Useful Features In IOS 10 For Students

With the recent release of IOS 10, students must be wondering if there are any good tidings specifically for them. The answer is a resounding yes! The new Apple operating system comes with cool features that will make learning and interaction easier and seamless. Read on to find out what cool features for students the operating system has.

Better IOS 10 Keyboard

This is a massive upgrade to users. And Siri’s artificial intelligence is thankfully part of the keyboard. What that means is that there will be fewer grammar blunders as there is a high likelihood auto correct will get you the exact thing.

Also, with Siri integrated into the keyboard, the keyboard’s predictive feature will be even more intelligent. For example, should a pal inquire where you are, you’ll just tap to share your location? If someone requests a phone number, you’ll only need to tap to share it.

What is more? Siri can tell what you’ve been doing when using IOS 10, therefore, permitting the keyboard to understand that you intend to create a calendar appointment for, perhaps, a brunch at a particular place and time.

With all these capabilities in your keyboard, it is impossible to go wrong. If typing an assignment on your iPad, you can be confident it will be flawless; if there is any blunder, Siri will tell it out.

IOS 10 Music Upgrades

Many students love to listen to music while studying- or to relax after a heavy dose of knowledge. Apple had you in mind when they redesigned Apple Music so that it is now cleaner and more glamorous. The operating system’s music app comes with a streaming service that is easier to navigate, thus, allowing you to find new songs more easily. Moreover, if you want to read the lyrics of a new song, you can pull it up while listening without conducting a different search on Google.

IOS 10 Home App and Home Kit

As a student, you are busy with learning. There are some mundane things you might forget doing as you hurry for a lesson- for example, you sometimes might forget to lock the door on your way out. Thankfully, with the free iOS 10 Home App and Home kit, you can remotely lock your door or turn off the stove – if they are connected to your device.

IOS 10 Notification Improvements

Understandably, the life of a student is very busy. And when you get a notification, it is kind of a hassle leaving the lock screen to read and send a reply as was in iOS 9. With iOS 10, you can view the notification, send a reply and even watch videos and photos without leaving the lock screen.

IOS 10 Tells You When to Go to Bed

Some students can be so engrossed in school work that they forget they need to go to bed. IOS 10 has an alarm clock that can tell you when to rest for the night and will let you know when to wake up for you to have a consistent sleeping experience. This will ensure you are rejuvenated and fresh the next morning to face your day briskly. Good sleep is important to students- nay, to all people.

These and many other cool and revolutionary features surely make IOS 10 a darling to any serious student.

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