How To Advertise Your New Business

Everything a New Business Owner Needs to Know

Advertising your new business is crucial to its success, so it’s important to plan how you’re going to do it.

When you’re establishing a business, it’s easy to leave the advertising and marketing as an afterthought. After all, you’re going to be focusing on the concept and development of your business. This is a dangerous mentality to have though, as advertising your business well is vital to its success. Just devoting whatever time and resources you have left at the end won’t deliver a successful outcome. So how can you ensure your marketing campaign is a successful one?

Choosing the right platform

Think carefully about where you’re going to advertise your product. There are so many magazines out there, so start off by figuring out which ones your potential customers may be reading or looking at. Setting up a photography business? Advertise in wedding magazines. Selling tools? Go for DIY publications.

Consider advertising in the weekend editions of newspapers too – people are more likely to read them leisurely, cover to cover.

Consistent, small ads

Advertising in newspapers and magazines can be costly. So instead of a splashing out on a full-page advert, build your brand with frequent small ads. Flick through your daily newspaper and you’ll notice that companies of all sizes use this method – and it works! You’re more likely to remember the name of a business after prolonged exposure to it, after all.

Discount ad space

Magazines want to sell all of their ad space, so if there are still unused spaces left at the end of the month, it’s worth trying to bag yourself a discount. It’s a riskier strategy, so don’t rely on finding that cheap ad space alone. At the end of the day, if you pay the normal price for adverts in two magazines and a reduced price in one, you’re still saving money. If you’re a regular advertiser, you may be able to secure yourself an even better deal.

Get online

As well as setting up a website, make some social media accounts too. Twitter and Instagram are free to set up, and allow you to connect with millions of users. Track search terms that are relevant to your business, follow those who are in the industry and interact with potential customers. You should also pay attention to how the most successful companies grow their brand with a strong online presence.

Advertise with a PVC banner

As well as magazine readers and internet users, you need to attract passers-by too. Your business could be just the thing they need – but if they don’t know it’s there, you’ve lost out on a customer. So invest in a PVC banner to grab their attention. They don’t cost the earth to have made, and what you’ll get back from them in terms of visibility and passing trade makes them incredible value for money.

Starting as you mean to go on

With a great advertising and marketing strategy, there’s no reason why you can’t launch your business with real impact. We all have to start somewhere, but the key is to hit the ground running and attract customers from day one. By following all the advice in this guide, you can look forward to a long, happy and successful time at the helm of your company.

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Lee Reeves is the managing director at Signs and Print Ltd., which is one of the UK’s leading large format print providers.