What To Expect in SEO This 2017

With its rising popularity, numerous companies have been using search engine optimization on their sites. Competition is tight and one way to get ahead is to master the latest trends first. The following are changes and developments in SEO that will happen in 2017 that you want to take advantage of.

Accelerate Mobile Pages (AMP)

This is Google’s initiative to create a new standard for creating mobile versions of websites. This open-source protocol makes simple changes that allow websites to load 4 times faster with 8 times less data. Google favours pages that use this protocol and give them higher rankings in the search engine results pages (SERPs) and even marks them with a small lighting to indicate that it is an AMP.

Dense Content

The internet has been littered with multiple articles about the same topic with the same information but worded differently. People have grown sick of needing to dig through multiple pages just to get the information they look for. This is especially true for technical topics. However, there has been a rise of lengthy articles that talk about a topic comprehensively. This is becoming more and more attractive for readers because it is like a one-stop shop; all the information they need will be present in one page.

Voice Branding

When you do a query search on Google, there will be box on the very top of the SERP. This is called a feature snippet (also called rich answer or direct answer) and its purpose is to immediately show you the answers you are looking without clicking any link. This is usually taken from any site on the first page on an SERP.

But did you know that these snippets are also available for voice searches? This happens when make a query with voice command. Google understands that you are using voice command for a reason and it will answer back with a voice prompt.  This will say “According to [brand/website name] the answer to your question is…” The reference to the brand names in the voice prompt gives the companies a name-recall branding opportunities. When users recall the name of the brand that gave them useful answers, they will keep visiting. This especially useful when recent studies have shown that more user use google with voice command. Gaining a featured snippet on voice command should definitely be part of your 2017 SEO goals.

Machine Learning

During late 2015, Google RankBrain was revealed; a machine learning algorithm. This is an extension of Google Hummingbird. In layman’s terms, this is how their relationship works:

Hummingbird is what finds out and gives what users want when entering long keywords in Google. RankBrain is what studies the long keywords that are too complicated for even Hummingbird to understand. This was made with the intention for RankBrain to update Hummingbird when it further understands how humans word their keywords when looking for a specific answer. Basically, RankBrain is a mind reader.

Although, it’s been a while since there has been an update. Companies practicing SEO can expect that Google will begin releasing multiple updates beginning this year which will open much more possibilities of ranking.

Personal Branding

Personal branding, for a company, means establishing identity standards which include a personality and an image which dictate how the company is marketed. Psychologically, this will engage clients and customers to interact with a company and its website because of how personal it feels. When this happens there will be more website traffic and securement of guest posting opportunities.

How true is it that people will interact more with a company that has personal branding? You can look at social media. Facebook has already adapted to this reality by revising their algorithms to show more posts from personal accounts over company pages.

SEO is a marketing method that evolves as people and technology evolve. Because of this, it is always important to observe and adapt to the evolution. This year, these are the changes but next year there will be more. Be vigilant and always willing to learn new trends to be successful in SEO no matter how much it evolves.

Trending Wedding Ideas This 2017

Weddings, essentially, are ceremonies that celebrate the union of two people: the bride and groom. They usually hold a reception to thank those who attended the wedding and to commemorate the fact that they are now united for a long time; services and food are done by groups that offer wedding catering, and the theme and handling of the wedding is done by planners that are experts in the field of parties and celebrations.

If you don’t want to get a planner and you want to handle the wedding yourself, here’s a list of trending ideas of the year to help you with the theme of the wedding:

1. Greenery

greenery wedding theme
Photo Courtesy: taraguerardsoiree.com

Are you both nature lovers? If yes, then you’re going to have the perfect wedding with this theme! Imagine yourself having the wedding outdoors where the grass is green and the surroundings are embroidered by trees that add to the aesthetic value of the overall celebration. Have wooden chairs be decorated with hanging plants, women have the choice to wear flower crowns instead of plain headbands, instead of having the bride hold a bouquet of flowers, let her hold green plants that will go perfectly well with her all white dress, and tables and lights are also decorated by hanging plants. This will surely be a “match made in nature”!

2. Fairy Tale

fairytale wedding theme
Photo Courtesy: Pinterest.com

Treat your soon-to-be wife to a wedding that’s inspired by the fairy tales that she loved as a child; have every decoration be white with yellow hanging lights to give a feeling of wonder and elegance. Let your “princess” wear an all white dress that is embroidered by flowers that make her look like she came from a fairy tale world; riddle the middle of the aisle with petals of white roses and ler walk on it to let her feel she’s walking on the clouds. With this theme you’ll both live happily ever after.

3. Boho

Photo Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com
Photo Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

Do you want to have a chill but still fashionable wedding? Then you should try this boho inspired theme for your wedding. If you’re wondering what boho is, it’s a mixture of both bohemian and hippie influences. The wedding will be outdoor so that it highlights the hippie influence of boho while the bohemian side will come from the decorations and details of the wedding; and, as a plus, if you both don’t like the traditional cake, you can have a stack of donuts instead!

4. Neutral

 Photo Courtesy:goodiescatering.com

Photo Courtesy:goodiescatering.com

If you’re looking for that classy and sophisticated look but you also don’t want to look outdated, then you should try a neutral themed wedding; it is both timely and timeless, it will always be a great idea for a wedding theme no matter how many years have passed. If you’re going to go for a neutral themed party then get ready to be blown away by the sophistication it adds to the overall aesthetic of the wedding AND reception.

5. Watercolor

Phot Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com
Phot Courtesy: greenweddingshoes.com

Is color what you’re looking for in a party? Try this one! The watercolor themed wedding is a wedding riddled with vivid colors that make the place look alive; from the invitations to the flowers and candles, everything has colors that pop out but doesn’t also clash, pair it with metallic utensils and you’ll have a beautiful wedding that will be remembered for days to come!