Good grocery list application

Every house needs to have a grocery list of the purchases needed, today its better to have it as application since your phone is always with you

Before choosing which application we should use, we had a couple of of conditions that application should abide by. Simple to use, a free application, can synchronize between more then one person and this is useful specialty when there is more then one person in the house.

After looking for sometime we tried the application “OurGroceries”. This application had it all.


You can dynamically add all your grocery, the app will memorize them and next time you add them faster.


You can also add dynamically categories and assign items to a category. This will help a lot when visiting sections in the grocery store or in a specialized store, and of course the app will also memorize your item classifications , and you don’t have to do it every time


Removing items from the list is very easy, you just have to click on the item you just bought and voilà the items will go down to the crossed section, with ability to empty the crossed section in one click or bring the items up.


One of the important aspects of this application is the ability to share with other users / devices. From the settings section you can add an email address and add the same email address on all other devices, of course all those requests will be validated on your email.

I hope you like this application, if you find another that fits all the conditions mentioned please share with us, happy shopping. 🙂

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