Four Things to Take Care of Before Leaving College

So you’re done with college and on to your next adventure! Should you choose to become a traveling nomad, this article may not apply to you. However, if you’re moving to a new place to start a new life as an “adult”, listen up: it’s time to start planning ahead professionally. Here are a few suggestions to get you ready for this new shift in your life.

1. Get on LinkedIn!

Upon leaving college, many of your personal connections will become professional connections. But unlike Facebook, LinkedIn is a place to connect on a professional level. It’s specifically designed to let you see where connections are working and what they’ve achieved in the workplace. Those connections stay important when you’re job shopping or looking for partners on a project and need an industry insider with experience. In addition, many job recruiters are looking through LinkedIn profiles and even using it to screen potential employees before an interview even starts. To be frank, I’ve even been offered jobs through it. In this age, it’s almost necessary to be taken seriously as an employee.

2. Pack Light!

When moving, you should take mostly necessities for your new life and that naturally means letting go of textbooks, extra office supplies, and anything else you no longer use. This doesn’t mean you have to throw them all out. You could sell those textbooks and office supplies to younger students. Do the same for clothes you don’t wear and furniture you won’t use. Really, your primary focus in what you take with you should be things you need or will be using a lot.

3. Think about Paying Off your Student Loans – Now!

Make a plan to pay your student loans off as soon as you can. As a starter, get educated on student loan interest rates if you’re not already. This will hopefully incline you to pay the most you can whenever you make payments. Afterward, simple adjustments like avoiding going out for eating and entertainment are easy ways to save some cash. Choosing to make food at home more often doesn’t have to mean dollar store tacos. In fact, you can learn how eat healthy on a budget. Use resources from fitness websites that show how to eat healthy and affordable are great places to start. Going to see movies or buying DVDs? Netflix and Hulu will be your best friends and save you hundreds on what you normally would spend at a theater. Cut free those everyday expenses that you don’t need. Your wallet will thank you.

4. Do Research on Moving Trucks and Equipment!

Assuming you can’t fit everything into your car, you may want to rent a truck. I think this is fine, but if you’ve never driven a larger vehicle before, you need to know a little bit about it! The experience is much different from driving a smaller car and when you’re carrying more weight that makes a lot of difference, especially with unfortunately minimal highway precautions in some places. Be careful, know the limitations of a vehicle that size, and only use one if you have to. When dealing with a business for something this important, know what you need in a company and how they should be acting with customer relations. Companies like American Van Lines have the best reviews, while U Haul – though it’s more popular, tend to have some of the worst. Some companies you may not expect offer these services as well.

Why you Should Hire a Professional Moving Company

There is a great way you can handle all your moving needs, but not all ways are the same. When it comes down to it you can do a lot of the work by yourself, but the truth is you will have a lot to gain by using a professional service instead. The following will explain the way you can handle this and why hiring a professional moving company will be a really good idea:

  • They possess experience


Experience is one major factor when it comes to being able to execute a successful house moving process. A lot of movers out there are trained to provide a service that handles personal belongings in a way that allows it to be a safer job. Your smaller items will be boxed carefully; your larger furniture will be secured alongside appliances as well. Once your items have been safely moved into a new residence your possessions will be carefully carried inside and unpacked if that is your wish. Chances are your entire move will be a fast, smooth and trouble-free relocation work that will be done in an efficient way, something a whole lot more efficient than what you would be able to handle alone.

  • Speed and efficiency


Movers will often pride themselves on being very efficient and saving their clients a lot of effort and time in the process. With the tight schedules most people need to keep, the speed offered by moving companies will be something you can count on to make the move on time and as you see fit.

  • Reliability

Man receiving a package delivery from a courier at his home.

Unless you happened to run out of luck and you felt into the hands of some really bad movers, taking advantage of what a real mover has to offer will be a great and trustworthy option you can work with. When you agree to hire the movers your specific needs will be covered, but you will need to have a bill of lading at all costs, meaning a moving agreement between you and the moving company in question. Make sure you carefully read everything in it to ensure you have a thorough understanding of the process involved and how it will move on once the big day arrives. This document will be the paper trail proving your moving company has reached an agreement with you on a date and transportation of your items, handling them to a new address.

  • Safety and more

Woman unpacking moving box in an empty room

Safety is one crucial element of the job that is needed to maintain how your needs will be covered and your items will be kept from harm. Hiring an experienced team of movers means you will ensure the safety of your items and the safety of yourself during the process, not having to lift a finger to make it happen. Experienced professional movers will understand exactly what is needed to make your possibly bumpy ride into something that works out quite nicely in the long run. With the experience they possess they will have a chance to handle it all in a way that is most beneficial to you and what you need in the long run. The other thin you will need to keep in mind is that the movers will possess the physical strength and ability to handle the task, so you won’t have to handle all the heavy objects yourself. The moving crew will also be aware of the many safety techniques during the task to avoid injuries, something you will likely not be aware of due to lack of experience in moving.