Force your android to download OTA

We will discuss an easy way to get your android device download the OTA(Over The Air) OS update. Android phones are the top-selling devices in the world today with Google recently announcing that they are currently activating 1.3 million handsets every single day.  With all of the different versions of the mobile operating system and all of the different carriers it can become easy to get confused, especially with updates to the OS.  On top of that, carriers roll out updates on a staggered basis, likely to prevent a hit to their network resources.

If you think or hear that there is an update available for your device then you can head to the Settings, scroll down to About Phone, click System Update and choose Check Now.  There is a problem with that method though, thanks to the staggered release cycle.  Even if your phone has an update available, if your carrier hasn’t yet scheduled your device then this method alone will not find that update.

To fix this there are a few simple additional steps required.  It’s also worth noting that this fix doesn’t always work on the first try.  In a recent update it took me two tries, but some users have reported it working the first time, while others have said it took many attempts.

Before following the above mentioned steps try first heading into Settings and then Apps and click the show All.  Now scroll down to find Google Services Framework and click on it.  Click the Clear Data button and OK it then click Force Stop and OK again.  Now follow the previous steps for checking for an update.  If this was successful then the System Update page should now reflect a very old date (likely in 1969) as the time of the last check.  If it does not then you will need to repeat the clear data steps again.

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