The cheapest cities in Europe

You love to travel, wistfully watching attraction of European cities, you can almost smell and taste the local specialties… But your current finances say that there’s no way to afford any of that. At least not now.

Fortunately, it doesn’t have to be that way.

According to some surveys, there are cities in Europe you can visit without need for deep pockets. This is very good news, especially for young people, students and backpackers which aim is to visit as many countries as possible for small amount of money. A List of the cheapest cities in Europe is made on the basis of common travel costs such as affordable accommodations, dinners for two, sightseeing, travel tickets, etc.

So, you can meet the following cities without big influence to your budget.

Definitely, Bucharest is the cheapest city in Europe. Indeed, it isn’t the most beautiful city you can visit in Romania, but you can do it for less than 22 euros per day. Many tourists lost their prejudices about Bucharest and found that it is the real „small Paris“, with Triumphal Arch, magnificent parks and monumental architecture.

Sofia, the capital of Bulgaria, is very pleasant city with many historical monuments. To feel the magic of the second oldest city in Europe, located on the border between Europe and Asia, you will need one free day and only 23 euros, because all the important sites are located in the city center.

On the banks of the Vistula, for less than 24 euros, you will be hosted by Krakow, the most Polish city of all cities in Poland. Its history full of battles, wars and conquests is intertwined with ancient myths and legends about dragons. Magical city, full of energy and events, Krakow is an ideal destination for young people, according to visitor’s estimates.

On the fourth place is Sarajevo, city of hospitable people who spend their time on socializing and making friends. It is said that the foreigners in this city feel as good as home, or even better. The orient spirit and spirit of past times in perfect harmony with the modern achievements get into the soul of every visitor. You will need around 25 euros to enjoy in famous specialties from Baščaršija and other monuments of Sarajevo.

One of the greenest cities in the world, the city of chestnuts trees with the street of unusual sculptures in which visitors go with wide smile, Kiev will show you its secrets and save you money. Visit of the Ukrainian capital city will cost you around 26 euros per day.

Belgrade is the city that visitors fall in love at first sight, and which night life returns smile on their faces for a long time. Everyone loves Belgrade because for a number of events you do not need the tickets. The capital of Serbia, with rich history, several times has been destroyed and rebuilt, Belgrade is more frequently on the list of “must visit” destinations for tourists worldwide. Belgrade is one of the cities that will give you lot of various contents at very reasonable prices.

Castles, cathedrals and even the thermal baths of Budapest are available for younger tourists and backpackers with shallower pockets. Just one day and around 30 euros will be enough for sightseeing of Budim and Pesta. It is recommended to taste the night life that is extremely rich in this Hungarian city as well as to avoid a visit around New Year when prices rise significantly.

On the banks of the Danube, at the border, there is a charming Bratislava, capital of Slovakia. It can be even reached on foot from neighboring Vienna. Except in hostels and hotels accommodation can also be found in the so-called ‘Botel’ ships transformed into hotels.

Finally, here is useful information about cities which should be avoided, at least until your banker tells you otherwise.

The most expensive cities in Europe are Stockholm, Reykjavik, Oslo, Dublin and Geneva.

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