Living Healthy

Life nowadays has become oriented towards making our tasks easier and physically effortless. We use our cars or public transportation to go where ever we please, we sit at our desks for 8 to 9 hours per day, use elevators to reach floors and so on… combined with a bad eating regime, will transform our bodies from a healthy working machine to a lazy, malnourished and inevitably prone to many health issues.

It is true that we are bound by the jobs we have and the lifestyle of the society we live in, but we can always find time to improve our way of life. SPORTS and DIET, yes ladies and gentlemen, don’t be afraid of saying these 2 words. Lots of people are afraid of them, they hide behind their TV and fried potatoes and say “I’ll go for walk tomorrow, not in the mood today” and “just one more piece of this cake won’t hurt”.

Sport is an amazing activity to keep your mind and body healthy. It releases stress, improves blood flow, burns fat, prevents illness, improves sex life… it has countless benefits, be it going for a walk, doing home exercises, hitting the gym… anything that keeps your body active will keep you healthy.

DIET, now that’s a word that clears out a room. Many people are afraid of dieting because they believe they will eat nothing but an apple and a piece of toast a day. this is not called “dieting”, this is “starving”. The body needs an amount of protein, carbs, fibres and calories intake per day to keep it functioning properly. Removing those intakes will make you more lazy, inefficient and prone to more health issues. A diet should be a way of life, people get overweight due to a diet that is rich in fat and a high calorie intake, while others are fit due to a healthy diet with low fat intake, and a healthier life style…

Being healthy is living healthy by exercising to keep the body fit and releasing stress (which is the number one cause of all sickness) and eating healthy by consuming food that are low on fat and sugars (cutting down on processed sugars and fried food). No matter how busy your schedule might be, half hour a day can be squeezed for a good exercise, coupled with a healthy diet will get you instantly happy about yourself.

Remember that your body is like a home, if built on a poor foundation it’ll start deteriorating and demanding a lot of maintenance in the long run. So start building your body in a healthy way, it’s never too late to do the right thing, especially if your life depends on it.

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