Life is Unfair “La vie n’est pas juste” !

pMany of us use this expression when they experience an unfair phenomenon without being able to define the responsibility of this unfairness!

But how could we explain that someone who is powerful enough to take decisions that all concerned parties are obliged to accept without even negotiating , and he knows very well that his decision is unfair and when he is asked why he is taking this unfair decision , his answer is simple: “ Life is unfair”

Sorry sir, life didn’t oblige you to take this decision and to behave as you did!

Life which gave you the power (since I don’t know who did) didn’t give you the right to discriminate humans and act in such arrogance!

Life can’t take what you have currently the same way it gave it to you!

You might feel powerful, able to humiliate people without giving them the chance to defend themselves, accuse them of breaking your unfair rules without being able to negotiate the accusation, simply because you see yourself a boss, someone who is paying wages for employees whom you consider slaves and they don’t find a way out because of the actual situation in the country!

But I can assure that one day, the situation will become better, and people will kick your … and will move away and you will remain only with those weak people who will always need you to guide and empower them unfairly! But you will never be able to rule your business with efficiency!

Good things are coming because life does not make unfairness; bad powerful people are not fair! They are powerful I admit but they are bad as well!

From now on , instead of saying “Life is not fair” you have to say “I’m bad enough to be unfair” !

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