Where and When to go Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu Tour

We all know how cultured and beautiful southern part of our country is. And if there had to be one state that would explain the majesty of the southern part of India that it has to be Tamil Nadu. Decorated with variety, this state is preferably the country of traditional society that has maintained and developed their two thousands of years old lifestyle, customs and art in such a way that it has been set as an example for other states. Tamil Nadu smashes all the clichés and has appeared as a state that has resources and variety. Moving hills, azure seas, sandy beaches, swaying areas, cascading waterfalls, elegant resorts, ultra awesome lounges, substantial shopping centres, there is actually nothing that this state does not have and therefore it is a must check out in India.

Tamil Nadu in winter season – From November till March

The best time to visit Tamil Nadu is from November until  March as the mercury level comes down creating it perfect here we are at touring and outdoor activities. This also happens to be the perfect time to see some of the famous temples of Tamil Nadu. The state is home to incredible 33,000 temples several of which are specific World Culture Sites by UNESCO.

Destinations such as Rameshwaram, Kanyakumari, Velankanni, Chennai, Trichirappalli and Mudumalai National Park are best visited during winter seasons. Some of the essential festivities in Tamil Nadu are also recognised during wintertime time such as 4-day harvest festival Pongal starting from Fourteenth Jan annually and the dancing festival in Mamallapuram. Yet another major festival to be present at is the Tyagaraja Aradhana, the yearly Carnatic music festival which is organised annually between January and February.

Tamil Nadu Tour

Tamil Nadu in summer time – From March till May

Summer months are generally severe and moist with average temperature wee above 35°C and even touching the high of 40°C and above in May and June. This is definitely not the perfect time to see Tamil Nadu if you are coming here completely for travel and leisure. But there are some essential festivities and celebrations which are recognised this time of the year such as the 12 day Chithirai Festival in Meenakshi Temple in Madurai.

Top locations to see in Tamil Nadu in summer months of March until May and even beyond are the picturesque hill stations in Tamil Nadu like Ooty, Yercaud, Kodaikanal, and Yelagiri hills which are a hot favourite for family holidays and honeymoon vacation in south India in summers. Don’t miss summer time festival which is organised annually in the 30 months of May in Ooty.

Hill Station in Tamil Nadu

Tamil Nadu in monsoon – From June till December

Tamil Nadu has two periods of rainfalls such as South West Monsoon (June till September) and Northeast Monsoon (October until December). Once again the hills are where you can see during this year. The mercury comes down considerably upon the appearance of monsoon rains but the climate continues to be moist especially in July and August.

Sightseeing tour of Tamil Nadu

From Oct until Dec weather continues to be pretty awesome creating it fun for a sightseeing tour. One best place to visit during monsoon in Tamil Nadu is Velankalli Town where the Feast of the Nativity of Mary is well known annually on Sept 8th. The festivities start on 29th of Aug and ends on the feast day on 8th Sept.

How To Pick The Best Headphones Under $100

Headphones are very private things and in most cases discovering the right set depends upon a few facts: match, value and nice consistent tunes. Despite the fact that we are aware that it isn’t so simple to discover the best headphones easily and that the majority of us will just check out the box or the price tag here are a few suggestions that may help you opt for the best headphones under 100.

Why Don’t We Get Started

If you say best headphones under 100 lots of different images overflow to your mind. There are great recording studio cans, really minimal ear buds and all things between. Many are just for silent Tv set and computer game playing, although some will compliment you on a run around the neighborhood – truly the “fantastic set” is not major on multi-tasking.

A lot of people have many pairs of headphones they normally use in various occasions. As with other sorts of gadgets and instruments we can not use only a single set of headsets when we’re walking or having fun with online games. Clearly, any headset can do virtually any job, but when you’re looking at audio quality, it’s a subject of how good along with how much comfort and ease. Here are a few points you should consider and ask yourself when you need to order the ideal headsets..

Questions To Ask Yourself:

1. What’s going to be the primary use of these types of headphones?

As you think a little bit about that you will experience that the usage of the headphones will determine the kind you’ll be looking for. For example, if you wish to purchase headphones that are adequately tiny to transport them all-around then you’ll definitely take a look at ear buds. Having said that, if you’re searching for something to wear whilst concentrating on a big project long into the night, or perhaps a pair of wireless ones, you will be shopping in direction of a much bigger pair.

2. For How Long Are They Going To Be Used?

If you’re planning to put on the headsets for short times if you are heading to work for instance, you’ll prefer to put on smaller ones and also you won’t pay much attention to level of comfort. You also must take seriously the ear comfort considering that usually it is always just about the most important factor right before purchase. More compact earbuds sit nearer to the eardrum, whilst larger types sit further back, making it possible for a bit longer use and level of comfort.

3. Would They Impact Your Fashion Options?

Despite the fact that the majority of us pay no attention if the color of their particular headphones suits their outfit you should be alert to some things when fashion is in question. To begin with, will larger sized headphones completely deflate your modern hair style? Would they push to your sunglasses and develop uncomfortableness or worse, severe headaches? Do you wear a hat which don’t allow for larger headphones, or could push more compact ones irritatingly? It might seem absurd, yet it’s equally strange to fail to think about things like this over time.

4. What Are You In A Position To Invest?

Though most people are inclined to get highest possible with the least amount of money when we speak about headphones the value usually corresponds the product quality? The level of quality of components employed for the headsets typically establishes their particular total price. We might additionally remember that less costly products have a tendency to drain your tunes to the exterior world. So when you increase the volume so you don’t listen to the chatty boys and girls on the bus, they will be fairly quickly evaluating you for listening to ABBA at high volume.

In the end

In the long run, it boils down to what exactly is the most suitable on your ears. Even though they do not possess the ideal sound quality, as long as they meet your needs and are generally comfortable, you will be set. Simply keep into consideration that this sound quality can be a lot better when you buy the best headphones under 100.

Do LED bulbs really save energy and money as generally claimed



Image source: http://henkeladhesivesna.com/

The LED light bulbs in Pakistan have recently gained popularity among the users. The high prices of the electricity bill and the increase in need of the light sources demanded a way that suited every person living in the country and it was then when the LED lights emerged as the only reasonable source of light for regular usage.

Technological metamorphosis since the beginning of the time has shown us both sides of a product. Taking the discussion from the first source of light till the introduction of LED will explain the pros and cons of each light source, but staying focused on LED lights; it is safe to say that it is an efficient energy source.

2The question that rises in the minds of many users is whether it really saves energy and money or is it a mere propaganda that it does so? What would be best than answering this question with reasonable facts? They are as follows:

  • It is a long lasting investment:

Although the LED light manufacturers in Pakistan sell the lights at a comparatively higher price than the price of incandescent lights but they claim that it will last for as long as 10 years making it a long term investment.

The duration of 10 years is ideal but it comes with come some strings attached too. The life of a LED light basically depends on its use. Overuse of the light can lead to early drainage of all its energy producing power. Thus, this should be kept in mind that the claim is meant for the ideal moderate use of the lights.

  • It cuts down the price of electricity bills:

This is true as the LED lights are known to save as much as 80 to 85% of the energy as they require a comparatively low amount of energy to light up the bulb. This results in the cut down of the cost of electricity bill and is experienced by many users and so the claim of the manufacturers that it saves energy proves to be reasonable and true.

  • Safe for use as it’s free of toxic substances:

The CFL, unlike LED lights, is known to contain mercury. As mercury is a toxic substance; the disposal of CFL was difficult as compared to the LED lights which face no such issues and in fact is quite safe to use.

Useful Tip: 3Having an energy saving LED light bulb doesn’t mean that you test it irrationally. People tend to forget to close the light or intentionally leave it open knowing that it wouldn’t cost them much. This is a serious factor that leads to the reduction in the lifetime of the LED light. Avoid misusing the LED lights to enjoy their full potential.

Thus to sum up the answer; it is right to say that the LED lights save both energy and money. Being available in different sizes and shapes, they serve the whole community and are highly useful.

(Photo credits: Shutterstck)

Author Bio:

5This guest post was written by Hassan Khan Yousafzai, he is passionate about Digital marketing. Along with educational background in Software Engineering he is bridging gap between marketing and development department. At Techvando, he has been consulting brands all over Pakistan to gain online traffic and profitable leads.

3 Healthy Budget Meals You Can Cook With Garlic

Garlic has many beneficial effects to your health. It also brings out the flavor in any recipe in your home cooking aside from the fact that it cost less. It is considered as incredibly nutritious and has very little calorie. Garlic is also named as superfood because it is loaded with antioxidants that fights free radicals from making us sick. It fights high blood pressure by helping blood vessels relax and widen. Garlic not only gives you delicious healthy budget meals but also has medicinal attributes.  It can help cut blood pressure by 10 percent if taken in tablet form. Taken regularly, garlic can help anyone avoid cancer and cardiovascular diseases.

There are many garlic recipe favourites that you can prepare for your daily healthy budget meals but these three popular Asian dishes will really give you the best garlic flavor experience.

Korean Chicken and Rice Porridge with garlic – This sumptuous Asian favourite is very easy to prepare and cost real less. It can feed your whole family plus your guests. In Korea, it is called Dakjuk. You can also add more side dishes like vegetable pancake, green onion pancake or kimchi. One cooking in a big pot makes 8-10 servings. All you need is one whole chicken, cups of rice. cloves of garlic, green onions, eggs, water and salt. While chicken is boiling with lots of garlic, the aroma of delicious cooking food will make you feel hungry.

Japanese Saikoro Steak with garlic – This popular Japanese dish can really whet one’s appetite by the mere sight of it. Saikoro steak are diced beef cubes pan fried quickly with garlic on a highly heated stove until medium rare. Very good when served with grated daikon then season with refreshing citrus Ponzu soy sauce. The flavor of fried garlic chips with the tender meat  will slowly fill your taste buds. This recipe is very easy, looks like a budget spoiler but not really. If you want to go fine dining with your family one night, you need not go out. You just need tenderloin steak, freshly ground black pepper, daikon radish, cloves of garlic, dry sherry, green onion and ponzu sauce and you will have your fine dining right at your home.

Philippine Pork Adobo with garlic – Now this one is really easy on the budget and can feed a lot of people too as it has a long storage life.  It is usually marinated in vinegar, salt and pepper to keep it fresh and preserved longer.  Its name was taken from Spanish. The way of cooking is indigenous to the Philippines.  It is very easy to prepare as it is cooked in lots of garlic, vinegar, and soy sauce. Its simple recipe comprises of pork belly, dried bay leaves, garlic, minced or crushed, pepper, vinegar, soy sauce, water, whole peppercorn and salt to taste. Very simple and yet satisfying. Served with hot white rice will keep you asking for more. Discover this delectable dish that will truly give your healthy budget meal plan a boost.

Author Bio: Susan Orlain is the founder of  www.myeverythinghome.net site, currently a mother, homemaker, virtual office manager and blogger.

Why You Should Visit Singapore This 2017

Over the years, Singapore has gotten quite a lot of international fame. In fact, the world has a lot of names for this city-state including the Little Red Dot, the Lion City, and Acronym City.

Most people call it the “city of acronyms” because it seems that locals love to create acronyms for their daily phrases in Singapore. HDB for rent, for instance, refers to the housing or the rooms they will rent out from the Housing Development Board. Those, who end up renting these places, are usually locals or expats.

Expats are foreigners who decide to live and work in Singapore; but they are not the only ones who visit this country. Tourists also love to come to Singapore, particularly in the past year and there is no doubt that they will come again in hoards this 2017.

If you are wondering where to go on a vacation this year, you might want to consider coming to Singapore for these following reasons:

Photo Source: https://www.ura.gov.sg/
Photo Source: https://www.ura.gov.sg/

Changi Airport

Singapore’s Changi Airport has been deemed as one of the best airports in the world – which means you can have the best experience from the moment your plane landed in the country. It has a lot of places you can go to like a nature trail, a butterfly garden, a kids play area, cinema, lounges, and a wide selection of stores at the duty-free shopping destination.

Photo Source: http://cdn.drprem.com/travel
Photo Source: http://cdn.drprem.com/travel

Various Shopping Destinations

Aside from the duty-free shops at the airport, you can also head to other shopping areas. Many districts such as Little India and Chinatown have a lot of places for you to check out. The most popular shopping mall in the country though, is the one located on Orchard Road. But if you choose to avoid crowds, you may go at the Mustafa shopping centre which is open for 24 hours.

Photo Reference: http://www.yoursingapore.com/
Photo Reference: http://www.yoursingapore.com/

Local Cuisine

The city-state of Singapore is also known to be a melting pot of different Asian cultures. This means that you can find various interesting sites, colours, and food. Try out authentic local cuisines in hawker stalls or at Michelin-recognised restaurants.

Cultural Melting Pot

As mentioned above, Singapore is a host to a number of cultures. Tourists can visit the country during different times of the year to celebrate occasions such as the Chinese New Year this January, the Hari Raya Puasa in June, and the Deepavali in October.

Photo Reference: https://www.singapore-hotelguide.com/
Photo Reference: https://www.singapore-hotelguide.com/

The Arts Culture

Singapore has a growing arts scene and culture that everyone will surely appreciate. Visitors can go ahead and celebrate the country’s artists and writers during Art Week or during the Singapore Writers Festival. You can also go see the local production of “Fun Home” (a Broadway musical) by the Pangdemonium. People can also head to annual music events like the Neon Lights, Ultra Music Festival, and St. Jerome’s Laneway Festival.

Photo Source: http://previews.123rf.com/images/
Photo Source: http://previews.123rf.com/images/

Theme Parks

Family-friendly attractions can also be found all over Singapore. If you have kids, you can bring them to Playeum or at KidZania, where they can have fun unleashing their inner artists and do role-play games with other children. You can also go to the Universal Studios to go on thrilling rides or meet movie characters like the lovable Minions!

There are a lot of things you can do in Singapore this 2017. Plan out your vacation now and check out all these amazing things you can experience in the island-state!


The 2017 Blogger’s Guide to SEO

In the Philippines, SEO jobs are becoming in demand since the search engine optimization industry in the country is continually booming. Apart from the corporate world, SEO is also a growing subject to Internet enthusiasts, especially the bloggers.

SEO simply refers to the process of optimizing a website to increase its ranking in different search engines. As a blogger, SEO is helpful to improve the rankings of your website and increase its traffic. Read on and let’s learn different factors that can increase your website traffic in 2017.

SEO Tools

Just like in any other industry, tools are important factors you need to excel in a certain industry. Accessing the right SEO tools will definitely help you cover all your SEO needs. Here are some of the efficient SEO tools.

  • SEMrush – It is an SEO tool that enables you to check the traffic of any website and do keyword research.
  • Keyword Planner – It is an efficient tool that contains data that aids you to find great keywords that will suit your blog.

The Importance of Keywords

In SEO, keyword refers to a particular word or set of phrases that describes the contents of a certain web page. These words form a part of web page’s metadata, which helps different search engines to match a page to an appropriate search query.

As a blogger, you need to do keyword research first before you produce your content. These words will simply attract any traffic from search engines to your web page. One of the efficient tips is to focus on long tail keywords. Long tail keywords refer to the four or more words that enable you to get better search rankings. For example, “beginner’s guide to SEO” is effective keywords to quickly get better search rankings if your blog post is about “SEO guide for beginners.” Moreover, the use of relevant keywords to your articles will aid you better results over time.


On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO refers to the content and hypertext markup language (HTML) source code of a web page that can be optimized to appear the page in the first results of search engines.  The following are some of the essential factors of on-page SEO:

  • Page Title – As much as possible, put your primary keyword in your blog post title. The title is important for search engines, such as Google. 50 to 60 characters are the maximum characters for a blog post title.
  • Meta Description – Meta description (also known as a snippet) refers to the 130 to 160 characters that display the gist of a certain page’s content.
  • Uniform Resource Locator (URL) – Keep your URL simple and short. 50 to 60 characters are the ideal count of a URL. And if it is possible, include your primary keyword in it.
  • Images – Pictures definitely tell a thousand words. If possible, use images related to your post or the ones that describe your topic.

Off-Page SEO

Off-Page SEO refers to the techniques you do off your website to increase or improve its position in the search engine results page (SERPs). The social network, video promotions, article submission, and guests posts are some of the effective techniques used in off-page SEO.

These are few to many essential factors that increase your website traffic. Use this guide to help you achieve a top rank in search engines.


Modern Car Maintenance Tips

Did you know that a modern car has as many as 75,000 parts including the universal muffler? Unlike before, modern cars now do not require as much attention as they did before. However, it does not mean that you will not conduct any more basic maintenance procedures. You still need to do various check-ups to keep your vehicle in its best condition and maintaining its value.

As a driver, apart from having excellent driving habits, you must know how to manage the maintenance of your vehicle and have a good car cleaning habits, too. To simply guide you on how to maintain a car, just remember the acronym TOWBI. Read on and let’s take a look and learn what TOWBI means.

Car Tire

Tire checking includes inspecting the pressure and tread. The pressure of your tires should be checked every other day while every week for its possible wear and damages. Car tires should be inspected for bald spots and bulges, too.


We all know that oil is the life blood of your car’s engine. The oil inside your vehicle enables your engine’s parts to rotate smoothly and work properly.

The rule is you have to change your oil every three months or when you finally reached 3,000 miles. This will maximize the reliability and efficiency of your vehicle’s engine in the long run. Different modern cars can go for about 5,000 up to 10,000 miles. Refer to your vehicle’s manual to check how far your car can go between change oil.

Moreover, every month, check the oil level of your car to ensure that it maintains the recommended oil level. Add oil if it is low and check for possible leaks, too.


Have a regularly check-up of all the lights, mirrors, and windows to make sure that they are clean and unbroken. To ensure that your windows are working properly, spray a clear silicone spray in the window run. Then, let it stand for about 30 to 60 seconds. Start rolling your window up and down to check if the window will run smoothly and to lubricate the lower run, too. By doing this, you will prolong the life of your window regulator.


The brake system is one of the essential parts in a vehicle since it ensures the safety of the driver and its passengers. Before heading out on your road trip, have your brake system checked to make sure that it is working. Also, it is recommended to have your brake system inspect at each change oil session. Brake linings, rotors, and drums are some of the parts that need to check.



Maintain the interior of your car clean by doing vacuum session regularly. Place a trash bin to minimize the trash from spreading all over your vehicle. Have the habit of cleaning your car seats to avoid the dust and dirt from accumulating. Remember, the more often you do cleaning, the easier it will be and less time it will take the next time you will conduct car cleaning.

We all know that consistent vehicle’s maintenance is essential in keeping your car in its best condition and reliable for the years to come. Just remember TOWBI when doing your car maintenance!

Quick Guide to Content Marketing

Everyone who lives in the 21st century is considered to be living during the internet age, which makes sense especially since people have a high tendency to rely on their computers, smartphones, and Google to live out their lives.

Some people think negatively about this way of living. But there are others who are more positive about it; these usually are the individuals who believe that change is inevitable and therefore, they must learn to adapt.

Charles Darwin has once said that those who know how to adapt are more likely to survive extinction. This is the reason why some businesses, including those which provide digital content solutions, thrive more compared to others in this day and age. It is because they are more open in trying out to new strategies to promote their brand.

One of the most popular strategies they implement into their company is content marketing.


What is content marketing?

Content marketing is defined by the Content Marketing Institute as a marketing approach that is strategic and focused on creating consistent, relevant, and valuable content. It is also responsible for distributing content to attract and retain the attention of a specific set of audience. Its ultimate goal is to drive profitable customer action.

How can your business benefit from content marketing?

Your business can gain many benefits from this strategy, including:

  1. Creating content for your brand can provide strong awareness to your intended audience.
  2. Once you have earned your audience’s trust through content, you can also gain their admiration and respect.
  3. Writing content, which targets potential customers, can shorten the distance between your products and those people.
  4. Content marketing can lead you to work with other people you normally would not work with.
  5. It can generate more traffic to your website
  6. It can benefit your website’s SEO (search engine optimization).
  7. The number of customers you have can grow through content marketing.

How can you make your content marketing successful?


There are five things you need to learn in order to successfully incorporate content marketing to your business.

  1. Blog More – Blogging and writing more articles would generate more traffic to your business’ website. Content Marketing Institute is advising blog managers to post at least one blog per week – which is the simplest thing they can do in order to increase their website’s volume.
  2. Create a Content Calendar – You must create a content calendar based on the latest news report so that it will become more relevant to a lot of people. This way you can garner more likes, reads, and shares to impact your SEO.
  3. Tailor Content to Different Audiences – Never create content that will only speak to one audience. Always have multiple versions that all sorts of people can relate to. You can utilize your social media accounts or your newsroom to reach different audiences with the same content.
  4. Repurpose Existing Content – Companies, which incorporates content marketing well, should be able to repurpose an existing content into multiple pieces. For example, you can create 30 infographics from a 50-page research paper that you can later share on Facebook and Instagram.
  5. Focus on Distribution – There are different ways you can distribute your content, which includes through email, social media, and other blog sites. Try developing your relationships with other bloggers so that they can syndicate your writing.

Content marketing has a lot of uses today. Make your business more relevant by incorporating this marketing strategy to your company.


How to Treat Damaged Hair without Cutting them

Beauty in a woman or man is said to start from the head. Human hair has proven to improve a person’s appearance and look. In fact, many say that hair enhances the beauty of a person by folds. This is why hair routines have continued to increase, and the means used have continued to improve, with each passing day. However, there are many harsh conditions that end up affecting your hair. Such conditions include harsh weather conditions such as excessive exposure to the sun, hair coloring chemicals, frequent straightening, exposure to a lot of chlorine in the water and curling irons. There are many more factors or elements that cause the same effect; your hair becomes porous, brittle, dry, etc. in other words damaged. In some hair care tips, you may be advised to cut off the damaged hair. However, we can provide you with an alternative that does not require you to cut down your hair.

Leave in Conditioner

This is one of the ways that you can reduce the occurrence of damaged hair. Washing your hair each morning is a routine that no one is willing to leave behind. Since chlorine and the sunrays expected during the day are some of the damaging factors including the blow-drying expected afterward, it is essential that you use a leave in conditioner. This is because the conditioner is not washed off. It coats the hair strands protecting it against the sunrays and excessive heat during blow-drying. Also, it allows you to go about your daily activities without worry of damaging your hair.

Regular Trims

Regularly trimming your hair is one of the best hair care tips that revive it increasing its chances of surviving any damage that may occur or has occurred to it. With damaged hair, you risk having to cut all of it to repair it. However, just a short trim of the hair and using restorative hair treatments, shampoo and hair conditioner tends to preserve and strengthen the remaining hair strands. Therefore, trimming is a good option for damaged hair and a step towards restoring to it its better days.

Abandon Hair Chemicals and Colors

If your hair is damaged, the chemicals and hair colors are no longer for you. Many of the women cannot leave with their natural hair and want to treat it with chemicals and style it as they wish. Furthermore, not every person is satisfied with his or her natural hair color such that they use, move to artificial hair colors for a solution. Chemicals and colors increase the fragility of the hair instead of making it stronger. Leaving them behind the colors and retaining their natural appearance is a step towards strengthening and repairing your damaged hair.

Styling Your Hair and Styling Products

Styling your hair becomes an important event, as styling products may be limited especially when styling damaged hair. In fact, a very simple styling process or hairstyle used on damaged hair should not damage it further. Mild styling products or styles that require minimal products to keep the hairstyle and ensure that it lasts longer should be embraced. What should be done is that the hairstyles should be perfect for normal hair and help in preserving them.

Body Health

Damaged hair can be a sign of poor health, diet and other practices. Good health care practices translate to good hair care tips, which aid in repairing damaged hair. This is because what is good for the body translates to being good for other parts of the body including the hair. Continuous hydrations and taking the right diet adds to how good your hair looks. For damaged hair, taking the right foods that aid in the development of your hair is a step towards mending it. Water, nutrients such as the omega 3 fatty acids and nutrients from vegetables and fruits are also essential.


Taking care of your hair should be included in your daily beauty care routine. It is the first thing that a person sees when looking at you making it the center of other people’s attention. Ensuring that your hair remains the center is essential. This is possible only if you take care of it and restoring any damaged hair. Factors that cause damaged hair can be avoided or protected against by following the simple tips provided above. Therefore, restoring damaged hair has been made easy and fast. Also, you do not have to cut your hair just because it is damaged. By following the above tips, you can restore it within a short while and prevent any other form of damage from occurring.