Differences between Madrid and Barcelona

Spain is a fabulous country full of stunning city and a vast array of attractions. Spain is undoubtedly a diverse country, probably one of the most diverse in the world. Spain is different… of course it is…Spain is special! Spain ranges on the first places as the world’s favorite tourists destination and it is not hard to understand why, Spain counts with a fabulous blend of cultures, vibrant history and stunning natural beauty that captives everyone who visit it.

Spain is different, for sure, most of the cities are totally different one from other and the modernism capital and the capital of the country are not an exception, Madrid and Barcelona are totally opposite… One is a bustling capital with the typical Spanish scene, good food and fantastic entertainment while Barcelona offers a unique combination of city, beach, architecture and arts. Check out this infographic and you decided which is the right destination for you.

Info-graphic source: Difference between Madrid and Barcelona. Created by HotelNights.


As you can see Madrid and Barcelona are both stunning cities with differences that make them unique… Madrid is perfect for those who wants to visit a fantastic city full of top attractions while Barcelona is perfect for those looking for modern and dazzling locations. If you have decided on which of them spend your next holidays check out fantastic deals on cheap accommodation in Barcelona or Madrid.

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