How To Choose The Perfect Domain Name As A Photographer

website for a photographer

Even if you don’t think so, you absolutely need a website as a photographer. Social networks make it seem pretty easy to promote your business and find customers. But if you want people to take you seriously, you have to create a place where they can see a full range of services you provide and discover you as a professional.

Choosing the right domain name is vital for any new business. Your first impulse would be to use your imagination and creativity and make sure you stand out from millions of other young artists. But you also have to think everything through.

Just like a lot of people at the start of a new chapter in their life you may feel lost. The following tips will help you build a website that can become your digital portfolio.

When Choosing a Name

Don’t Stick with .com

Even if it is considered to be the leading domain nowadays, there are plenty of domain extensions such as .net, .store, .blog, .photography and even .pizza that will help you create a memorable name.

Use Keywords

These are the words that are supposed to tell what your website does. A list of the appropriate keywords will provide a high rank for your website and make it easier to find it. Since most of the keywords are already taken, this is the time to get creative.

Keep It Short

Your domain name should be 15 characters at most. It’s better to have a domain name that is short and memorable. A short domain name will make sure that users don’t enter typos.

Think about the Spelling

Be sure to use your name because you are the one people would want to cooperate with. Sometimes a misspelled character like number or hyphen will make the clients lose interest in your website. So, you might want to avoid using numbers, hyphens or doubled letters.

Be Unique and Brandable

Although millions of creative names are already taken, it is also your advantage because you can visit these websites and get inspired. You can even run a domain name through your friends and relatives to check how it sounds and whether it seems catchy.

Follow-up Work on Your Website

The Registration

Be sure to choose the right registrar because it will define the work of your website in the future. Think about the price of registration that can vary from 9$ to 24$. Google, however, provides a private registration service for free. You can look through this hosting services review that will help you find the company that provides the features you need.

Developing of the Website

Your website keeps will keep growing, so you want to leave the room to expand and develop it. Think carefully about the domain name that will allow you to open a full range of service you might provide in future.

Website Hosting

While some users are sticking to the WordPress, you can discover a variety of other platforms. Some of them can partially free you from the hard work of keeping a website. Others will allow you use their apps and professional tools.

You Have Options

Do some research and pay attention to opinions and suggestions of other photographers. However, don’t be afraid to stand out from the crowd. Good luck designing your website!

Installing and running Firebase hosting and database from windows

Google has lunched the service Firebase which includes hosting, Database, Storage, Cloud messaging and many others. you can check all the information on

To install and use those service on windows you must follow the below steps steps, we will also show how to install and deploy Firebase hosting on windows.

1- Install node.js, if you haven’t before download it from this link

node.js installer

2- open the node.js command prompt, go to your start menu. find the node.js and from inside it open node.js commad prompt. It’s very important to open this command prompt and not the normal cmd.

node.js command prompt

3- run the following command “npm install -g firebase-tools”, in the documentation on google website there is a $ sign before this command, don’t use it as this is for unix and/or linux. If the installation is successful you will see something like this.

firebase install success

Congratulation Firebase is installed, now you have to connect to your google account and initialize a project.

4 – Connect to your google account using the following command “firebase login”, a pop up will open in a browser asking you to authenticate. If everything is successful you will get “+  Success! Logged in as”.

5- Initialize Firebase project, in this phase make sure you are already in the correct folder, because the installation will use the folder you are currently in as your home directory. As an example i created c:\firebase, so my command will be like this C:\firebase>firebase init

If this phase is successful you will get a big yellow firebase and the steps after that will select a project or create a new one and install for you a database and a public hosting folder.

To Develop and deploy web applications to firebase go to the public folder created, there is inside it index.html, update that file as you wish. now to deploy that file all you have to do is run the following command

firebase deploy

This command will upload all the content of the public folder to the link provided. in my case it is

you can also map any domain or custom domain to this project

if yo have any question drop me a comment below