Walk the cake way on your occasions

Apart from all our famous Indian sweets, I think cakes are fast pacing up the popularity chart for its salivating taste, attractive look, and ease of availability. Nowadays, an eggless option is also there and that’s why cakes have become a favorite among all. And one cannot miss the huge variety in terms of flavor of cakes and this is what makes the cakes a really special item when you are searching for a gift for any occasions. Special cakes are made nowadays by the eminent bakers keeping the festivals or occasions in mind and that’s why all that you were finding may find a relief in cake shops.


From a Navratri to New Year, from Diwali to Daughter’s Day, from Makar Sankranti to Mother’s Day, and from Baisakhi to Valentine’s Day, you would find a theme ready for your occasion and send these amazing cakes as a gift for your loved ones. Various bakers tie up with cake artists and give a nice and attractive look to the cakes that would become the talk of the party. For example, a designer cake made in the shape of a dancing couple would be a fabulous option for an anniversary party. The best part of these cakes are that you can select your own flavor and get it customized for the party.

To set your mood of romance high on Valentine’s Day, you can order for the special cake named Red Velvet which looks ravishing. A color combination of red and white is used in this cake which truly falls in the spirit of Valentine love. You can combine a bouquet of red roses along with this cake and present to your sweetheart.

If you are about to meet all your friends on this Navratri or Diwali, an assortment of yummy cupcakes would be a welcome idea. It is a mouthful lump of pure enjoyment and as it is available in variety of flavors starting from a mango to lemon, pineapple to strawberry, chocolate truffle to red velvet, butterscotch to coffee, you can add a lot of vivacious air in your get together party. Each one would find his/her favorite flavor in it. Order your desired one from the nearest cake shop or from any other online cake shop and continue the spirit of love and life.

Top five most versatile cheeses to order from your cheese wholesalers

Best Cheese Wholesalers

When running an efficient kitchen, either at home or work, or simply choosing the right cheeses suitable to your customer base, it’s important to focus on value when discussing options with your cheese wholesalers. We believe that great value comes with the versatility of our cheeses, and, here at Lactalis, we don’t do ‘one trick pony cheese’.

Check out some of our favourite, most versatile cheeses that work just as well on the cheeseboard as they do within your menu.

 President Camembert

When purchasing from your cheese wholesalers or catering food suppliers, this pride of Normandy is often at the top of the list as a great addition to the cheeseboard selection. Its rich and creamy texture makes it a perfect stand-alone option or you can eat it with crusty white bread.Camembert is also brilliantly robust as an ingredient in its own right.

Try it mixed with cream for a flavour-packed steak sauce.


 Capricorn Somerset Goat’s Cheese

Ideal grilled or in a goats cheese tart as a starter (try this sweet potato & goats cheese tart , the Somerset goat’s cheese is versatile and works just as well in salads as it does on pizzas. If you’re struggling for an interesting and flavour-packed vegetarian option, why not try a goat’s cheese and sweet potato salad?


 Orkney Cheddar

This Orkney Isles cheddar really packs a punch on the flavour. It works well with pasta dishes but is at the top of the list when purchasing the right cheeseboard selection from your cheese wholesalers. It’s most at home on the cheeseboard. Combine it with a Victorian chutney or caramelised onion and crusty bread or crackers and enjoy the nutty, smooth flavour.

Best Orkney Mature Cheddar

President Emmental

Our Emmental has to be the number one melting cheese and is arguably the most versatile cheese for cooking. It is the ideal ingredient for lasagnes, dauphinoise, macaroni cheese, carbonara, pizzas. The list goes on!


Galbani Dolcelatte

The Dolcelatte is a subtle blue cheese. Less powerful in flavour than many blue cheeses, it is suitable for all tastes. With sweet notes and a creamy texture it is great with bread or crackers and also works well in sauces. Try the Dolcelatte as a flavoursome addition to a mushroom risotto.

I hope you enjoy this .Don’t forget to Check out our top tips for getting the most versatile selection of cheeses from your cheese wholesalers.


Most Common Foods For An Unhealthy Life

I have a ridiculous addiction to frozen pot pies. The amount of calories, sodium and saturated fat compared to the serving size makes them one of the worst items in the grocery store. But they are so cheap, quick, and tasty that they’re hard to resist. Such foods drive American consumers into dire health consequences. Some of the most common elements of our diets have almost no nutritional value, mostly only harmful chemicals.

Sweet Drinks

The biggest contributor to an unhealthy nation may be drinks with artificial sweeteners and high caloric content that don’t encourage less caloric consumption in food. America’s obesity problem correlates well with the fact that half the nation consumes sugary beverages and a quarter are taking in over 200 calories per day. In fact, sugary drinks are the top caloric source in teen diets, even more than pizza. But that’s not to say that lower calorie drinks are better. Those also lead to lower quality diets overall. This does not only include soda, but fruit drinks, sports drinks, “ades” or anything with added sweeteners.

Alternatives: Diet soda is not a good option as it also drives cravings for sweets. Flavored water may be a step in the right direction, but those often contain sugar. Using fresh fruits and vegetables in water, or even frozen in ice, is a clean alternative. The main point is to drink things that will help cut down, and eventually cut out, sweet drinks.

Other Bottled Drinks

Even more pure bottled drinks, such as tea or coffee, don’t have the same nutritional benefit as freshly brewed cups. As a general rule, anything which is factory-produced is not going to carry the same health benefits as naturally occurring foods. And substances which can be so quickly consumed will rack up the calorie and chemical count fastest.

Alternatives: Make your own tea and coffee.  The extra mile you go to avoid pre-made drinks, you reap in taste and refreshment. Make extra amounts to take on outings and drink in place of purchasing the processed version.


Pizza is another top source of caloric intake in kids. Each day, twenty percent of kids across the country are eating pizza. The amount of sodium and saturated fat added with the calories is a major contributor to heart disease and obesity. Pizza can be made healthier, but healthy pizza is not trendy or cheap. The primary reason people eat so much pizza is the price. However, the addiction to the high sodium, high fat pizzas drives cravings making people eat more and more. Like most bad foods, the calories are not the worst part. Pizza is full of some notoriously harmful foods, such as bleached flour bread, and processed cheese and meat.

Alternatives: For starters, make your own pizza. It may be harder work, but what you put in you get out. Also, it’s not imperative to eat five or six pieces of pizza. Make small versions of pizza, such as on an English muffin or crackers.

Other Carbohydrates

Bread, pasta and other carbohydrates have a bad image as well, recently for the gluten content. In and of themselves, carbs are not all that bad. The main problem is that people tend to over eat carbs. As with all things, bread and pasta in moderation is fine. If eaten daily and obsessively, as some people do with pizza, then there is no doubt serious health complications including considerable weight gain will result.

Alternatives: Look up some healthier carb replacement options. There are many creative dishes that can compensate for the cravings carbs provide. These Men’s Health and Women’s Health articles give creative examples of ways to substitute various vegetables for potatoes or pasta

Gluten Free

Anything labeled as gluten-free may be a health hazard. Cutting out gluten isn’t necessarily nutritionally beneficial as trends might suggest. Unless someone has a true allergy, which less than 7% of people actually do, removing gluten from the diet can be detrimental because many gluten-free foods substitute sugar, sodium or fat to compensate for taste. Moreover, gluten itself is a vital protein that can help combat arsenic in the bloodstream.

Alternatives: In principle breads, cereals, pasta and beer are not all that good for a diet. And they all contain gluten. However, they aren’t bad specifically because of the gluten. Until you are aware of an allergy, there is no reason to stop eating gluten.

Fried Foods

Potato chips, french fries and pretty much any fried foods need to be avoided. Even eating fried okra or other vegetables doesn’t create a healthier option than eating a fried potato. The basic premise is that heating oil to a high temperature creates a chemical compound that is rather carcinogenic and correlated with cancer.

Highlighted in all of these examples is that “bad” foods are okay once in a while. In fact, some of the healthier ideas in new food trends involve some familiar favorites, with some modern health considerations for an upgrade. The overall problem lies in that commonly snacking on things like potato chips does not lead to better eating habits. The idea is to avoid many common, low quality items routinely because a body needs to be adjusted to like foods that are good for it. Therefore a good mix of foods is crucial.

A step in the right direction could be the content of school lunches. Schools can limit the availability of sugary drinks and improve lunch lines to promote good habits and teachable moments. Ideally, a good education carries over into the home as well. A good health education should include physical exercise and the presence of organic foods. In most cases, organic foods are much healthier than processed foods. Organic foods avoid most of the pesticides used for mass growing and avoid the sugar and salt additives used to preserve the lesser quality foods. This all creates for cleaner foods that remove most of the addictive properties that lead to overeating and craving unhealthy foods.

Yet, even organic eating can get a bad rap. For example, the most common reason people don’t eat organic is the expense. However, green living on a budget tips show that one of the many benefits of healthy menu planning saves money. Being in the routine of taking time and preparing is always the way to execute any plan. Without prepping lunches for school, work or other outings is setting a person up for hungry and desperate situations, which results in eating out more than usual and going for the quick fixes. The cost of eating out will quickly become prohibitively expensive, much more so than making food from all organic, locally grown foods.

In addition to spending the same amount of money, or even less, on quality foods promotes a healthier and more eco-conscious lifestyle. It’s that lifestyle, those daily choices, that will save money and make a person healthier.

One way to deal with the expense is to focus on foods that are the more valuable to purchase organically. Livestrong has a list of foods to buy organic while on a budget. Some of the most critical foods I look at are organic peanut butter, potatoes, fruit, vegetables (particularly corn), dairy and meat.

Organic peanut butter carries the biggest upside of any single food. It has so many vitamins, like potassium, magnesium, Vitamins E and B6 along with unsaturated fats providing the “good cholesterol” to keep the doctor away. What’s better in the natural and organic versions is very little sodium and sugar.

Organic meat and dairy products are better since the animals themselves eat an organic diet with no hormones or antibiotics, not to mention the better over effect on the environment.

Potatoes are among the most common and healthy parts of a diet. They also grow in the ground, leaving them to soak in pesticides and other chemicals, unless they are grown in organic fields. Another factor that is important to consider that when potatoes are peeled or fried, they will lose a majority of their nutrients. In other words, whole roasted or baked organic potatoes are about the best value for long term health.

With fruits and vegetables as well, there are so many more vitamins and antioxidants in the organic versions that it is somewhat wasted of money to buy lesser quality.

The problem with organic farming is that the government doesn’t do much to support it, even where the economic benefits to farmers and communities outweigh the popular commercial farming practices. Currently, the popular practice is more attractive. What needs to happen is the improved image of organic farming.

That image could be changing with the right marketing practices. Chinese food producer Volk Favor is trying to deliver the best of both worlds. There may room for processed junk food-type pleasures within the organic realm.

Just remember to not overdo just because the product looks good, tastes good and feels good. There is a also such thing as too much of a good thing.

The Listeria Scare

Chances are you have heard about the recent listeria outbreak. Since April, there have been major nationwide recalls on frozen foods originating from CFR Frozen Foods in Pasco, WA. The plant is home to at least 40 different brands, which have been affected by the recall. Listeria is the most common of foodborne illness and can be quite fatal. However, this is not meant to scare anyone as there is very little chance of an infection occurring.

All told, eight people have been diagnosed with listeria in two and a half years, though there was a more serious listeria outbreak involving cantaloupe in 2011. Odds are not good that you will contract the disease.

People most at risk are those with weakened immune systems, older people and pregnant women. Beyond that, it comes down to personal responsibility. There is no reason that anyone with safe eating behaviors should contract listeria even with foods from this recall.

The first prudent thing to do is to check the complete recall list. Frozen fruits and vegetables processed at the CFR plant since May of 2014 with expiration dates as far as April 2018 are the susceptible, tainted products. If you know what you’re eating may be dangerous, don’t eat it!

Still, people often eat tainted food without knowing it. This is where safe eating habits come into play.

Bring vegetables to a boil. One misconception people have is that there is no bacteria in frozen food. Freezing only stops bacteria from growing, it does not kill it. Freezing actually works to help preserve bacteria. The only way to kill bacteria is by boiling it.

Do not eat frozen vegetables. It may sound weird, but vegetables are rather common to eat frozen or raw, particularly in smoothies or in salads. Non-cooked room temperature food gives the most fertile place for bacteria to grow.  

Do not thaw vegetables in the refrigerator. The slow warming process allows bacteria to spread rapidly.

Do not microwave frozen vegetables. There is no guarantee how thoroughly they are being cooked as compared to letting them boil on the stove.

Keep the refrigerator clean, particularly in areas where liquid from fruits and vegetables may have drained.

If you may have eaten some contaminated foods, don’t worry too much. See a doctor, particularly if you start to develop symptoms within a few days. However, trace amounts of listeria exist in most anything and people ingest it daily. In normal, healthy individuals, small amounts of various bacteria are good for the immune system. It is only in large concentrations that listeria becomes harmful.

Safe eating and cleaning practices are the best defense against a particular disease. Eating healthy and practicing good hygiene leaves almost nothing to worry about.

Edible and Spicy Flowers that Can Used In Decoration of Food

Edible and Spicy Flowers that Can Used In Decoration of Food

Vibrant color decoration on the top gives the platter an extra special look. Here we are going to add more spice and decoration into your food. Yes, Now you can use edible flowers for decoration and get the amazing taste never tested before. They are not so nice in flavor, but have some extra kick that touches to your tongue. It has something unusual taste, you will never forget. Here we are going to invite you to look at the flowers you can use for preparing a nice decoration on food.

Thyme flowers

Thyme flowers

The Thyme flower has an extra kick of spice and dense flavor used to décor the savory dishes. You can use white, pink or purple color flower for decor. You can also make tiny pieces of flower and adorn this on rice or millet dishes. It has a spicy flavor can be used in soup for fighting cold and cough. Send flowers , it is the most affordable and unique gift you can send from our online gift shop.



It’s a hot after-tasting flower. It’s bright and golden petals are used to décor the soups and salads. People can eat it just like that for getting the same taste of spicy pickle. Like lettuce or tomatoes you can use this flower in the sandwich to add more flavors.

Garlic chives

Garlic chives

Garlic chive is coming from the garlic society. It is available in different white, pink and purple shades. It can be easily mixed in making sandwiches. It tastes good while mixing with yellow mustard flowers. You can add it into spring roll or kale salads for getting amazing after-taste.

Wild mustard

Wild mustard

Mustard flowers are yellowish in color. It has a little spicy flavor. It is a simple but very useful in remedy in treating sinus and lungs problems. Its petal can be scattered in all types of savory dishes. You can use it as a decorating in salad and soups. It has a nice season and taste to top on the bread, garlic toast, corn bread or any kind of potato dish.

Wild radish

Wild radish

Such a nice and useful wild radish can be eaten or decorated on the savory dishes. Once you taste it, it will become your best edible spicy flower. The advice is just to pick the flower and garnish it on your favorite egg dish. It doesn’t last longer more than one day. It has a good property of improving digestive system and blood flow. It is a power flower which just not enhances the taste of dish but also gives good and healthy benefits after eating it.



I think everybody know Oregano taste. Oregano has a unique taste. Clumps of flowers make the soups, salads, garlic bread and pizza tastier than any. Oregano first comes in mind for decorating pita bread sandwiches and hamburgers. For the simple recipe you can mix oregano in butter and use it for a spicy layer on bread. I think in most of the junk foods oregano flavor is used to enhance the taste. Oregano has a nice kick to uplift the mood of the spicy food lovers.


Here is the information about the Flowers that you can eat and at the same time get the healthy benefits too. Our guide is that you never wash the flowers when you pick it, otherwise it will lose its moisture. You can pick the flowers from the farm where cats and dogs are not running. Or you can grow this kind of flower on your garden too. It will be a healthier and tastier dish for serving the best dish for guests and family members too.

6 Surprising Health Benefits of Eating Chocolate [Infographic]

Chocolate is favorite of many of us but very few of us are aware of the amazing health benefits that are associated with eating chocolate. There are a plenty of benefits of eating chocolate in a small amount. Daily consumption of chocolate in small amount can lower the risks of diabetes and reduction in heart diseases. Not only this but apart from this eating chocolate make one physically more active. There is much more to explore in the infographic below created by the team at I Got Crazy a place for cool stuff online. So, have a look at the infographic below and share your views with us.


How to Cut Perfect Layer Cake?

Layer cakes are generally as heavenly as they are embellishing and the ideal treat for any event. There are two different layers of cake filling with varieties of flavors or butter cream frosting (sandwiched) between layers.  It is also known as “Sandwich cake”. Layer cakes put an outcry point on your table for occasions and extraordinary events and two fold as a staggering centerpiece. Layer cakes incline less vigorously on butter and sugar sparing you and your family calories and fat without relinquishing taste. From lemon to coconut to German chocolate, there’s nothing entirely like a soft, towering layer cake. It just requires somewhat additional push to develop a solitary tiered cake, and the outcome feels a great deal merrier. These cakes are referred by diameter.

The testing a portion of making this very Southern treat is slicing the four cakes down the middle equitably.

  • Utilizing a ruler as an aide, make a little horizontal imprint with a long, thin serrated knife most of the way up the side of one of the cakes. Pivot the cake one-quarter turn and rehash. Keep pivoting the cake until you wind up with four equitably dispersed imprints.
  • Start slicing through the cake at one of the imprints, keeping the knife parallel to the work surface; cut a couple inches in toward the middle and utilize the imprints around the cake as a manual for keep the cut even. Turn the cake and keep cutting a couple inches in toward the middle, utilizing the imprints as an aide. Try not to carve completely through yet. Rehash on remaining sides.
  • Once you’ve achieved the fourth stamp, keep slicing through to the focal point of the cake, interfacing the majority of the cuts. Try not to stress if the cuts aren’t great! Most errors will be concealed once the cake is frosted. In addition, it will at present look and taste staggering.
  • With one hand on top of the cake, slide the knife between the layers. Beginning at one side, tenderly lift the top of the cake and deliberately turn it over onto the work surface. Rehash steps 1 through 4 with the staying three cakes.

For a definitive indulgent pastry attempt this powerful layer cake! The best thing about this cake, other than it being so natural, is that you can make it to satisfy your taste buds! You truly can pick any fixings that you might want. The recipe is basic and the outcomes are astonishing. With the help of internet you can find various types of online cakes recipe and take help from that. To understand better you can even order a layer cake through online cake delivery services and find the details just having only a bite.

Food and mood

lebanese food

We explain what the latest research can tell us about how different food makes us feel, and why.

lebanese foodIt’s not uncommon to find yourself smacking your lips and asking out loud, “I feel like eating … something…” During colder months, we turn to ‘comfort foods’ to take away the winter blues. But how do we choose what we eat? Do we eat different food when we’re happy as opposed to when we’re sad? Or does the food we eat determine how we feel? Is it possible to eat ourselves happy? Recent research on the relationship between mood and food has tried to answer these questions and the results have been mixed.

Continue reading “Food and mood”

Living Healthy

Life nowadays has become oriented towards making our tasks easier and physically effortless. We use our cars or public transportation to go where ever we please, we sit at our desks for 8 to 9 hours per day, use elevators to reach floors and so on… combined with a bad eating regime, will transform our bodies from a healthy working machine to a lazy, malnourished and inevitably prone to many health issues. Continue reading “Living Healthy”