Are You Going Too Big With Breast Implants?

With the huge success of breast augmentation and breast enhancement procedures, women are even opting for bigger and bigger breast implants. This has gradually increased over the years and the two major questions always asked: how big is too big? And, is there any upper limit in sight?

Twenty years back, breast implants were less common and the usually chosen size of implants was less than 300 cc. It was very rare to go anywhere above 300 cc or into the 400’s. Today, breast augmentation surgery is the second most demanded procedure and the high demand not only includes the procedure but bigger implants as well.

Breast enhancement procedures are aesthetically fulfilling the dreams of all women’s and there’s no doubt about it. But what is actually driving the escalation of having bigger breast implants-why are women choosing bigger implants and how much is too big? We took this survey to the patients sitting in Crispin Plastic Surgery Center for Breast Augmentation in Atlanta.

Let’s discuss the details we gathered, to understand the causes behind the high demand of bigger sizes.

Reasons for Bigger Breast Implants

After the survey and discussion with various patients and surgeon, it became obvious that there is no single cause for women wanting to have bigger breast implants. Here are some answers:

  • Advised by friends who already had breast augmentation, to avoid being disappointed after surgery.
  • The feedback of some patients after the surgery is that they should have had gone bigger, despite that these patients are already wearing a D cup after the surgery.

All these patients are not unreasonable people and have a desire of feeling curvy and aesthetically fuller. Some women do get concerned about going to big prior to surgery, but after the procedure once they get comfortable and aim for getting bigger. It’s actually the game of expectations and desires and women in anticipation tend to go for bigger implants.

A fashion statement and what people in general find attractive is major influencing force. You would commonly find fashion models with a larger chest, especially swimsuit models- precisely bigger breasts are “in”. Therefore, women want bigger implants. But most importantly, now women have a much more say in the size of breast implants then they did in the past.

Every woman who walks in for the surgery chooses the implant size for herself. She tries on the sizers and different bras, puts on a t-shirt and observes herself in the mirror for taking the decision. Surgeon’s advice, but it’s the patients who are taking the final shots, for the most part.

How Big is Too Big?

The truth is that there is no perfect size. The choice of the implant has become very subjective, a very petite woman can opt for large cup size and a tall woman with broad chest can choose the same as well, but all this requires a clear understanding of what can seem overdone and what can get in the way of routine physical activities, can result in neck and shoulder pain.

Keeping a realistic picture is better. And there is another, a more significant aesthetic concern-going larger than a full C or D cup does not look that attractive. Also, greater weight on the breasts in the form of implants will lead to drooping of the breasts. Sometimes going large in size can make the chest look broader and seem as a misfit for rest of the body.

But again, how you’ll know you’re going too big?

ANSWER: Consider your body type and size, take your physical activities into consideration, and your profession as well. Take the recommendations of your surgeon serious and decide mutually after listening and discussing the details.

Use these guidelines also when deciding on your breast implants:

  • If you are short in height, or you have a narrower chest, its better you stay in the smaller cup sizes.
  • If you are tall with a broad chest, you can aim for larger implants.
  • If a woman is 6 feet tall, 500cc of implant size will look good.
  • If you are a sports woman, it’s advisable to stay moderate with size as your breasts might get in the way. Although sports bra come in all size, but you won’t see a marathoner wearing a double D bra.
  • While trying the sizers, do not only picture yourself in the swim suits and halter tops but also consider your physical activities as well.

Remember that it can become difficult if your implants are either too small or big after the surgery, for both the chest and natural breast. In the end, yes you can go as big as you want, but the consequences are of course there. Surgeons are there to guide you best, just focus on what’s great for your today and tomorrow and for your life.