on; shortlist venues that have all these things, and approach them. Make sure of the availability, negotiate the price, and see who offers you the best deal.

Challenge 4: Ignoring the little things.

Often there are little things that we leave for the last minute – details and tasks; and we usually notice that they’ve been ignored when it’s too late. Often, ignoring these small details can lead to big problems on the big day. It could be stuff like forgetting collar mikes, or seating arrangements and so on.


Make sure you have a team and delegate tasks to members. When there is a person in charge of different things, you will not have to remember every small detail. This way, everything will be taken care of.

Challenge 5: Memorable Experience

When you plan an event, of course, you want it to be memorable for the attendees. Whether it’s a seminar, trade show, product launch or awards function, you want your guests to go back and talk about the wonderful experience they had. Ensuring this can take a lot of time and effort.


Get creative and think out of the box; don’t have the same entertainment you provided for the same event the previous year. Break up long speakers’ sessions into shorter ones with breaks in between – you can even add an activity, like a yoga session, aerobics, games, and so on, to make it fun and interactive.


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